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Oct 17, 2022 | Reviews

Zapable Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

What is Zapable?

To start this short Zapable review, let’s just summarize what is Zapable first.

Zapable is a software package (SAAS, fully cloud-based app) that lets you quickly develop mobile apps for your business. Or your client’s business.

Zapable lets you quickly create high-quality, professional mobile apps without any coding skills – this is absolutely the main feature. A mobile app developed with Zapable will be more interactive for your business and generate more revenue. In this short Zapable review, I’ll focus on some features and benefits.

But let’s start with a short info on mobile apps in today’s business.

What are mobile apps and why do you need a mobile app?

We all know and use mobile apps. Literally, if you own a smartphone, you have probably tens of them installed. They help you see what the weather will be tomorrow, how to get you to your destination, or even wake you up in the morning. In short, everything you find on your smartphone is a mobile app.

As people spend more and more time online, businesses simply must be present there in order to make use of their customers presence. So whether you’re running an ecommerce shop or selling specific services, you must be aware that more and more of your prospects are online right now. You simply must be there to harvest their interest and sell your products successfuly.

Developing a mobile app for your business

No matter how much you understand the above and want to have your own mobile app, you probably have no idea how to create one. Sure, there are companies and people that will gladly do that for you. But unless you have a budget of $5,000-$10,000 ready, you can safely stop thinking about that option. The next option is to create one yourself. But the amount of knowledge needed to do that is far beyond many people, me included. Plus, if you consider all the time needed to learn that, you’ll soon realize that in this time you can do so much for your business in other ways. So how to develop a mobile app for my business without a huge budget and years of learning?

Lately, there are quite some online systems that offer that functionality. Some are even cheap enough (starting from $47 as far as I could find out) that literally anyone can afford them. But in my experience, and I’ve bought more than one lately, they’re so limited that none of them was able to fulfill my needs. On the other end of spectrum there are apps that can do just about anything, but can easily cost over $5,000 just for the start. Far too much for me.

The sweet spot: Zapable

Zapable turns out to be positioned exactly in my sweet spot, both regarding the pricing as well as features included. It has more or less (haven’t yet explored everything, really) every feature that I need for my business. Then again, instead of learning all the coding magic, after logging in, I had my first test app ready in less than two hours. Most of this time was used for tutorials, to be honest. So, I was hooked.

I should tell you immediately that Zapable is not the cheapest thing you’ll buy today. It’s priced at $497 one-time, and even includes certain upgrades that you might need for everything you need. So if you’re looking for a magic solution in the range of a few bux, you can stop reading this Zapable review right now. I can’t help you there. Zapable is just not for you.

Zapable creators

Zapable software was introduced to the market in 2020 by Andrew and Chris Fox. By now, over 5,000 active users love this app and find it extremely useful. With this software, more and more applications are created every day. In this time, these developers have created more than 16,000 applications. To better understand and know about Zapable, you can follow the following Zapable review.

Zapable Creators - Chris and Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox is a well-known marketer who has done a number of astounding projects. He started from scratch and worked his way up. He has previously launched many best sellers such as My Super Affiliate Builder, DNA Wealth Blueprint, YT Gorilla, Mobile Agency Apps and many more.

Back in 2020, in cooperation with Chris Fox, Andrew launched Zapable. I believe that this product will do wonders for you on your business journey.

Zapable Features

First of all, let me point out the main feature of Zapable again: it can and will let you create your own mobile apps really quickly. And I mean hours instead of months. I also mean with very little investment instead of thousands of dollars. Period. Now, let’s continue.

Zapable software is packed with features that help users create mobile applications according to their preferences. You can easily create an app for your business, no matter what niche you are in, with the rich features of Zapable.

Rich drag and drop builder

Zapable widget system provides easy control of the app’s layout. You can choose various things to appear in the app, such as icons, elements, images, etc. Adding a new element, like an icon or anything else, is as simple as dragging and dropping it inside the editor. In fact, you’ll immediately see a fully customizable look and feel for your app when you use the drag and drop feature. For any business and niche market, Zapable offers a wide variety of features to help you build a successful and useful mobile app. Most importantly, Zapable allows you to create your own application according to your own specifications. Honestly, Zapable caters to different markets in different ways, and you are completely in charge of building your app the way you want it.

Zapable main screen

Various e-commerce features can be integrated into your mobile app

Creating a mobile app is an easy way to increase your selling potential and sell your products or services if you have them to sell or are an affiliate marketer. Let’s just point out a few of them fully supported in Zapable:


If you want to sell products through Shopify, you can simply enter your store URL here to import all the data.


If someone buys the product via your link, you earn affiliate commissions from Amazon. You can easily create an Amazon store that covers any topic.


If you want to share and buy podcasts, audiobooks, or movies, you can create your own iTunes store.

Custom Catalog

This is one of the most interesting features. With this feature, you can create your own store and sell your own products/services as well as sell other people’s products. Literally, you can build a full-feature online store right inside Zapable and never look back.

Engage customers with digital loyalty cards and coupon codes

With Zapable, you can create your own digital loyalty cards and coupon codes that can be personalized for restaurants, cafes, physical stores, banks, or anything you need.

