Sendiio is an all new autoresponder app that let’s you respond by email, text and FB Messenger all in one very easy to use dashboard. This short Sendiio review should show you a few of the most important features of Sendiio.

Sendiio is a creation of super marketer Joshua Zamora. His products are always well thought out and are easy to profit from if you’re an online marketer.

Sendiio maintains Joshua’s long standing commitment to helping others make money. It is the very first platform that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing for a  low one-time price. You will find the links at the end of this Sendiio Review.

Some special features include unlimited email campaigns, unlimited text campaigns and unlimited messenger campaigns, all of which from the same dashboard. Agency rights are also being mage available throughout the launch.


Sendiio Autoresponder Features


Here are some more details about Sendiio that could make you decide whether it’s good for youe needs.

1 ) Create and Send Unlimited Email Campaigns

Right out of the gate Joshua Zamora grants you as a user unlimited campaigns without having to pay any monthly fee. Many developers limit the amounts on the front end but Sendiio gives it all up for you!

2) Import Unlimited Email Contacts

With many autoresponders out there (like Aweber) you’ll likely lose 30% or more of your e-mail list when attempting to import them due to the fact that they’ll make ALL your contacts need to VERIFY to be on your list ONCE AGAIN – even if they ‘d been your customer for some time already. Sendiio does not limit you here – whatever you’ll import, that’s what you’ll have. Of course, it’s on you to behave, because email marketing, just like any marketing, has its rules and you are not allowed to breach them or you could get in trouble online. This means that the list you might have bought, for instance, can be dangerous and we strongly suggest against it.

While trying out the software for this short Sendiio review, we tryed to import all sorts of lists. Sendiio “eats” them all. So it’s upon yourself to take care of the imports and to only use approved contacts. That is, only contacts that opted in for your messaging.


Sendiio Autoresponder

3) Create Unlimited Email Lists

Just as you can import unrestricted contacts, you can likewise produce endless amount of email lists and designate each list of imported emails to their own separate e-mail list. This is extremely powerful if you’re working in various niches, are building different brand names, have various products and services, require to keep your complimentary subscribers separate from your PAID consumers or anything in between. With Sendiio you can create as many different e-mail lists as you want and use them to your needs. Every list can have its own sequences set up.

Just like any real autoresponder, Sendiio will allow you to segment your subscribers in a wasy way. And having different lists is just one of the tools to do so.

4) Create Unlimited Optin Forms

You can rapidly and quickly develop limitless optin forms which incorporate with ALL page builders out there.

As far as the autoresponder is concerned, it does not matter if you’re utilizing ClickFunnels, LeadPages, OptimizePress, FunnelVio, Divi, Profit Canvas or ANY other lead-capture page builder. Simply create your page, copy the HTML or iFrame code provided and paste it into ANY page you like. This Sendiio review is not meant to be a manual, so I will not go into great tech details, but it’s really very simple to do.

5) Connect Unlimited Domain names

Do you run several brand names and require to send out e-mails from various domains and/or brand names? With Sendiio they have actually made it incredibly simple to link a limitless number of domains to your account that you can send out e-mails from. This permits you to keep whatever you need different and run in as many lucrative specific niches as you like.

6) Complete Step-By-Step Training Tutorials

They have actually developed complete, detailed training videos on EXACTLY how to establish your account even if you’re not a “techie” person. You’ll have the ability to look over their shoulder as they stroll you through every action of the procedure to guarantee you get optimum delivery results with Sendiio any time.

Joshua took care of practically every aspect of using Sendiio, as it is one of his flagship products. During this Sendiio review writing, I’ve seen all of the videos provided, many of them more than once. And it’s all there.

Special features of Sendiio you can’t find elsewhere

As already mentioned, Sendiio incorporates Email Marketing, Text Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing. Like with Email Marketing, you have a long list of features at your disposal. It is actually the only autoresponder I know of that supports all three mediums in such an easy way.

7) Unlimited Texting

You get he ability to send unlimited texts and to create unlimited texting Campaigns with Sendiio.

