Socrates Theme or How Can Life Get Easier With WordPress


Socrates is a lightweight WordPress theme that promises to bring you simplicity and speed, while not limiting you to any specific niche or style.

Who is the Socrates Theme for

Socrates WordPress ThemeMostly it depends on your needs, of course, and being able to code a little can be helpful.

If you’re a weekend blogger with a very specific niche targeting, chances are that Socrates could improve your overall blogging experience. It’s very easy to start with Socrates, and it’s really important at the start. If you don’t like to think about learning a little CSS and maybe HTML, you’ll be a little limited though. In my experience, Socrates can do anything, but you have to tweak it here and there. Still, a great theme for beginners.

If you intend to make some money with small websites using Adsense, Amazon or other affiliate networks, it’s a great choice. You can put such a website online in a matter of a few hours, literally, customize a few things and start advertising it. Very easy, and very fast.

And finally, if you’re a developer making a living by creating websites for others, you simply must have this theme.

You’ll be able to create so much so fast that you probably didn’t think it was possible. And with just a touch of HTML, CSS and possibly JS knowledge, you’re in for a treat. Priced at $47, this theme includes unlimited installs and full developer license, plus you get access to outstanding support and a very dedicated developer who actively uses what he’s selling. A win-win-win situation. I’ve created two websites with it so far, so the initial investment is more than covered. And I’ve only just begun, as Karen Carpenter would say.

In my humble opinion, you cannot go wrong. At least it’s worth taking a look.

The Review

Our friends at MaxProfitReviews have done a bit more of a review, so I’m not really going to repeat everything – I suggest you jump over and read more about it. Or, of course, you can just jump straight to the vendor’s page and read all about it. Your choice.

>>> Click HERE to see a full review


Just don’t miss it, you might really like the opportunities it brings.



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