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Why you need ebook covers

Creating appealing ebook covers is a great way to make your digital products stand out and draw more customers to visit your store. You’ll need to know a few things though to successfully create ebook covers.  What’s most essential if you want to create ebook covers is that it will draw in attention and draw in potential buyers are captivating graphics and eye-catching designs.

To make your ebook cover stand out, consider using animated covers that give your product a modern, fresh and professional look. Animated ecovers can be used to create a unique, dynamic look that will help you stand out from the competition. With the right design and high attention to detail, you can create an animated ebook cover that will wow your customers and help you achieve success.

Of course, your ecover alone will not guarantee your book becomes a best seller. You’ll have to work on great content, and no matter whether you’re using original texts (preferable, for sure) or a rewriter to create new content, make sure it’s readable. Now, back to the animated ecovers.

Here are the essential steps in learning to create ebook covers.

Research the Competition

Researching the competition is absolutely essential to success and understanding reader preferences. Simply put, no matter how tempted you are, you don’t need to discover everything by yourself. Your competitors have already done that and you can learn from their experience.

Examining top-selling covers in the market quickly reveals modern trends in design and color. Check the attention-grabbing elements such as vibrant colors, modern fonts, and interesting images that are being used to draw in readers. These days, the use of animated covers is becoming more popular, with many readers preferring them due to their ability to tell a story by themselves.

Attracting users to your products by using these techniques will help to increase overall reader engagement and sales in your shop.

Examine top-selling ebook covers

Having discussed the importance of creating eye-catching and attention-getting ecovers, it is now time to examine top-selling covers and analyze what makes them so successful. The first step is to identify successful book covers. One way to do this is to look at the bestsellers list in the genre of the book. This can be found on most major online bookstores, such as Amazon. By looking at the covers of the top-selling books, it is possible to get an idea of the design trends that have been successful in the recent past.

There is no bad in using the same trends that have already proved to be successful. Just be sure not to copy the whole design, which would be a seriously bad practice.

The next step is to analyze the trends in design and colors that have made these book covers successful.

Analyze trends in design and colors

Continuing our research, it is important to also analyze trends in design and colors for eCover designs. Examining the most popular eCovers on the market, you can see the trends in attention-getting ecovers design. Such ecovers often incorporate eye-catching colors, fonts, and graphics that stand out from the average. Additionally, animated covers are becoming more popular as they provide a unique, interactive experience for viewers. It is essential for companies to consider these trends when designing ecovers, as this can be a major factor in whether their products are successful.

Consider reader preferences

Taking your research to the next level, it’s time to consider reader preferences. To determine what your potential readers will be drawn to, again, you need to analyze what’s been successful in the past. And again, a great way to do this is to examine top-selling eCovers. We can observe these covers and identify the attention-getting elements they have in common. Are they using bright colors? Are they animated? Are they textured? Do they have any specific design elements that draw the eye? All of these details can help inform your design decisions when creating a new successful eCover. You can also observe popular trends in design and colors to further understand what readers are drawn to.

Establish Your Brand

Establishing a brand is an extremely important part of any business, and it starts with choosing the right design style. This could be a modern take on a classic look, or an entirely new aesthetic. Attention-getting ecovers will follow this branding and can help to make your brand stand out. When it comes to branding elements, consistency is the key, so be sure to keep all visuals consistent with your chosen design style. Typography and fonts are also important part of branding. It is important to use fonts that are easy to read while also being visually appealing. Your choice of font will help you define your brand and create a lasting impression.

Choose a design style for your ebook cover

Having done your research on the competition, it’s time to start building your own brand. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to choose a design style that will attract attention and reflect your brand values. You can start by creating a mood board of designs that you like and get inspired by. Look for elements that you can use to create attention-getting ecovers. In short – learn how to create ebook covers as you go.

When it comes to design, consider how you can create visual impact. Choose colors and fonts that will make your ecover stand out and be remembered. For instance, you could use bold fonts with large headers to add emphasis to your message. Additionally, you can use a range of colors and textures to create something eye-catching.

Animated ecovers with eCoverly

Use consistent branding elements to create ebook covers

Establishing your brand also means creating a unique identity that stands out in the marketplace. One of the most important steps is to use consistent branding elements. When customers come across your product or website, they should be able to easily recognize your brand.

Begin by choosing a design style that reflects your brand in as many ways as possible.

Are you targeting a professional audience? You may want to use a minimalist design with clean lines and a muted color palette.

Are you targeting a younger audience? You may want to use a more vibrant style with bold colors and attention-getting covers.

Once you determine your design style, use it throughout your products, website, and marketing materials. Consistent branding helps customers quickly identify your product.

