What is the Divi Changelog and why do I need it?

The Divi Changelog is a summary or log of all notable changes made to the Divi Theme since the very first version back in 2013. The changelog will typically list out all feature updates made to Divi, as well as all bug fixes and enhancements. Each item in the changelog will describe what was changed, and will also typically show you what specific file in Divi was updated. The changelog will also show you the release date of every new version.

If you’re cuorious about the latest updates of Divi, you can scroll through the text below. Please note that the latest update is always listed first, so it’s visible immediately.

What you will immediately see from this list is that Divi is very activelly being developed and maintained. 

What is Divi, you might ask?

I don’t know Divi, why should I know about the changelog?

True. If you’re using another theme and are completely happy with it, you can just go on doing your business.

Or, you can check the changelog a bit and maybe see something of interest.

But, if you’re working with WordPress and don’t know about the Divi theme, you’d better take a look at it and check it out thoroughly.

It’s arguably the best and most versatile premium WordPress theme available on today’s market, and really makes it possible to develop almost anything. You can get it for free, you just have to sign up with Elegant Themes.

You can read a bit more about it in this Divi Review.

If you’re an agency holder or you simply develop websites for clients, that’s even more so. With a lifetime license (LTD) you’ll get an unlimited installs and unlimited lifetime updates for a single one-off payment. As Divi supports almost any plugin out there, it’s really a very good and very powerful all-round theme for any purpose.

Divi (created by Elegant Themes) has a very large user base and a great community where your potential problems will find a solution.

What is the latest version of Divi theme?

The latest version of Divi theme is found in the top line of the Divi changelog. It will also tell you the date the update was released too.

How Divi theme updating works

Divi versions work like this: {massive update}.{feature update}.{bug fixes}

This simply means that Divi Version 4.9.10 was a bug fix update (to 4.9.9), Divi 4.9.0 was a feature update (to 4.8.x), and Divi 4.0.0 was a massive update (to 3.x.x).

The content of the update dictates the version, not the other way around. We may be years away from Divi 5.0 (or longer). Divi 5.0 will come when Divi has a really massive update that is worthy of a major version change. Until then, every new feature (or multiple features in the same update) that are added to Divi will change the version number after the first period. So 4.11.0, 4.12.0, and 4.13.0 will all be feature update releases, and every version that changes the version number after the second period will simply be a bug fixing update to the previous version.

If you purchase Divi, you’ll receive an API key that will enable you to set the Divi theme registered for updates. Elegant Themes also lets you create an unlimited number of API keys, which is useful if you design websites for clients. You can simply assign them a key and their website (Divi) will update for as long as you keep the API key active. Which of course you can change in your Elegant Themes account dashboard. This is primarily useful because you can actually charge your clients for the theme – that is, for updating the theme. Their website will continue to function, only the updates will be disabled. Considering the number of updates (both fixes and new features) Divi gets, as well as rising numbers of network attacks, it’s a very important sales point. Yes, Divi has you covered.