Perfect for any business

If you are in the business like theater, physical stores, online selling and many more, this would be perfect for your business.

Fully customized promotion

With Zapable, you can determine how long discounts are available and how many products will qualify for the offer. This can be done in a very detailed manner to accomodate your intents.

Full social media integration

Zapable will let you use social media platforms to promote your business products and services if you plan to do business digitally and want to reach more people. With Zapable, browsing social media pages is a breeze. These include Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram postsm as well as Flickr to stream your photos from the Zapable app using their seamless integration.

Other Zapable features

With Zapable, you’ll be able to create mobile apps to sell or market anything.

Sell Digital Products In App With Zap Digital

Sell whatever digital products you want including eBooks, Audio, PDF, Step-by-Step Courses.

Sell Ecom In App With Zap Ecom

You can integrate Zapable with Teespring, WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento and so many more.

Membership Apps – Sell Access To Membership App

Integrate with Wishlist, Clickfunnels, Teachable, Kajabi.

Take Payments In App

You can integrate with Paypal, Stripe, JVZoo, ClickBank, Warrior+

Push Notifications

You can immediately send push notifications to people with Zapable, which is a sure way to get your message infront of as many eyes as possible.

Create Instant Mobile Apps

Access Zapable via a direct web .app URL. Therefore, just say goodbye to paying Apple 30% for in app purchases.

Automated Apple Submission

Zapable provides you access to a new technology that enables rapid App submission process.

Submit To Google Play/Android

Get live in the Google play store within 72 hours.

Digital Loyalty Cards

With the powerful QR Code Scanning feature, you can enable digital loyalty cards and employee control customization.

Audio Integration

You can integrate with SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.

Video Gallery

Zapable allows you to share your videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia and many other popular video services.

Image Gallery

Thanks to this feature, you can showcase stunning and attention-grabbing images of clients businesses services.

Discount Coupons

By including captivating coupons, you can capture people’s attention with time sensitive discount coupons.

Real Estate Listings

You can build amazing directories listing all available properties and features with option to book an appointment.

Folder (Working Title)

You can create as many categories and sub-categories in your app as you want to.


You can share your businesses location with one click ‘Go’ function.

Form Builder

With Zapable, you can build fully customizable forms to collect clients leads, quotes and many more.

QR Coupons

You can encourage repeat business by offering ‘Easy Scan’ QR coupons and also encourage people to download your app.

Full Customizable Design – Drag-N-Drop

Thanks to the pre-installed templates and full ‘Build from scratch’ functionality.

Multiple App Menu Layout Options

You can re order the layout of your app in seconds using the lightning fast and user friendly interface.

Client White Label Members Area

You can offer clients their own private login area with your company branding (part of the upgrade).

Restaurant Apps And Food Menu

Zapable allows you to share your restaurants menus in PDF format.

Online Food Ordering Integration

Integrate with Just Eat, Grub Hub, Deliveroo and many more.

Social Media Wall

This feature enables your users to share, like and comment directly in the app.

Autoresponder Integration

Integrate with Active Campaign, Get Response, Mail Chimp and many more.

Appointment Forms

Thanks to this feature, your clients can book scheduled appointments and set your availability.

Invite a Friend

You can share your app with others with completely customizable reward plan.

Social Media

You can share your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn profiles.

Privacy Policy

Easily stay compliant and share your company privacy policy.

Design your mobile app the way you want

One of the most important features of Zapable app builder is the layout module, which allows you to fully control the layout of the app as you like.

Alternatively, you can display your products, services or categories of your choice on the main page of the business application. Since Zapable features a full drag and drop builder, there are no limits to the design of the app. It is also possible to get more leads with the content.

You can create a perfect directory for real estate, tourist apps, and many more

There are a lot of features built into Zapable, and it suits different types of businesses easily.

You or your clients can book appointments and receive push notifications through our mobile app. Or, you can create an online listing page where you can add information such as images, videos, descriptions, and more. With Location Finder, you can add multiple locations, making it easy to find your ads based on their proximity.

Zapable also supports full Social interaction. A simple link to social networks will do the trick.

For even deeper communications, you can integrate email service providers to increase email subscribers for your business. Apart from building mobile apps, Zapable offers popular email marketing integrations. A Zapable mobile app can integrate with a variety of email providers, including Aweber, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, and MailChimp.

I don’t want this Zapable review to become just a feature list. Therefore, I’ll recommend you to join the gang and see the full demo of the software on the vendor’s salespage. It can show you so much more than I can write here.


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User Testimonials

Zapable Testimonials - Benjamin

Since 2020 when the V1 launched, Zapable vendors have built quite a database of user testimonials. Based on them certain features were included in the latest version, which proves vendors listen to their user base.

Zapable Testimonials - Gary

To see more of what people have to say about Zapable, just take a look at the salespage. It’s all there.


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Zapable Review: Pricing and upgrades

Zapable is presently licensed on a one-time price model, but certain upgrades that widen the tool’s options are also yearly-payment based. You can see some more details about them in the following section of this Zapable review.

