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Mar 3, 2022 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

Auto-Grow Crypto
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

What do you mean Auto-Compound?

Imagine you would be offered to receive either a million dollars or a single cent that would double every day. What would you say?

Yes, taking a million would be sweet. Gosh, I wish someone asked me that question. 🙂

But the right answer would be a cent that compounds every day.

You know why?

Let’s take a look at it after 30 days

The trick is here – doubling your cent every day gets you to a total of $0.59 after 30 days. This is so because every day you would get $0.02 added to your account.

Compounding means something completely different. It means that your sum from yesterday, so your first-day cent, will be doubled the second day, then this whole sum will be doubled the third day, then this sum will again be doubled on the 4th day. And the next day. And the next day, and so on.

You see, this way, after 30 days your account would read over $5 millions, $5,368,709.12 to be exact. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the below picture, where a simple Excel spreadsheet was used to calculate that. You can easily check it for yourself.

Can it be done with Crypto?

Yes, it can, says James Renouf, a guy that tested it in the previous weeks.

What he is selling now is a training on just how exactly to do that, and it’s called (what a surprise) Auto Grow Crypto.

This is a text from his sales page:

Do you want to compound your crypto 24 hours a day?

All completely hands off with no technical ability required?

Well look no further than Auto Grow Crypto.

We are making thousands of dollars per week after just starting a few weeks ago, in less than 30 days!

What if you could make over 100 thousand percent return in a year? How is that even possible?

We are going to bring you into a crazy new world of hourly auto compounding using our new Defi crypto method.

Is this real?

I suppose it is. I have bought it (it sells for less than $12 at the moment!!!) and I intend to get into it later this evening. Because I’m as interested as anyone to see this working, sure.

My first reaction was WOW, of course. After reading it, I tend to believe there is something to it. While I have too much experience with “You’ll get rich by Sunday” offers, I also know just about everything is possible with Crypto. Well, being crypto is the main reason. It’s confused and wild, and you can as easily make millions as lose every penny you invest. So what’s the real deal behind it…

Why I have bought Auto Grow Crypto

Well – don’t you want to join the Crypto market? And make a million or two for the Summer holidays?

I don’t believe I will ever make that much, and I’m having troubles seeing how anyone could do it, honestly. Unless of course you already have a few millions to invest and have a lucky day. But that’s hardly the point, right?

I have to be honest: I have practically no experience in the Crypto world, heck, I’ve only opened my Bitpanda account a few days ago. And haven’t put anything in it yet, because I’m trying to read a little bit about all this mess around Crypto first. My first problem is that I honestly have no idea what I’m reading. It’s all in the cloud, it’s all on a “today it’s so, tomorrow who knows” basis, and I honestly don’t intend to slave out for a few bucks. I mean like manually buying/selling all the time. I’m sure you can make a lot this way, but heck, I have kids. And two cats. And a wife that’s already not too happy when I get into programming anyway. In short, I want to live while I get a little out of Crypto.

My first ever Crypto investment

So I’ve invested my first $12 into Crypto, buying this training.

I really don’t see how these 12 bucks would endanger my existence in any way, not to mention the money-back guarantee if it turns out to be completely bad.

But, it’s a chance for me to learn something. And get in touch with Crypto world finally. If it works 100 times slower than the calculation on the above image, I will still be very satisfied.

Should you buy Auto Grow Crypto?

Yes, I believe you should. That is, if you intend to play the Crypto game at all. If it doesn’t concern you, forget about it, the same way you forgot about the quantum physics books some people read. I’ve heard some even understand it, who knew.

All in all, it’s an opportunity to learn something new and use it in your daily life. Take this as an investment in your knowledge. No matter whether it will actually bring you millions or not, you will know something that you didn’t yesterday. And it’s what it’s all about. With more knowledge, you will have a new perspective of life, money and everything. So yes, I think you can use Auto Grow Crypto in your life.


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