About VPLSoft

We’re a small team of software users that enjoy testing, running apps and challenges, and using the Web. We could talk a lot about VPLSoft, but let’s just out it this way: Internet marketing is our passion, and we’re using all kinds of resources to do what we love doing daily.

We’re all a bit into programming too, so solving problems with WordPress (yeah, we’re into it too…), themes and plugins is kind of a hobby. But whenever hobby becomes a business, it’s not a real hobby anymore, right?

So we’re taking extra care not to fall too deep into the “business trauma” of marketing, just to make it enjoyable for us. This is the reason why our path is actually mixed – while we strive to take our best shot at reviews we do, we primarily care about enjoying the use of these products. 

Affiliate Marketing

While we do engage in affiliate marketing (you’ll find our affiliate links all over the place), it’s not our primary source of income. Not yet, anyway. This, as mentioned, lets us do the job enjoying ourselves. We believe this is the primary goal all human beings should follow. But we like buying things too, hence affiliate marketing is a great choice.

We are using almost everything we promote. Our reviews are based on our own experience, and since we’re only humans, they can be biased sometimes towards our own liking. We do not accept any fees for promotions from the vendors though, so it’s our own will whether to promote something or not. 

We do receive a commission when sales happen, according to the vendor’s terms and the network we use to promote it (JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior+, etc). These commissions are at standard rate and have no impact on what you, as a customer buying through our links, will have to pay or experience.

Who we’re learning from

During our affiliate marketing journey, we’ve done quite some learning. Some courses we have bought proved to be especially great, and these ones often find its way into our promotions. This include Clickbank’s courses (Academy, Spark), some top affiliate marketers’ courses (John Thornhill, Omar Martin, Anik Singal, just to mention a few), but also lots of books have been read. We consider ourselves beginners still.

One program we’ve joined in 2024 is Master Affiliate Profits. So far, we’re thrilled. And we’re promoting it, of course. If you’re interested, read this post and maybe check our bonus page also (links in the post).

Our own products

We do have a number of products we have created ourselves, and this is clearly stated on any review or sales page you might visit. For these we take all responsibilities during their lifetime. If you see a note saying it’s not available anymore, it’s because we decided to remove it for some reason.  If you’re really interested in it, you can contact us via our support email and we’ll see if it would be smart enough to let you in. 

Our Bonuses

For certain softwares that we promote on our pages we also offer bonuses. These might be of our own production or sometimes we just give away a license for a software where we’re entitled to. In this case, you should know that the support and everything about the software (including availability and life span) lies strictly in the domain of the vendor, which is clearly stated when you register your account. We don’t have anything to do with it, because we’re simply not allowed and we don’t have access to the needed resources. 

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