How to build a bonus page for affiliate offers with Commission Gorilla

Nov 8, 2023 | Tips & Tricks, Reviews

Commission Gorilla
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Selling online with benefits

Learning how to build a bonus page is not hard, but it might just turn your affiliate marketing to a whole new level. Because…

One of the major thing you can do to sell more is to offer higher value to your customers. We all know the tactics supermarkets use – like buy two, get three items and so on. Well, online buyers are no different. We all like something extra for the price, right? So what are the options you’d use to offer some bonuses to people reading your review posts?

Commission Gorilla - How to build a bonus page

Offer special bonuses

The most lucrative way you can do it by creating a special bonus page and offer people additional bonuses for their purchase.

I know, it’s easier said than done, at least for the majority of marketers that are starting their business. There are some things you simply have to have or know how to do before you can really use this technique in order to know how to build a bonus page for your affiliate offers.

How to build a bonus page: Prerequisites

First, you’ll have to have a website built somewhere. While this is not really an issue these days, as we all have access to WordPress or other builders, it still poses a sort of a challenge. Plus, some costs will inevitably appear, either in the form of paying a monthly subscription to a builder, or in a form of hosting costs. But these can actually be kept to almost nothing, as there are plenty of cheap hosting providers and WordPress is free. You just have to learn how to build a bonus page yourselves.

Second, in order to utilize systems like WordPress, you’ll have to know how to do it. Or, pay someone to do it for you. In both cases, there are some things to do.

And let’s say you have your hosting ready and WordPress installed. You’ll still need some time and experience to build pages with it. Of course, there are page builders available (like Divi, for instance) that can do lots of work needed for you and shorten your building process dramatically. But not many are free and – again – a little bit of cost for you.

And the most complex one…

Third and most important, you’ll need something to give away as bonuses when you promote affiliate offers.

There’s no use of building bonus pages if you don’t have bonuses, right?

What to offer as a bonus

The most important rule about bonuses is that bonus should complement the offer. Always.

Let’s say you’re promoting an affiliate offer like a specific yoga class that makes people beautiful and is cheap and it sells well. It really does not make any sense to offer a bonus like special report on SEO, right? People that will visit your promotion will be interested in yoga, not building a website.

And vice versa, if you’re promoting a tool that makes promoting on Facebook easy, how many people will care if you offer a face balm as a bonus?

Always keep your bonuses complementing the basic offer.

In the first case (yoga class), you can offer a coupon with a big discount for another class, or maybe a coupon for yoga pants or something similar.

In the second case, offer a free special report on building a following on Facebook, for instance.

The main point here is that by adding a bonus you are adding value to the main offer. This is what all of us like, and this is what your visitors will like. And if the main offer is compelling and bonuses add enough value, you have yourself a customer. Your wallet will feel it.

Bonus page builders

Like already stated, you can build bonus pages inside your website easily with WordPress. This is not the real problem.

The real problem is keeping the bonuses you have available organized in a way that will make it easy for you to use and reuse them. You know what I mean? There’s no reason why you couldn’t offer the same bonus for different offers, as long as it fits (read above). But if you build a specific bonus page for every offer, how can you track them? Where are they stored? How do you manage them once you have 20 or 30?

Here, bonus page builders come really handy. And one of them that I really like is called Commission Gorilla.

Commission Gorilla: the concept

The main concept is actually very simple. It is all about how to build a bonus page and it follows the basic flow like this:

  • Create as many bonuses as you want, with everything that they need (image, links, delivery link, etc).
  • Easily build bonus pages for affiliate offers by using your database of bonuses

Imagine it this way.

You decide one day there is an offer available on your affiliate network that you want to promote. Even better, you have three items available (ebooks, for instance) that fir the offer perfectly. So all you have to do is apply to an affilliate link (that’s another story, of course) and create a bonus page for the offer that you will promote via your channels.

In Commission Gorilla, all you have to do is start a new bonus page, write a little intro about the offer, and select the bonuses you want to include. After typing in some links (like your affiliate link, of course), you’re ready to click the Publish button and you’re ready to promote. You’ll be given a special link that will open your saved bonus page and this is the link you have to promote.

Commission Gorilla - Bonus Page Creator Step 1

By doing it this way, you get several benefits.

Building and promoting the bonus page

First, you’ll have your bonus page ready literally within minutes, provided you have your bonus database built and saved. This means you can start promoting in 10 minutes after getting your affiliate link, and we all know money loves speed. When doing it by hand in WordPress, for instance, it would take you at least an hour (most likely much more) to be satisfied. So not only you get to promote sooner, you can even start promoting while on a sandwich break. How cool is that?

Second, the link you’re promoting is not an affiliate link per se. It is rather seen like something called a bridge page.

This is very important because networks like Facebook don’t like to promote affiliate links. If you try to promote an affiliate link directly, Facebook will not allow it. And even if they do, it is probably never going to have the reach of a regular post and link. It’s just their policy, and you’ll have to take it into account when promoting. It is not only Facebook that does this, but more or less all big social networks have some limitations on that. So publishing a link of a bridge page is the right way to go.

Unfortunately, it’s not always enough just to learn how to build a bonus page. It’s also about promoting it, but let’s leave that for another post for now.

Commission Gorilla - Bonus Page Creator Step 3

How to build a bonus page using Commission Gorilla

I’ve already outlined the basic process, so more reading would not get you that far. Instead, I’ve prepared a short demo video of Commission Gorilla that will answer most of your possible questions easily. I suggest you take a minute and watch it. If it seems a good fit for what you need, click the button below the demo video and check the rest of the details on Commission Gorilla there.

Commission Gorilla demo

The best way of learning how to build a bonus page quickly with Commission Gorilla is to watch this short demo.

Learn more button

If you’d like to read a little more on how to build a bonus page using Commission Gorilla, you can find a little more detailed review in this post:

Commission Gorilla Special Review – Best Bonus Page Creator

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