DesignBeast Review – Is DesignBeast worth the money?

Aug 27, 2021 | Reviews

DesignBeast Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Is DesignBeast worth the money?

Welcome to this short DesignBeast review!

First, the obvious – an answer to the title question: Is DesignBeast worth the money? YES. And YES again.

Second, a bit of explanation about what DesignBeast is all about.

DesignBeast Review


What is DesignBeast all about?

Paul Ponna is well known for his engagement in the software world, as he produced a number of great software tools for entrepreneurs, online business owners and affiliates. These are packages like VideoCreator, VideoBuilder, ChatterPal, DoodleMaker, to name just a few.

All of these were successful and sold in thousands of copies and they are well in use today. Now, he brings another blockbuster with DesignBeast.

In short, DesignBeast is a package of 6 apps that make life very much easier for any entrepreneur, be it for affiliates or any other business.


Because graphics is so important in today’s world. Ever since the social networks began rising, graphics has become more and more important. You need it for just about every aspect of online business and promotion. Advertising and social networking is practically impossible today without having an eye-catching graphics to publish and invite visitors to just about anywhere.

DesignBeast incorporates 6 apps that make up the core that everyone in this business can build upon and use for their business. Additionally, with the COMMERCIAL licences included, everyone can also use these as tools to serve others. Meaning, make money on sites like Fiverr or even starting an agency business. Read this DesignBeast review for details, or jump straight to the salespage to see everything.


What’s included in DesignBeast

Here’s a short recap of what’s inside DesignBeast.


DesignBeast Review - What's included in DesignBeast


1) All-in-One Design & Mockup Engine

This powerful graphics design app features a huge library of 7000+ ready-to-use customizable designs perfectly sized for all the popular social platforms.

Amazing T-shirt & Product Mockups, Banners, Book Covers, YouTube Thumbnails, Brochures, Certificates, Coupons, Flyers, Posters, Infographics. Stunning Ads and banners in all dimensions for platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and other social platforms.

Any other type of graphic or design you can imagine, you can create it in mere minutes to save time and accelerate your profits!


DesignBundle-review - All-In-One Mockup & Design Engine

2) 1-Click Background Removal

We’ve all needed to get rid of the image backup once in a while, right? PhotoShop can do it perfectly, but it will take anything from 5 to 30 minutes to make it right. I know, I’m doing it almost daily. Well, the results I had with this background removal tool were great, even if not perfect every time. But it never took longer than a minute to do it, so the math is clear. A big YES.

Easily erase backgrounds from any photos within seconds. This powerful machine learning technology auto-detects the edges and objects in your photos and automatically erases the background. You never have to select the object manually or draw borders around the objects like other competing apps. Simply upload any image into the app and let the AI do all the heavy lifting.


DesignBeast - 1-Click Background Removal

3) AI Logo Maker

The least useful of all the apps included, at least in my opinion. The logos can be great, but hey… how many times do you need a logo? It’s different if you’re an agency holder of any sort and you do it for clients. In which case I’m pretty sure it will save you lots of time and at least bring you ideas to develop further. But it works as specified, and that’s all that a user can ask of it.

This logo design app is unlike anything you have seen before. You can now bulk-create 50 logo variations for any brand in 3 easy steps. Just type in your brand name, select a logo style and let the machine learning AI generate 50 customizable logo designs in a flash.

Hundreds of icons, fonts and vectors are included to customize the logos the way you like!


DesignBundle review - Logo Factory

4) 3D Live Motion Photos

Sometimes, classic images are just not enough to draw people’s attention. Videos, on the other hand, can be difficult and time-consuming to make.

A very elegant solution to both of these problems came in the form of “moving pictures” – a combination of both techniques that is published as an animated GIF image later. Works great, and this app is surely fast and successful at doing it.

This groundbreaking new animation technology lets you turn boring still photos into dynamic moving visuals. Add dazzling effects like snow, rain, clouds, smoke and various other motion design elements to your photos instantly.

Make your designs pop to engage your audiences like never before and turn them into paying customers.


DesignBundle review - 3D Live Motion Photos

5) Magic Object Remover

My favorite, really.

How many times did you have to remove an object from a picture, be it a bird, a car, or even a person that photobombed your photo? Or simply use a part of a photo you found and remove the rest? I’ve done it in PhotoShop a few times, and tried to avoid it ever since. But with this Magic Object Remover, it’s an easy task. Not always exactly perfect (just imagine the task itself…), but more than great for every online need. And, seriously, done in moments. Awesome tool.

Selectively remove any objects, people or any other element you choose from your photos in 2 easy steps. Highlight the object you want to delete and click export.

Within a few seconds the app will process the data and delete any unwanted object from your photos. It’s just like magic with unmatched flexibility for faster, superior and impressive results.


6) Slick Image Editor

This app, although not anywhere as powerful as PhotoShop or similar pro tools, will easily satisfy all the needs of an average graphics designer. It includes all the basic tools and along with the rest of the DesignBeast bundle apps it is a powerful tool.

Edit your photos like the professionals without any complicated apps. Resize, enhance, edit or add filters to turn blurry and unappealing photos into stunning visuals ready to print or publish online.

Replace multiple complicated design apps, expensive freelancers, and save thousands on subscription fees.


DesignBeast review - Slick Image Editor


DesignBeast Demo

Here’s a demo video Paul prepared for the entire bundle. It’s around 14 minutes long, but I suggest you take these few minutes and discover more about DesignBeast.



DesignBeast upgrades (OTOs)

Yes, DesignBeast is no different as any other app and includes several upgrades available to the basic (FE) offer. While many will be happy with what they get in the FE offer (and seriously, it’s a lot!), many will want or need to upgrade to get even better results. So here are the upgrades available, along with a short list of functionalities.

