CryptoKit Review – Passive income with Crypto

Aug 10, 2022 | Reviews

CryptoKit - Passive Income with Crypto

Crypto is great… Or is it?

Well… If you were to join the game early, like when Bitcoin was priced at $30, you would have easily made millions from it. Bitcoin reached the pricine of over $60,000 and is around $23,000 at the moment of writing. It’s a bit more complicated now, because there are so many options, coins, ups and downs every day. It all became a game of buying/selling multiple times a day, and most people don’t even have time for that, not to mention the funds. So how is passive income with Crypto even possible these days? It is. Read on.

First, let’s make it clear about whether Crypto is great or not.

In short, you can still make good money investing into Crypto coins.

Even shorter, you can as easily lose in a matter of days.

Passive income with Crypto

By looking just briefly at the subject of Crypto, you can easily spot the main rule that’s been around for ages and is the same as everywhere else. People making the most money with Crypto are the people running the exchange business. That is, Crypto exchange websites where other people buy and sell their Crypto assets. Every time a sale is made, they make a little percentage of it. Now, imagine thousands of sales being done every day… Millions worth of Crypto changing owners… And a single percent being forwarded directly to them. This is a true passive income with Crypto and can not be beaten by a lucky strike.

This kind of business is basically reserved for people that have the money and guts to build it. Make no mistake, it’s not easy and it’s not cheap. So why am I talking about it here? Because…

You can make passive income with Crypto too!

I will not lend you a couple of thousands to build such a trading site, nor will I instruct you how to build it yourself. It’s way over your head, as well as mine. Instead, I will tell you shortly about some people who did it in a way that you and I can benefit from it.


CryptoKit is an offer that recently hit the market on JVZoo. Basically, it’s a SAAS product that lets you build your own Crypto exchange, and they promise it’s possible in a really short time. Like, minutes. Is it real?


CryptoKit includes everything needed to create a site where you, as the admin, will passively earn from other people’s trades. It is done in a few ways.

CryptoKit Review: The basic idea

The basic idea is to buid a website where people can buy and sell their own assets, via their secure inbuilt Crypto wallets. By offering them rewards you are to attract them to your site. These rewards are tipically paid out in small Crypto values that they get directly into their wallets after doing something on your site. But by doing something, you – as an admin – will earn admin and advertising fees.

The final math is that by giving away small Crypto rewards, you will end up earning 5 to 25 times as much via admin fees and advertising.



CryptoKit package

CryptoKit (or Crypto Kit) will give you a whole package that includes:

  • Crypto Kit exchange website, hosted on your own subdomain and ready to customize to your liking (or branding).
  • Instantly Activated Crypto Wallet: Crypto wallet is setup for you (securely, nothing stored on CryptoKit system), plus any members who visits your Crypto Kit website can create a crypto wallet smoothly, which makes it a perfect entry/access for complete beginners.
  • Whitelabel Dex Exchange: Your website visitors can buy crypto with their credit card, sell and trade/exchange crypto currencies on your website earning you an admin fee for every transaction processed.
  • Whitelabel ‘Get Paid To’ Software: Inbuilt system rewards visitors for coming back to your website, paying out in crypto currency – each action they’re rewarded with earns you (the admin and website owner) between 5-50 or even 100x as much in advertising rewards.
  • Full Design Customisation Features: Change the text, colours, logo of your website and thus make it completely yours, according to your own branding.
  • Lotto Game: You, as an admin, will choose the prize and select your admin fee. All sales of tickets/entries, prize rewards and delivery is automated – admin only needs to set it up and take the profits.
  • Coin Flip Game: You, as an admin and owner, will take a fee from every coin flip attempt, paying out approx 50% of the time but taking a small fee from the wins (and taking all losses from players).
  • Viral Affiliate System: Gives every member of your website the possibility to invite all their friends, for which they’ll be rewarded 10% of anything their friends earn on the website (this means next to nothing for you,  but earning MASSIVE automated Bitcoin payments in advertising rewards direct to your personal wallet).
  • Your Own Crypto Blog: Each Crypto Kit website contains an inbuilt blog allowing you to publish your own content and attract free search engine traffic to your exchange site.
  • Optimized Managed Ads, Withdraw To Your Crypto Wallet (BTC): Your “Get Paid To” software displays high paying advertisements, optimized by CryptoKit team, and pays out in Bitcoin. You can use their inbuilt ads with one click on login or display your own ads for full control.

The pricing

Everything mentioned above is enough to have convinced me to buy it. You must know that the early pricing was just $17 for this package, and is slowly rising as I write this. It’s still affordable and into the $30 area if you’re interested, and there might be a coupon on the salespage for further discount. Check it out.


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CryptoKit upgrades

The front end system is actually very interesting, but upgrades make it even more powerful, as it always is. Here they are.

