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I’m guessing you’ve read a post or 2 or maybe 10 about list building already. And they all say the exact same stuff about how to build a big email list, right? Develop a lead magnet, establish a lead page, drive some traffic. Bada bing, bada boom … there’s your big list.

Except it’s not quite that easy, right?

Maybe you’ve tried to follow those directions, but it’s not quite working for you.

Here’s why: you’re missing out on a couple essential pieces and details. And you’re missing something that’s going to connect the entire strategy together and lastly deliver excellent results. Hence, build you a big email list.

What are those key pieces of details? That’s what you’re about to find. Inside this blog post you’re going to see the whole strategy set out. Within each step you’re going to get the essential pieces of details that you’ve been missing so far.

Oh, and you’re going to need an autoresponder if you have none yet. It’s easy – check the free Aweber account.

Let’s jump in …

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Most people jump right into snapping into place the different components of list building. For example, developing a lead magnet. In fact, you should not even be thinking about your lead magnets or lead pages until you thoroughly study your audience.

There are 2 key factors for this.

  1. You need to know what your audience desires so that you can deliver a lead magnet that’s absolutely alluring to them.
  2. You have to know who your audience is so that you can craft lead pages and other material that resonates with them.

Most list builders don’t make the effort to do a deep dive to really comprehend their audience. Which is why they wind up with a little list, an unresponsive list, and/or a high churn rate.

So, here’s what you have to do first. You need to discover out what your audience is BUYING. If they’re buying a specific infoproduct, tool, service or app, then you can wager they’ll line up around the block to get something similar free of charge.

Figure the audience

You need to figure out who your audience is. Have a look at their demographics, find out what makes them tick. Determine their biggest specific niche challenges. Discover their fears, hopes and desires. The more you learn about your audience, the easier it will be for you to develop material that makes them swoon. This indicates you need to speak to your audience and study them. Do some research study to read more about their age, gender, interests and behaviors. Having a smaller list of responsive users is more effective than trying to build a big email list full of freebie seekers.


Get to know your audience to build a big email list


Now the next action …

Step 2: Know Your Competitors

The second action is to know your competitors and how they’re placing themselves in the market. The concept here is to identify an opening in your market for you to set yourself apart from the masses of other marketers.

I can’t stress enough how this is going to be a big key to your success. You’re simply going to get drowned out by the noise if you don’t discover a way to set yourself apart from everybody else in your niche. You’ll need to work exponentially harder simply to barely survive off the crumbs that come from your rivals.

That’s not fun. And it’s certainly not successful. Nor does it pay the rent.


Here’s what to do instead: work smarter rather of working harder. Set yourself apart by giving your audience a really good reason why they should do business with you. Brainstorm what’s unique about your business, and match that up with a benefit that your audience truly values.

For example, do you have a boatload of experience in the specific niche (with evidence), which is something your audience worths? That’s a terrific method to set yourself as a guru.

Have you pioneered a strategy in the niche? Sharing something no one else is sharing is another fantastic method to set yourself apart.

Point is, do not avoid this action, because setting yourself apart is going to make a huge influence on list growth and retention.

Tools: Adplify Elite, Retarget By AdSight Pro

Next …

Step 3: Create an Irresistible Incentive

Okay, you know what your audience wants and you’ve figured out how to be distinct in your niche. Now you’ll have to develop a tempting lead magnet that’s not just in-demand in your niche, it also must be unique. If you want to build a big email list, this step is absolutelly essential.

This could be almost anything, consisting of a report, subscription, video, webinar, audio, app, tools like checklists, tutorials, courses or more. But the big secret is that you have to make it special. You need to offer fresh ideas and ideas your audience has actually never seen prior to. Or, you really need to present the information in a very fresh way.

Don’t just teach individuals a “how to” strategy. Instead, offer the method with a special name. You may even produce an unique “formula” or “system” around the very same procedure. Do not be afraid to coin new phrases, because that’s what leaders do, while fans simply rework other individuals’ information.


How to build a big email list by offering an incentive


Next …

Step 4: Set Up Your Lead Page

At this point you have a high-value, desirable, and extraordinarily special lead magnet. You just know your prospects are going to hurry to join your list in order to snag this valuable product. Now you must create a lead page that does a fantastic job of conveying the distinct benefits of your deal.