DesignBeast FE ($47 – $67)

  • Six Designs App For Price of One
  • Mockup Designer App
  • AI Logo Maker App
  • 1-Click Background Removal App
  • Live Motion Photos App
  • Multi-Purpose Image Editor App
  • Magic Object Removal App
  • 7000+ Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Vectors & Icons
  • Hundreds of Fonts
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Step-by-Step Video Training
  • Commercial License
  • Sell The Designs For Profit
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access
  • 8 Week Training Webinars

Upgrade #1: DesignBeast Elite ($67)

  • Unlock 2,000 additional ready-to-use templates
  • Get 80 new templates added to your account each month for 1 year. (no monthly or yearly fees.)
  • Thousands of Premium Text Effects and Animations
  • Millions of Premium Royalty Free Design Assets, Icons and vectors.
  • Millions of Copyright-Free Image
  • Priority Future Software Updates

Upgrade #2: DesignBeast Agency ($47)

Sell videos for $300 to $500 each with the done-for-you agency package included. This upgrade makes it easy for everyone to find clients and sell their designs for top dollar.

  • 5 sub accounts, plus Done-For-You
  • Agency Marketing Bundle
  • Legal Client Contracts
  • Agency Website
  • Agency Sales Video

Upgrade #3: DesignBeast Elite 4in1 App Bundle ($39)

Customers get access to FOUR additional apps as part of this upgrade.

Pixel Perfect

Instantly turn any image, even a low quality image, into ultra HD, high quality photo that can be blown up to any size. Even billboard size – without any pixelation or distortion.

Animated Ads Builder

Create animated ads in all languages, shapes and sizes using hundreds of ready to use design templates. Use animated ads to promote your products, create ads for clients or sell animated designs on freelancer websites like fiverr, upwork and freelancer to maximize profits.

Video Resizer

With this powerful technology you can resize any video into multiple video sizes perfectly sized for all social platforms. Turn a single video into multiple dimensions and sizes within minutes and share the video onto different platforms to drive more traffic and sales!

Video Survey Pro

With this powerful app you can instantly collect:
* Video Testimonials
* Live video feedback from clients about your work
* Add video surveys on your websites to collect valuable information
* Have your team record video feedback about any project

Upgrade #4: DesignBeast Unlimited ($47)

A very much recommended upgrade if you’re serious about graphics business.

With the DesignBeast basic license you can create unlimited designs forever with one single limit, and that means 600 credits per month on each of the six apps included.

The limits reset each month so you can continue creating amazing designs, graphics and animations forever without any monthly fees. This limit is put in place to prevent abuse and ensure all our customers are getting the best value for years to come at an unbeatable price.

As part of this special unlimited upgrade you can remove all the monthly limits and restrictions for all the cutting-edge apps and technologies included.


TIP: DesignBeast Bundle Special Offer

The vendors have prepared a very special offer for anyone that thought about getting all the upgrades, or even just a few.

Namely, there’s an offer still on the table where you can get all the apps and ALL THE UPGRADES in one single bundle with over 50% discount. Paul Ponna explains everything in the webinar they hosted. And while the offer is available, you can still join the replay and get inside. I suggest you take a look at this even if you just want the basic apps, because maybe, just maybe, you’ll notice something that you might have missed.

Click HERE or the below image to see the details and join the free webinar.


DesignBeast review - DesignBeast Bundle Special Offer


DesignBeast Review Bonus

DesignBeast is focused on one thing, and that is making graphic designing as easy as possible for an average user. It’s not an easy task, actually, but I think they made it to a certain point. Of course, DesignBeast is not all-powerful and mighty and you will not become a millionaire just by buying it. Bit it’s a tool that with some dedication and work from your side can really make a difference in your daily routine.

When you have ideas, products and designs, you’ll want to promote them online. And here, my bonus comes in.

I will give you access to AdPlify ($67), a powerful Facebook advertising tool that includes everything you need to run successful Facebook advertising campaigns. You’re welcome to see everything you can get on the salespage itself (click the image below), but don’t buy it – you’ll get it for FREE!

You’ll even get all the bonuses included in the AdPlify deal. This way, you’ll have your assets to start a successful agency business right away.

Adplify - DesignBeast bonus

And if you buy any OTO from the funnel or the bundle itself, I’ll give you the AdPlify Pro license ($197) – a Pro version and even more powerful tool that will 10x your advertising powers immediately. Click the image below for more details on the full package.

Adplify Pro - DesignBeast bonus

Please note: after purchase, please forward the receipt to our email to get your licences ready and available. Thank you!


The final thoughts in DesignBeast review

I’m into online business for years now, and even before Facebook was a factor, I had to create leaflets to print at the local printshop. All this time, graphics has been a big part of my advertising efforts. I believe it’s the same with you or anyone else in this business today.

One single biggest mistake of bloggers and anyone else on the web today is that we tend to buy stuff we don’t really use or even need. I’m no exception, and I’ve spent my fair share of the family budget to these shiny objects all around us. If you’re in for a good advice that I’ve learned the hard way, consider this:

Only ever buy stuff that will help you do specific work easier, better and in less time. Everything else is just a shiny object that will collect digital dust on your disk and you’ll hardly ever make use of it.

With the DesignBeast bundle, I’ve got tools that will make my working days a bit shorter now. In my age, I’ve learned to appreciate that. I really suggest you take a look at the demo, you may be surprised what you can get inside.


I hope this short DesignBeast review has been of value to you. If so, I’d be grateful for a share. 🙂



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