Consider typography and fonts

One very important part of the branding process is considering typography and fonts. Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, and it can create a powerful visual impact. It’s important to choose typefaces that are legible and easy to read, but also that stand out and attract attention. Creating truly attention-getting ecovers can be created by using unique fonts and combining them with custom colors and elements, such as icons, illustrations, and patterns.

Animated covers are very effective, as they create a sense of movement and draw the reader’s eye to the important part of the message. It’s also important to consider the ratio of text to visuals, and ensure that both elements are balanced.

Choose the Right Image

Choosing the right image for your project can be a daunting task. To make it easier, break down the process into three key steps: determining your focus, selecting the perfect photo, and considering adding text.

Start by determining your focus and envisioning what your project should look like. Are you designing an eCover to draw attention? Consider animated covers to stand out from the crowd. Think about color, style, and what message you want to communicate.

Next, select the perfect photo that will bring your ideas to life. Research online libraries and stock photos to find the best fit for your project.

If further explanation of your message is needed, consider using explainer text with the image.

Determine your focus

After establishing your brand, it’s time to choose the right image to represent it. The first step in doing this is to determine your focus. What do you want your ecover to express? The focus could be something like an exciting product launch, a special offer, or a customer success story. It could also be a more general concept like trustworthiness, innovation, or sustainability. Consider what message is most important to you and your audience. Then, use that focus to select a photo that will grab their attention and hold it.

Select the perfect photo

Having established your brand and determined your focus, the next step in creating the perfect eCover is selecting the perfect photo. An attention-grabbing image can make all the difference in how quickly the viewer clicks, reads and decides to take action.

When selecting the right image for your eCover, consider the goal of the design: Are you looking for a realistic image to portray a product or service, or an animated Cover to draw attention? The right image will add to the story you’re telling and support the overall brand message.

Create a mood board to get started. Collect a range of images that appeal to you and that communicate the story you’re trying to tell.

Consider adding text

Incorporating text into your ecover design can help to draw attention and create an attention-getting ecover that will really be unique. You can use your brand colors and fonts to create an aesthetically pleasing design that is unique and memorable.

Consider adding descriptive words or phrases that capture the essence of the content, evoke a feeling, or offer an invitation to learn more.

You can also consider adding animated covers to your design, as these can make your ecover additionally eye-catching and engaging.

Consider the tone of your words, as well as their size and placement, to ensure that they don’t detract from your overall design. With careful consideration, you can create a unique ecover that will make your visitors want to learn more.

Create ebook covers

Creating the perfect ebook cover requires a combination of design skill and imagination. Using a design program will allow the creator to incorporate attention-getting elements and follow exacting design principles. Colors, fonts, and images can be carefully selected to ensure that the ebook cover stands out from the crowd.

Branding elements should also be included to ensure that the cover conveys the desired message. Careful attention should be paid to the overall look and feel of the cover, ensuring that it is both visually appealing and in line with the book’s content. Animated elements can further enhance the ecover, helping it capture the attention of potential viewers.

Use a design program to create animated covers

To create an eye-catching and attention-getting ebook cover, you’ll need to use a design program.

Nowadays, there are plenty of design programs available to help you craft the perfect cover. Many of them offer free or low-cost subscriptions, making them the perfect option for those creating an ebook on a budget. Plus, you can find a variety of tutorials and resources that can help you learn how to use the programs in no time.

The great thing about design programs is that you can easily incorporate your own branding elements, such as your logo and color palette. This will help your ebook stand out and be easily identified with your brand.

eCoverly create animated ecovers for ebooks

Professional solutions, such as Photoshop, can be used for that. But they are usually expensive and hard to learn. So if you just need to create an ecover occasionally, it doesn’t really make sense to invest that much time and money. Of course, there are always options to find a designer on sites as Fiverr. It can still be expensive, plus, you don’t always get what you want if you’re not able to really describe your needs.

Additionally, there are specialized software available that you can use to create awesome ecovers. These are usually much cheaper. Depending on your needs, they can still get more expensive, but they’re usually structured so that you can only buy the basic version and upgrade later if you decide you need to do so.

Two of the solutions that are both very good at what they do are

  • ClickDesigns: a complete graphics app that will enable you to create everything graphics-related, from ecovers to websites, quickly and effortlessly.
  • eCoverly: create static and animated ecovers with ease. Built on templates that are fully editable, it’s a very easy solution for creating awesome ecovers.

You’re welcome to check more about them by clicking the above links. Maybe you will find out they’re everything you need.

Follow design principles

Having chosen the right image for your ebook cover, it’s time to create the ebook cover itself. Using a design program, you can create a visually appealing and attention-getting ebook cover really easily and quickly. To make sure your cover looks professional, there are a few design principles to keep in mind.

