Hammock Suite By Cindy Donovan Review

Dec 12, 2019 | Reviews

Hammock Suite

Hammock Suite by Cindy Donovan is a start to finish system for making money online, which tends to eliminate all money-sucking and time consuming processes out there. Online marketing does not need to be hard, and Hammock Suite proves it.

What would you say if I told you that there’s a FUN GAME you can play, that anyone can win.

And the prize?

Your very own online business.

You play, you learn and you get rewarded! If you think success = work and work = hard, difficult, stressful etc. then it’s no wonder your online business is also struggling. This is how we’ve all been raised, no pain no gain… hustle, hustle, hustle.

Which is why you’ll be excited to know that my friend, Cindy is shaking all of that up with something that I’ve never seen done before.

What Is Hammock Suite?

Simply put, Hammock Suite is your 3 Part Zero To Profit System that will build your business even If you’ve never made anything online before:

  • #1: Edu-Play – Why learn when you can PLAY your way to recurring income streams!  No skills needed!
  • #2: Rewards – Each click grows your business AND earns you gifts, prizes, rewards and more!
  • #3: Profits – See a steady flow of payments into your accounts for products you don’t even own!

Hammock Suite is changing the way of doing Online Marketing FOREVER! The buzz that’s going around is proof, with the beta tester group seeing results NEVER SEEN BEFORE in any online marketing niche ever!


Hammock Suite


Not only is Hammock Suite enjoyable and engaging (some have even said ‘addicting’!). It’s also rewarding and highly profitable in the process! Inside Hammock Suite, they’ve included everything you need from start to finish. PLUS, they’re even giving away actual gifts & prizes too; you’ll get gifts like downloadable, done-for-you resources and high end software tools, as well as real, actual physical gifts shipped to your home.

Now, I know that Hammock Suite sounds crazy and it’s definitely something I’ve never seen. And the potential is HUGE. Take my word; this is a TRUE game changer. BINGO. Now get ready for the best.

At launch, Cindy is offering a special launch deal for Hammock Suite. You can see on the page the price will soar up to monthly recurring price for this as launch ends. But right here, today… you can completely take the giant leap this and get your hands on Hammock Suite for a low one-time fee… and never have to pay another cent ever again! Look at the demos and decide, but don’t take too long.

What’s included in Hammock Suite

As I said, Hammock Suite is a complete start to finish system for making money online, with step by step training and three easy to use software tools to guarantee your success.

PLUS … the deluxe license includes added training materials and an invitation to join the Hammock Suite Challenge.  When you’re successful they ship a physical prize to your location, an exclusive Hammock Suite hammock and your personal certificate.


Hammock Suite


Members will receive the following in this all-inclusive suite:

1) Hosted & Managed DFY Funnels

Your choice of 5 (with 70 different niche funnels to choose from) completely done for you/managed affiliate marketing funnels (they do EVERYTHING for you, it includes pages built, hosted and lifetime email promos sent on your behalf with your affiliate links on all pages and in all promos forever!!!).

2) YT Engine Software Access

Never-before released YouTube ad targeting software suite which discovers untapped goldmines for a few cents per lead and enables you to

  • Generate targeted YouTube video channel audits, with export function
  • Find laser targeted audiences and exact channels for cheap ads
  • YT keyword generator, dominate niches a month with this add-on

Each function has 10 search credits per month for starter members and 60 per month for deluxe members.

3) Traffic Ivy Membership

Alternative traffic software membership, which allows you to test your campaigns with free traffic first and then take winning campaigns to cheap paid traffic sources for REAL results.

4) Hammock Suite Shortcut (Video Series)

Step by step video training showing you how to use this suite of software, perfect for complete beginners.

5) Hammock Suite Challenge

They have taken each action and broken it down into fun, manageable milestones.

When you complete all of these community and mentor supported activities, they’ll ship you an exclusive Hammock Suite hammock free of shipping fees.

AND… Challenge points for Cindy’s “Caribbean Survivor Cruise Challenge“. 

In Jan 2021, one of the Wildfire Concepts community members (+1 friend) will join Cindy, her team and hundreds of top online marketers in an all expenses paid cabin on the most prosperous holiday ever … the marketers cruise!  Contest entries are earned based on engagement, completing challenges etc. 

Best part?

By the time you finish the Hammock Suite Challenge, you’ll have your own online business built and active. Through playing a game. Now how does this sound to you?


Hammock Suite

Features of Hammock Suite

  • Completely beginner friendly! This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before!
  • Receive physical goods and prizes, just for ‘playing’ along and doing the course.  Including free shipping to anywhere in the world. 
  • Everything is included, from training to lead capture software, keyword research and video editing resources and software.
  • All-in-one online business kit that makes getting online sales fun, easy & highly profitable (everything they need is included for one low fee)
  • Proven results, people FINISH this course (78% of people who start it complete it with success, all the way to the end!)
  • It’s very clear and actionable. You’ll get a clear training video (3-6 mins) and an action task (usually 5-10 mins), watch, complete the task and claim your reward.
  • TRUE step-by-step training. Hammock Suite destroys overwhelm by only giving you exactly what you need when you need it.  Each piece comes together to build your business smoothly and very easily.
  • It’s fun and playful, and some have even said addictive!
  • No skills, knowledge or other software tools needed. Hammock Suite is created to have absolutely ZERO prior knowledge so nobody gets left behind.

Hammock Suite

Bonuses you get from me for joining Hammock Suite today

Fast Action Bonus #1

Social Media Income With Facebook

Inside this video tutorial series, you will learn, among other thing, how to use Facebook video ads to market your business, build your brand, grow your business, get more leads and get more sales.

Includes full Master Resell Rights.

Just plug it in your Hammock Suite and start selling.

Valued at $67

Social Media Income With Facebook - Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #2

VidRolls WordPress Plugin

Add pre- and post-roll ads to your existing videos across your WordPress site.

Market to people that are already interested.

Includes full PLR Rights.

Just plug it in your Hammock Suite and start selling.

Valued at $27

VidRolls Plugin - Hammock Suite Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #3

Online Viral Marketing Secrets

With this video training you will discover a shortcut to online viral marketing secrets.

Includes full Resell Rights.

Just plug it in your Hammock Suite and start selling.

Valued at $47

Online Viral Marketing Secrets - Hammock Suite Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #4

Video Commission Plugin

With this plugin you can easily create video affiliate review pages and manage your affiliate bonuses inside of your WordPress dashboard.

Includes full Resell Rights.

Just plug it in your Hammock Suite and start selling.

Valued at $47

Video Commission Plugin - Hammock Suite Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #5

Instant Content Creator Pro

Effortlessly kick out killer articles with this easy-to-use, state-of-the-art software.

Includes full PLR Rights.

Just plug it in your Hammock Suite and start selling.

Valued at $37

Instant Content Creator Pro - Hammock Suite Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #6

Turbo GIF Animator

Create engaging animated images in minutes.

Includes full Resell Rights.

Just plug it in your Hammock Suite and start selling.

Valued at $27

Turbo GIF Animator - Hammock Suite Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #7

Amazon Affiliate Profits

Ecommerce is the name of the game. 

Stop chasing tiny affiliate commissions, this is how you make 6 figures with amazon, the easy way.

Valued at $97

Amazon Affiliate Profits - Hammock Suite Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #8

Social Inboxer

A powerful alternative to Email Marketing.

Start collecting your Facebook leads and market them efficiently through Messenger. A full system.

Valued at $97

Social Inboxer - Hammock Suite Bonus

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