This page is going to make or break your success. If you create a dull lead page that does not do an excellent job of letting your potential customers know why they should join your list RIGHT NOW, you can kiss your dreams of having a huge list bye-bye. If you do not inform your prospects why you and your lead magnet are different from your rivals, you’re going to really have a hard time to develop a big, responsive list.

Create a Mini Sales Page

The point is to produce a mini sales page that positions your product as different. Possibly much better than whatever else that’s out there. Even if your prospect has downloaded a million other similar items, you require to stir up desire to download yours too. Because it’s different and much better in a meaningful method.

Do you have the copywriting chops to do this yourself? If you can’t with confidence say “yes” to this concern, then you’re going to want to hire a copywriter who can infuse a little magic into your lead page. Make certain to select someone who truly and deeply comprehends how important it is for you to set your offer apart from everything else that’s out on the marketplace.

Tools: Matt’s SImple Funnel System, Groove, Convertri, Divi

Next …

Step 5: Drive Targeted Traffic

Before all, be aware that “Hits” and “traffic” do not imply diddly squat. Bots aren’t going to put money into your pocket. Genuine people who aren’t targeted to your deal aren’t going to be profitable either. That’s why you need to focus in like a laser on producing top quality, extremely targeted traffic who’s absolutely hungry for your offer.

So listen, you already have a head start in this department because you’ve studied your audience. You know what they want and you know who they are. What’s left is to simply figure out where they hang out so you can drop your advertisements and promos in front of them.

The bright side here is that you do not need to do this all from scratch. There are other individuals in your niche who already have what you want – access to your audience – and they’re ready to direct the audience over to your lead page. All you need to do is give them something that they want too.

This can be done in a number of ways

  • Trade free material for enormous direct exposure in the form of visitor blogging (guest blogs).
  • Offer your existing prospects and clients discount rates and other rewards to refer their friends to your company.
  • Pay for exposure by positioning advertisements on niche sites and social platforms where your audience hangs out.
  • Trade advertisements and recommendations with other online marketers who conserve the same specific niche as you do.
  • Pay to other professionals who have huge email lists themselves to promote your lead page for you (use solo ads).
  • Be a guest professional on a popular podcast in your niche.


Drive targeted traffic to your website

As soon as you get one method up and running, then go ahead and include another to your general strategy. Dedicate to taking constant steps every day towards growing your traffic, and soon you’ll see rapid list growth too.

Step 6: Learn More About the Process

At this point you’ve got an excellent detailed process in hand for email list building. These consist of the important elements you require to snap into place to begin getting excellent outcomes and build a big email list. Many list builders ignore these essential components, which’s why a lot of email list builders can barely cover their autoresponder fees (much less make a comfortable living online).

However let’s be honest here …

One article isn’t going to turn you into an extremely successful marketer whose subscriber list gushes cash like a firehose. likewise, one post isn’t going to have you creating the greatest list in your specific niche. And yeah, one post isn’t going to alter your life.

Because I don’t have the area to deliver the complete strategy to you, it’s not implied to do any of those things. Instead, this post is meant to open your eyes to the possibilities, and to offer you a strong foundation to build that big email list.

I recommend you go and download this FREE ebook that will get you up and running from a standing start.



How to build a big email list

You can take what you’ve discovered up until now and run with it. You’ve discovered enough to set yourself apart in your specific niche. Enought to bring in high-quality customers who’ll eventually go on to end up being lucrative customers.

But you’re not going to go for a couple of customers’ little pocket change, right? You want the full method so that you can lastly build that big, responsive list that you’ve been dreaming about.

The Full Method

Which is where this brand-new course comes in. It’s called One to Ten, and it’s all about how to begin with no subscribers. The aim is to quickly get your first 1000 subscribers, and then 10x your results to produce a big, responsive and very profitable email list.

Every online marketer in any specific niche has actually followed the concepts outlined in this course. Whether they could call those concepts or not. A great deal of these marketers squandered a great deal of time and cash figuring it out by trial and error. Other marketers never figured it out, and they had to return to their day jobs and cubicles and retail sales register.

The bright side for you is that you can take a faster way and discover these necessary strategies TODAY. Don’t waste time going after concepts that do not work or trying to figure it all out yourself. Rather, build your list by doing precisely what the top list-builders do.


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