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WP Page Speed

I’ve had a number of sites built when I realised something was going the wrong way – less and less visitors decided to stay on the page and click through to my ‘money pages’ where I wanted to promote different offers to them.

I Kept Asking Myself Why It Was That Visitors Would Come And Immediately Leave Without Performing Any Action In My Blogs Such As Subscribing Or Buying…

It completely puzzled me WHY people would leave my websites so fast!

But one of the “bombs” that almost destroyed my online business was that Google had degraded some of my privileged rankings that were bringing in stable and solid traffic.

After hours upon hours trying to figure out WHAT was the cause of this, I discovered that my sites where not loading fast enough. They were simply too slow for the visitors to wait.

The speed of my websites was the problem.

No matter how nice your website looks, if it loads too long, very few people will actually see it in full.

It was then when I decided to work my ass off and do something about it, since my income was dependent on those blogs.

WP SwiftPage

WP SwiftPage is a very easy-to-use, powerful WP plugin that will allow you to BOOST your WP site and make it load lightning-fast.
It will only take you a few seconds to install it and, after running it, improve the loading time for your WP blog.


Here are some of the things this plugin does:

  • Remove RSD Link, WordPressShortlink, Adjacent Posts Links, Windows Manifest, WordPress Version, and all RSS Feed links
  • Move scripts to the footer
  • Merge scripts to one file
  • Defer parsing of javascript files
  • Remove query strings
  • Load Javascripts files from Google Libraries
  • Remove WordPress emoji script
  • Manage plugin scripts and plugin styles in page
  • Move styles to the footer
  • Merge styles to one file
  • Minify all CSS styles
  • Remove extra FontAwesome styles and extra Dashicon styles
  • Lazy load images to improve speed
  • Improve Compression level
  • Optimus API Key
  • And much, much more!

It’s SO Easy To Use That You’ll Laugh!

The beauty of WP Swift Page is that I’ve built it in way that everybody can use it – even if you have never installed and run a WP plugin before!

Just download the plugin, install it, and voila, you are ready to go!

It can’t be simpler!

The cost

You can reach similar effects on your website using a number of free plugins that are available all over the web, I know.

But can you imagine the hustle of maintaining all those plugins? Not to mention that you could easily grab a few that won’t work nicely with your other plugins or even your chosen theme. No, it’s not worth it, believe me. You can get this plugin right here, right now, for a small one-time investment of only $7. No limitations, you can use it on as many pages as you want. Go and increase your earnings now.



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