8) Import Unlimited Phone numbers

Much like your e-mail list, you can instantly import your contact number list and begin sending out text projects immediately. You’ll have the ability to rapidly copy and paste your whole contact number list right into Sendiio within SECONDS of visiting.

9) Create Unlimited Facebook Messenger Subscribers

Actually, within seconds you can have ALL your fan pages connected to Sendiio. All you have to do is follow their easy 3-step process and you can start producing Messenger campaigns instantly. From the minute that users engage with your Fan pages, Sendiio instantly adds them as messenger subscribers that you can right away begin sending messages to. Knowing that open rates are far higher than with Email Marketing, this alone could be your fast lane to establishing yourself online.

What you need for Sendiio to work

Sendiio is an autoresponder that has its own SMTP service, but it’s included as an upgrade. It’s not like Aweber where you have to pay monthly and have it all done for you, you have to either buy the upgrade to get Sendiio SMTP service connected, or you can use any third party service for that. Personally, I’m using Sendgrid’s SMTP feature; it bears a cost of $14.95/month for 40,000 emails sent, and in the moment it more than works for me.


Sendiio Autoresponder

The one we found that works great with an autoresponder like Sendiio is Sendgrid (Twillio). It supports also texting via their Twillio interface, so it’s actually a pretty nice fit.

And, of course, you’ll need a Facebook account to use the Messenger features, if you plan to do it.

Demo – What’s new in Sendiio 2.0

With version 2.0, Sendiio is getting a few very important updates and is heading its way to being a real autoresponder. I’ve been using version 1.0 since March 2019, and it’s been working great – but with some of the new features I’m really getting in love with Sendiio.

For me, one of the most important funcrions of an autoresponder is tagging. Basically, it means that any subscriber gets a tag (or more tags), like “shoes_buyers”, and then what I’m able to do is send specific offers to people with this tag. It’s called segmentation. So, they only receive very selective emails that are well within their interest. And this of course brings the open and click rates waaaaay up, as well as sales. Love it. 🙂

Take a look at this video that shows some of the new features.

The final verdict

Other than that, during this autoresponder and Sendiio review, I was not able to find a real problem. Sure, the interface will take some time to discover everything, also their process of creating a list and adding sibscribers is a bit different than you might be acustomed to. But once you get around that, and the included videos will help you do that quickly, it just works. And this is what’s important for users that want to earn online using either Email Marketing, Texting Marketing, Facebook Messenger Marketing, or any combination of the three.

Sendiio creators (Joshua Zamora) published a number of updates since I’ve bought it, including the very much apreciated Tagging options to increase the automation features. It’s an activelly supported product, Joshua Zamora uses it daily himself (I know, I’m on his list 🙂 ), so I had no troubles buying it. During the launch the pricing is set incredibly low, and it is a pretty darn good pricing comparing to Aweber, for instance, where you’ll pay $228 per year for only up to 500 subscribers. You’ll have to calculate the SMTP service also, for which I’m personally paying $14.95 per month (up to 40,000 emails per month); this adds up to $179.40 per year. This sounds much more, true, but as our Sendiio review revealed, we have much more flexibility at our hands.

One-time cost

With Sendiio, you’re only paying the SMTP provider, so the $14.95 monthly in my case. And Sendiio costs will be a one time cost, not like any other autoresponder.

And remember, you’re not limited with subscribers in any of the three main autoresponders included. If you pass the 10,000 subscribers (which is great, btw, congratulations :)), the costs of Aweber rise to $149 per month or $1,788 per year, while with Sendiio + Sendgrid you’re still at the same number (Sendiio + $179.40 per year), depending on the number of emails you send out monthly, of course.

There is no way you’ll not make this money back with just a few emails, if you’re doing it at least partially right. So yes, I love it.

Yes, I’ll give Sendiio a big thumb up. Take a look at the salespage and decide for yourself.




Oh, and I almost forgot about the bonuses you get with Sendiio. Take a look at them HERE.


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