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Jul 4, 2022 | Reviews

What is Split Testing?

We’ve been through this term (Split testing) inside one of my other posts (see it here), but just to recap really fast…

Split testing is a process where you create more than one variations of the landing page. Then, based on the measused engagement, you can quickly decide which one works better.

The whole aim of split testing is to decide what variation works best. It’s needed because practically nobody can guarantee how the visitors to a certain page will react. Depending on your traffic source (paid advertising, blogging, solo ads, …) the engagement will vary. A simple solution is to create two (or even more) variations of the landing page, each being a bit different, and then see which one performs best. After that, you can safely bet on the best possible engagement by using only the winning page for this traffic source.


Can it be done by hand?

Of course.

But you’ll really have to work hard to get the data out of the system, believe me. The tracking data you’ll receive from Google or any other tracker will have to be checked, so you can define the winning page. After that, you’ll have to change all the links accordingly in order to use the best performing page only. Not my kind of smart work, if you ask me.

Split testing options

Nowadays, almost every self-respecting page builder includes an option for split testing (like Convertri or ClickFunnels, for instance). But it always comes with a hefty price tag, and maybe you are just using WordPress. Which is a great option to start with, really.

But WordPress, by itself, does not cover this functionality, so what’s left is the manual method. Again, don’t do it. You’ve got better things to do.


Using a specialised split testing app

One of the best, easiest and cheapest at the same time proved to be the app I’ll tell you about, Split Test Monkey.

It’s not a new app by any means, because version 1 goes quite some time back. What is special IMHO about Split Test Monkey is its simplicity.

To make it short, it works like this, in practically only few easy steps.

After you create your landing page in WordPress, all you have to do is duplicate it and make subtle changes on it. This means maybe a title change, maybe a different CTA button, maybe a different color combination. Anything you think might improve the engagement of the landing page or your desired action, usually an opt-in. You can create more of them, using different combinations.

Split Test Monkey

When you have your pages ready, you simply go into your Split Test Monkey dashboard and create a new test. Inside the test, you define your variations, that is, input the URLs of the pages you’ve created. After inputing a few parameters, like how long you want to test, you just hit the save button. That’s it.

Split Test Monkey: deciding on the winning page

Split Test Monkey will provide you with automation code that you simply include on your landing pages. This is very easily done in WordPress, and the included training shows all the steps.

Once you start to drive traffic to your link, Split Test Monkey will measure the engegemen. This is done by measuring how many visitors each of the landing page variations receive, as well as how many visitors does the Thank You page receive from each of them.

Once the defined time is over, that is, once the required number of visitors have been reached, Split Test Monkey will define the winning page and only use it from then on. All visitors after that point will be directed to this page that proved to bring the best engagement, thus bringing you the best possible results.

Split Test Money demo

There is a full demo available on the sales page, so I will not go into real details here. I suggest you take a look by yourself and see how easy it really is.



Is Split Test Monkey worth the money?

The price of Split Test Monkey was $47 at the time of writing. Now, you can say it’s a lot, but – how much do you think your time is worth? You can easily spend 3-5 hours analysing the data from a single campaign to decide on the best page for your purposes. One campaign, mind you. Split Test Monkey comes with unlimited campaigns, so you can really test each and every campaign you create to the maximum, thus pulling everything possible from your marketing efforts.

The results will surpass your expectations, this is one thing I’m sure of. And the investment will be repaid so fast you won’t believe you never thought of it before.

I really suggest you take a look at the demo video and try it.

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