Frontend: Zapable Instant Agency ($497)

This is the main option you need for your mobile app development. It includes a full agency license that lets you build mobile apps for clients and charge 1,000s for them.

  • A 75% LAUNCH DISCOUNT that will leave you breathless
  • Cloud-based Instant App Builder with Zapable
  • There are more than 30 features to enjoy
  • 5 Bonus Templates (Value: $297)
  • 3 EXTRA agency videos (Value: $197)
  • AUDIO accents for 8 agency videos (Value: $97)
  • Invite a Friend Feature and Trial Feature (Value: $198)

OTO 1: Zapable White Label UPGRADE ($197 ONE TIME)

Getting a white label license today will give you these benefits:

  • Custom domain (very professional!): To manage your app, customers will enter YOUR name instead of “”
  • Your own logo: Your logo, colors, and background can be customized. That’s what your customers see when they log in.
  • Add and remove users – Users can be added and their access to applications assigned with a single click.
  • Recurring Big Upsell: Sell customer access to their own private login to manage the app ($197 value)
  • Push Notification Enhanced Selling: Additionally, you can charge customers a monthly fee for access to the white-label push notification area (their choice). Then your customer will not know that you are using the Zapable platform to send push notifications! (valued at $47)
  • Full 1-Click Management: You can easily disable access to a customer if they stop paying their monthly fee with one click if they stop paying. You have full control.

OTO 2: Zapable Agency Gold ($49 monthly)

During the launch, you can get a 60-day trial of Zapable Agency Gold today. It includes full 2 months of

  • ‘Ready for You’ Videos – Each month you’ll get two professional videos in a new niche ($497 value)
  • ‘Ready For You’ Landing Page – New High Converting Landing Pages ($197 Value)
  • Additional ‘Ready for You’ Email Connection Scripts: To generate a lead, simply cut and paste the exact template they provide ($97 Value)

OTO 3: Zapable Templates ($97)

Done For You Template Pack – 10 unique designs in your account, ready to use. Zapable templates include

  • Wedding plans
  • Pet vet
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Hair Salon
  • Cars
  • Podcasts
  • Housekeeping
  • Fashion for ladies
  • Vintage
  • Sports training

Zapable Review: Regarding upgrades

I have my own way of thinking about upgrades at any time and any offer. This time, it’s not much different than with other softwares I use. Let me just briefly elaborate on this.

If you are an entrepreneur running your business on- or offline and need a mobile app (or apps) to accelerate the sales or extend your marketing channels, you only need the Front End version. You DON’T need any upgrades. Even the agency license in included, as pointed out earlier in this Zapable review, so you can even develop mobile apps for clients or friends. In fact, I haven’t found a single limitation regarding the agency usage so far, but I’ve only created a handful of apps by now.

On the other hand, if you’re a digital-service provider, you have options to extend your toolbox dramatically with the upgrades. Before all, the Zapable White Label upgrade (OTO1) is something you might want. It removes each and any limitations and give you the possibility to use your own branding for your mobile app business. I can’t stress enough the importance of this feature for such a business. By using your own domain, logo and everything, your customers will never know that you’re using Zapable as your development platform. This will build your brand as nothing else can. Think about it.

Also, Zapable Agency Gold (OTO2) must be considered a huge leap if you’re planning on running a full-blown agency business. Extra assets that you will gain within the Agency Gold upgrade are worth considering in that case, because they can save you a huge amount of time and costs in the process.

Zapable Templates (OTO3) is a one-time offer and actually – in my opinion – only useful if you can find the exact needed template within the mentined ones above in the Zapable review. If your interests don’t match any of these, forget about them.

Zapable Review: Bonuses

As well as any other software deal out there, Zapable comes with a set of bonuses. These are there to extend the use of Zapable itself and can greatly help any user to start the business effectively.

Bonus 1 : 5 Free Ready Made Template Apps Loaded Into Your Account

Inside your account, you will find 5 ready-made apps to build upon. These are

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Online Coach
  • RealTor
  • Personal Trainer

Bonus 2: iTagz License

A Copy of ITaggz Instagram Software. It enables you to automatically find the best tags for any industry you are in to shoot up the rankings. You can read more about it HERE.

ITaggz -Hottest Instagram Hashtags

Bonus 3: Hyper Funnel Formula by Andrew Fox

An in-depth training by the author: How I sold over $7,000,000 worth of products. Copy this A-Z Blueprint for launching info, software and recurring products.

Zapable Bonus - Hyper Funnel

Final thoughts on Zapable Review

I could go on and write many more words about everything that Zapable does. Instead, I suggest you take a look at the salespage by yourself and see all the options that Zapable includes.

Again, if your goal is to grow your marketing reach and sales, go for it. Even if you only create a simple mobile app for your own business, it will be much cheaper than other options. Plus, it will pay for itself in a very short time.

If you’re selling software or any kind of digital services, it’s a very welcome opportunity for you to widen up and strenghten your position as a software vendor also. With it, it opens up a whole new arena of earning possibilities. And with mobile apps, these possibilities are so much bigger than you would expect.


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Thank you for reading this Zapable Review.


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