When it comes to layout, balance is key. You can achieve balance by arranging elements in either an asymmetrical or symmetrical fashion. Asymmetrical covers tend to be more modern and eye-catching, while symmetrical covers appear more classic and traditional. Additionally, consider how the elements on your cover interact. Contrasting colors can help draw attention to certain elements, while muted colors can help create a cohesive look.

Incorporate branding elements

When creating your ebook cover, it is important to incorporate elements that reflect your brand. This can be done by using a design program that features colors, fonts, and designs that are associated with your brand. Doing this will help ensure that your brand is recognizable in the ebook cover and will help your readers identify your books more quickly.

You can also create animated covers to bring more energy and life to your ebook covers. Incorporating your branding elements and creating a visually appealing cover will help people recognize your book more quickly and make it stand out from the competition.

Optimize for Digital Devices

Optimizing your design for digital devices requires careful attention to design, readability and scalability.

To adjust design for different displays, it is important to consider the size of the screen, the pixel density, the orientation and the type of device.

To ensure readability on mobile devices, increasing font sizes and using colors that contrast can help make the content easier to read.

Vector graphics are important for scalability, as they are flexible and can adjust depending on the size of the device.

Presentar Review Mascot

Adjust design for different displays

After designing a captivating and attention-getting ebook cover, it is essential to ensure that the design looks good on all digital devices.

The design must be adjusted for different displays and optimized for readability on mobile devices. Although static images can be used for ebook covers, vector graphics are better suited as they are scalable and can be used without losing quality.

For example, with vector graphics, an ebook cover can be resized to fit different devices, from small screens of mobile phones to large displays. It is extremely important and vital to use the right colors, fonts, and images that make the ebook cover stand out while keeping the design elements consistent across devices.

Ensure readability on mobile devices

It is equally important to ensure that your ecover looks just as stunning on mobile devices. People are constantly accessing content on their smartphones and tablets, so it’s important to make sure that your ebook cover is optimized for those platforms.

One important factor to consider is readability. To ensure that your ebook cover does not appear blurry or pixelated when viewed on a small screen, use a vector graphic. This type of graphic can be scaled up or down without losing its resolution, making it the perfect choice for any digital device.

Use vector graphics for scalability

Vector graphics are an ideal choice for scalability, as they can be adjusted for different displays and easily retain their sharpness and clarity. Vector graphics can produce attention-getting ecovers that look great on desktop and laptop screens, as well as on tablets and mobile phones. Vector graphics are also ideal for creating animated covers, as they can be easily manipulated and modified without sacrificing quality or resolution. With the help of vector graphics, you can create an ebook cover that looks fantastic no matter where it’s viewed.

Get Feedback

Before launching a product, it is very important to get feedback from as many sources as possible.

Asking family and friends for their opinion can be a great way to get unbiased feedback. They can be honest and open with their comments and thus provide useful information.

Professional feedback can also be beneficial in the planning stages. Their expertise can help to create attention-getting ecovers that stand out and draw attention.

Testing the product with potential readers is also a great way to get feedback. This can provide valuable insight into what the target audience is looking for and how the product could be improved.

Ask family and friends

Harnessing the power of family and friends can be a great way to get feedback on attention-getting ecovers. Having a family member or friend take a look at the cover design can provide an unbiased opinion, as well as provide insight into how a potential reader may view the design. Asking family and friends to review the design can also provide the opportunity to get feedback on the overall concept.

When seeking feedback from family and friends, it is important to explain the concept of the ecover, as well as the purpose and what it should convey. This helps to ensure the feedback is effective and helpful. To obtain the most valuable feedback, it is also important to provide examples of similar designs that have been successful.

Get professional feedback

Pushing your digital product out into the world can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To ensure your product makes a good impression, it’s sometimes best to get professional feedback. Consider getting a professional opinion on the design of your product, like its logo, website, or animated ecovers. Professional feedback can help you create attention-getting ecovers and identify areas you might have missed when creating the product.

It’s also a good idea to ask professionals who have experience in the area you’re targeting, such as web design, marketing, or customer service. By getting feedback from professionals, you can ensure your product meets the standards of your target market. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and increase the chances of success for your digital product.

Test with potential readers

Now that you’ve created attention-getting ecovers, the next step is to test them with potential readers. The best way to get accurate feedback is to let your target audience review the ecover. This can be done through online surveys, focus groups, or social media polls.

This type of testing can be especially helpful if you’ve used a lot of eye-catching visuals in your ecover. You can gauge how well the design elements work together and if the overall impact is strong enough to make an impression.

Moreover, testing will help you understand if the message you’re trying to convey gets through. It’s a great way to assess if the ecover resonates with your target audience.

