pCommerce review: is this the future of eCommerce?


Holiday season is starting

What has this with ecommerce? Well, experts predict that this year the ecommerce business will reach over $236 billion. What, you can’t imagine this number? Me neither. But I can surely imagine taking a piece of it for myself by joining the seasonal event. Just imagine all those people searching for the perfect gift online during this time… Both you and me included. Unfortunately, setting up everything needed to jump on the ecommerce train is far from easy. Luckily enough, there are people making money by helping other people make money. Some of these people are presenting a piece of software this month that does exactly that. It is called pCommerce and has some really nice features. Here, in this short pCommerce review, I’ll try to explain a few of those that I liked the most. Because making an informed decision is of the highest importance.

Ecommerce shop builders

There is actually no shortage of online shop builders, and depending on the money you have to spend, you can find something available and suiting your needs. All of them are limited in some way or another, to be honest, and are usually targeted at a specific group of people. The most common ones usually can build a WordPress site that promotes products from Amazon or AliExpress. I’m sure you’ve met some while surfing the net.

While this is not so bad, in reality the Amazon promotions can only take you to some success. It’s because the percentages Amazon pays became shamefuly low during the last few years. For example, promoting computer tech can bring you as low as 1% fees. Imagine how much you have to sell to make a real income from that…

Dropshipping, on the other hand, means you’re promoting products that other people have created without the middle man (like Amazon). Usually, it brings much higher fees and actually you can build an income much easier. Without ever touching or shipping the products, that is. Still, there are many things that need to be done before your shop is actually ready.

pCommerce review: what is different about pCommerce?

pCommerce is a new software, presented to us by Neil Napier, who is a well known product vendor and one of the top vendors on the market. It has some unique features included that I have not seen yet, at least not in one package. I hope this short pCommerce review can explain at least a few of those.

Built-in product library

One of the main things needed to sell online is having the products to sell, obviously. Neil and his team have included hundreds of top-selling products in pCommerce.

What this means is crucial for ordinary Joes like you and me:

You can start selling profitable products IMMEDIATELY.

You don’t need to develop or build a product, you don’t have to worry about quality and so on. You just have to pick the products you like (and believe your audience will like too), and that’s it.

The products need almost no further attention, as everything is done behind the scenes from here on. What else could I wish…

Crypto payments

One of the largest and most important new functionalities IMHO is the ability to include Crypto payment options. This means your customers will be able to safely pay you using their crypto wallets. While it may look not-so-important to some people, fact is that there are literally millions of people out there that hold some cryptocurrency. Offering them an opportunity to make something with it is a great way of enticing customers.

In the basic (FE) version, you can accept Bitcoin and Ethereum for payment. With the Unlimited license (OTO 1), there are 1,000 additional cryptocurrencies available, so basically whatever you might want is already there and the complete customer base covered.

pCommerce review: Demo

Full demo and presentation of pCommerce are still not available at the time of writing, as well as the full review access I have asked for. Nevertheless, from what can be seen in the documents Neil has sent over, I believe this can be a game changer for ordinary people not havign the time and/or knowledge to build everything themselves.

The full demo, as well as some prizes, will be available during the opening event that will take place on October 6th at 10AM ET. I will surely be there, and I cordially invite everyone reading this to join it too. While it may not resonate to all of you, I’m pretty sure many will discover an opportunity and take their chance. The returns can be great.

And who knows – you might just be the lucky person that gets one of the three FREE LICENCES during the live event.

Join the opening event by clicking the button below.



I will surely come back with more on pCommerce review once I get my review access open. Stay tuned.


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