CryptoKit OTO1: Crypto Kit Unleashed ($19.97/m, $197/yr or $297 one time)

This upgrade will seriously expand your earning powers and is really recommended. It includes:

  • Publish 3 Crypto Kits: You’ll be able to publish 2 additional crypto kits (CryptoKit exchanges) so that you can provide payout options in more currencies, target better to different audiences etc.
  • Push Notification Activation: You’ll be able to send push notifications to all members to bring them back to your website or send to other links/sites you want traffic to. This gives lots of affiliate marketing opportunities to you as an admin.
  • Pro Lucky Reward Features customisation: You will be able to choose the coin, the giveaway amount, how often prizes are rewarded and more. Every customisation feature is available to you as a CryptoKit admin.
  • Pro Lotto Features customisation: Additional customisation features so you can choose the amount, percentage of admin fee, number of tickets and logo images.
  • Viral Affiliate Features customisation: Increase or decrease the amount you’re going to offer to pay out for referred members.
  • Pro Coin Flip Features customisation: Additional customisation features for editing coin flip images, coin types and admin cut.
  • Use Your Own Domain: You get the ability to add your custom domain so it looks like users are on your own website instead of just using CryptoKit inbuilt subdomain system. A huge one for branding.
  • Future Upgrades Included: Upgraded automatically in all your CryptKit websites.
  • Pro Level Blog Features: Additional features, unlimited posts and more functionality to expand the blogging functions of the system.

This upgrade is really recommended, as it multiplies the earning possibilities of you as an admin.


CryptoKit Gamification


CryptoKit OTO2: Crypto Kit DFY Paid Traffic Bundles ($19-$97 Bundles)

The CryptoKit vendors have been running highly targeted crypto loving traffic to their test sites with excellent results. They’ll run your selection of clicks to your Crypto Kit website to get a flood of website visitors started and kickstart the inbuilt viral system. You’ll have a choice of either 1,000, 4,000 or 10,000 visitors sent over to your website.

While you may be a master of traffic generation, every and all targeted traffic is more then welcome to any membership site at any time. Since the price for the traffic is relatively low ($97 for 10,000 visitors, for instance) and you can seriously count on certain percentage to sign in, it is well worthed IMHO.

CryptoKit OTO3: Crypto Kit Reseller ($147-$197 one-time)

This upgrade will make you the owner of the software and give you the opportunity to sell it as such. There are options for 20 and 50 licences, whichever you think you’re capable of selling.

You will gain access to your own CryptoKit Agency dashboard, allowing you to create Crypto Kit accounts for your clients and customers.

This upgrade sounds great, but remember – you need to sell the licences to make any money with them. On the other hand, as an admin of a CryptoKit website, you can easily include ads for people that might want to run a business like yours. Having tried the system should make it much easier for people to decide and buy a personal license for their own business.

CryptoKit Bundle

As an interested customer, I always look for the bundle offer. The reason I do that is because usually the vendor offers a significant discount for the whole package, without me – as a customer – having to go through the entire funnel. It is no different here, the CryptoKit vendors offer a CryptoKit Bundle. This bundle offer is priced at $297 for the first year and then $197 yearly. While it may look a lot, here’s what’s included in CryptoKit Bundle.

  • Access to Crypto Kit Whitelabel App
  • Upgrade to create THREE crypto kit websites
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Customise Pro Lotto and Pro Coin Flip Features
  • Customise Viral Affiliate features
  • User your own domain name
  • Pro level blog features
  • 4,000 click traffic package
  • Agency for 50 Crypto Kit Accounts

The math…?

You will notice that it actually includes full OTO1, priced at $197/year, as well as the 4,000 visitors package (priced at $47) and a 50 licence Agency Kit (priced at $197). This exact package would cost a full $608 when bought via the regular funnel. So, a significant amount of money can be saved buying just this CryptoKit Bundle offer.

Personally, I did not take it. The one reason is that a great part of this price is the Agency license (50 licences), which I don’t want at this time. But then again – calculation shows that I will pay $219 for the monthly OTO1 I have bought. I’m already at $353 for the first year (check below)… So I’m having second thoughts now – did I make a mistake? 🙁

Thinking about it now, should you want the same package I have bought (again, check below), it actually makes sense to grab the CryptoKit Bundle offer. It’s cheaper, and you gain the Agency license that you still may turn into money. Go for it.



Is CryptoKit worth investing?

Well, so far (I’ve only took a short walkthrough by now… I know, I know…) I was not able to find a reason why this would not work. Of course, it’s all about how many customers (members) you can pull into the system, like with any other business. But given the popularity Crypto has, I don’t think it should be too hard.

Using OTO2 to get a few thousand visitors is a great option to give it a starting mementum. When a number of people join, you can easily use the viral giveaways to create further traffic, and this one can literally multiply without you doing anything else, again and again.

Of course, if you’re into affiliate business already and know how to sell software, OTO3 (Reseller) is also a great chance to make a few thousands quickly. But it will take a little sellers-approach and a bit more work.

All in all, I’ve bought the FE, OTO1 (monthly, because I can cancel or upgrade should I want to) and OTO2 (traffic, 10,000 visitors). I’ve paid $134 so far.

CryptoKit bonus

There’s a substantial bonus available for the CryptoKit buyers, and you’re welcome to take a look.



Is there a Guarantee?

Since CryptoKit offers a full 30-days money back guarantee, I now have a full month to start playing with it. In this time, it should be clear how it’s working. Then I will decide whether I build those 2 additional websites or not at all. In which case I can always request a refund, except for the traffic package, of course. But I’m pretty convinced that I will get a certain number of subscribers and grow this number further using the viral and blog functionalities.

As a final thought – I do recommend taking it, but I’ll rather invite you to see the salespage yourself. This way, you can make a much more informed decision.


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