Finalize Your Design

The next step is to finalize the design.

This involves tweaking the colors and elements, adjusting the layout and size, and saving the design in multiple formats. By tweaking the colors, you can create an eye-catching and attention-getting ecover. Adjusting the layout and size can help make the ecover stand out, while saving the design in multiple formats allows for easy sharing and use. With all these elements combined, you can create an animated ecover that is sure to draw attention.

How to create ebook covers

Tweak colors and elements

Having taken the feedback from your users into consideration and made the necessary tweaks, it’s time to adjust the layout and size of your design.

But before you do that, it’s important to tweak the colors and elements that make up your design. For attention-getting ecovers, you need to make sure you’re using colors that will draw in your audience’s attention. You can experiment with different hues and shades of the same color or use complementary colors to create contrast.

Always make sure the design is balanced and use the best fonts to make sure the text is legible. After you’re done tweaking, save your design in multiple formats and make sure you have a version for digital and print use.

Adjust layout and size

A major part of this finalizing stage is adjusting the layout and size of the design. This process involves tweaking colors and elements, such as size of text, backgrounds, and other elements, to create a design that looks fresh and attention-getting.

When it comes to adjusting the layout and size, the goal is to make sure the design looks balanced and all elements are in proportion to each other. To achieve this, you may need to resize the images or adjust the placement of text or elements. Additionally, if the design is to be used for an animated ecover, you need to decide on the size and resolution of the design.

Save the design in multiple formats

Having perfected your design, it is now time to save your masterpiece. If you have decided to create animated covers, the first step is to create animated ecovers that will grab your audience’s attention. This can be done using a specialized software such as eCoverly.

By saving your design in multiple formats, you can ensure that you have the right version for any platform or need. This will also help you to quickly access the design when you need to make small changes or updates. If you are creating a logo, you should save your design in the vector format, as well as in PNG and JPG formats. Doing this will give you a high-quality, scalable version of your design that can be used for all kinds of marketing materials.

If you are creating an ebook cover, you should save it as a flat image and an animated version for social media.

Promote Your Ebook

Social media is an effective platform to get attention and promote an ebook. Leveraging its popularity to spread the word about your ebook with compelling visuals such as attention-getting animated covers can help draw more attention and generate interest.

Promotional materials such as videos, flyers, and postcards can also help spread the word by targeting potential readers in strategic locations. To generate further excitement, consider hosting a launch event with the help of local partners and influencers. This will help introduce the ebook to a larger audience and create a buzz around its release.

Leverage social media

To leverage social media and get your ebook out into the world, create eye-catching, attention-getting ecovers that will draw in your readers. Animated covers are an engaging way to capture your audience’s attention and have them wanting more.

Utilizing a variety of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can allow you to reach a broader audience and generate more interest in your ebook. Additionally, be sure to share your ebook’s featured content and key points, such as quotes, excerpts, and chapter recaps, on your social media accounts.

You can also host giveaways, contests, and other promotions that will encourage followers to spread the word about your book. Doing so will allow you to reach more people and create a buzz about your ebook.

Modern Facebook Marketing

Use promotional materials

One way to promote your work is to leverage social media. However, you can also use promotional materials to draw attention to your ebook. Creating attention-getting ecovers and promotional materials to advertise it is a great way to get people excited about your ebook.

Animated covers are one of the most effective promotional materials you can create. An animated ecover gives a quick glimpse of the content and style of your ebook, and at first glance can be the deciding factor in whether someone chooses to purchase it or not. Additionally, you can also use promotional materials such as banners and posters to advertise your ebook.

Generate excitement with a launch event

An exciting launch event has the potential to generate buzz and create a successful launch for your ebook.

By organizing a virtual event that can be accessed by your target audience, you can showcase your ebook and create excitement. Make sure to create attention-getting ecovers such as animated covers to draw the attention of your audience.

During the event, you can introduce the ebook, share what makes it unique, and showcase the content. Additionally, you can also engage the audience and answer their questions to further build their interest.

Furthermore, creating a virtual event also allows you to leverage digital tools to increase reach and spread awareness about your ebook. Thus, it is an effective strategy to create a successful launch for your ebook.


Creating an ebook cover is an important part of the ebook publishing process. It’s essential to ensure that the cover conveys your message and brand and stands out from the competition. It’s also important to remember that the cover needs to be optimized for digital devices, so that it looks great no matter how it’s viewed.

By taking the time to research the competition, establish your brand, choose the right image, create the ebook cover, optimize for digital devices, get feedback and finalize your design, you can create a stunning ebook cover that will help you promote and sell your ebook. This is the key to successful ebook publishing.

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