7-Figure Launch System – What is this actually?


What Is the 7-Figure Launch System™?

” A wise man knows it’s far better to buy into a wonderful company at a fair cost than a fair company at a wonderful cost.” – Warren Buffett (The World’s Wealthiest Investor).

I’m going to ask you a difficult concern … Are you as successful as you want to be?

If you are, this probably isn’t for you. If not, you’re about to be faced with the most essential choice of your life.

This is how Michael Cheney starts his talk. And I tell you, he’s on to something there.


Due to the fact that he’s about to offer you the opportunity to partner with him in one of his 7-figure organizations, and he will actually hold your hand while you create your own effective business.

That’s why even his rivals are calling this crazy deal an unique chance to change your monetary status permanently!

Let’s take a look at the statistics … 9 out of 10 new services fail. That implies if you attempt to start your own service you have a 90% possibility of failure!

For currently successful businesses, the reverse is real.

They have almost a 90% success rate!

Even Warren Buffet agrees that the BEST method to obtain wealth is to invest in a fantastic organization that is ALREADY working … and working well.


Because the tough part (beginning), is already done.

That’s why this program can essentially ensure you will succeed …

Even if every organization you’ve started has actually failed, and nothing you’ve attempted has actually ever exercised!

You see, the 7-Figure Launch System ™ is his never ever before launched partnership program that allows anyone, anywhere, no matter experience, skill or background to partner with a 7-Figure entrepreneur and get their very own 7-figure business.

( Without doing any of the work) …

You check out that right … You can partner with a millionaire … and HIS group will do the work!

He currently owns practically a dozen business that are generating absolutely obscene quantities of cash every single day.

( It’s practically embarrassing how much cash he’s making).

That’s why he wishes to share the wealth and offer Average Joes just like you the chance to partner with him on one of these 10 (and counting) highly profitable online businesses …

And once again, he and his team do all the work for you!


If you’ve ever longed for a reality “easy button” for starting a service, this is it!

Here’s how it works:.

They produce the items, they do all of the marketing, they do all of the selling, and they do all of the customer service – you simply gather payments.

Earlier this year he introduced a brand new 7-figure organization that generated him over $425,820 right out of eviction, just to show that he could do it. Here’s the evidence.

7-figure Launch System Proof


How would you like to have been a partner with this organization? Exactly … Now think of how great it would feel to tell your know-it-all neighbor that a biz you partnered in banked half a millie last month? Now THAT is a sensation of pure fulfillment!

You can get that feeling right now by partnering with Michael …

And here’s why he’s using a couple of fortunate individuals this “can’t stop working” chance.

Since he’s been exactly where you’ve been. Overwhelmed with info, burned by BS that does not work. Jaded by scrap jockeys that pawn piss-poor products on poor, relying on souls like us.

That’s why he’s providing you the possibility to avoid all the BS and partner on something that is already generating income. And what’s more, he’ll even show you a few of his secret faster ways so you can begin generating income as fast as possible!

Here’s why this works:

Venture capital sharks often call it the “Snowball Effect.” To put it simply, once something begins working, it continues working, acquiring momentum exponentially. That’s why this is so effective.

No more distressing about constructing Shopify stores, say goodbye to buying course after course, and say goodbye to wondering what you require to do to create a real company online …

He’s already done ALL the hard work of building a 7 figure business so you don’t have to!

Screw starting something with a 90% failure rate! (… what everybody else is providing).

Rather, partner with Michael in one of his million-dollar services so you can practically guarantee your success!



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