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Wordpress 5.0 And Gutenberg
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MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

If you’re using WordPress for your website – and there is really no reason you should not – you have most probably already upgraded to the latest 5.x version. From version 5.0 that came to us last year, WordPress changed its default editor. Instead of a simple – and still my favourite… – text editor there is now a full-blown block editor included that is called the Gutenberg editor. It brings lots of changes, and while most are actually great, for people like me it’s still a pain in the backside. The reason is simple – the power of habit. I just never took time to properly test it, because there’s always so much to do. So if you’re like this and you really want to see the options Gutenberg provides, we have found a way you can literally master it within an hour or so. Yes, it can be done, and you’ll rarely look back, I’m sure. Check what we found, it’s a mini-course called  Expert Editing With WordPress 5.0 And Gutenberg.

Here’s a short transcript of what it’s all about.

WordPress 5

WordPress has got many many upgrades since 2003 when it first came out. Yet, version 5 seems to be the one the world’s been talking about as none before. Why? Because WordPress changed it’s core component – the text editor.

And while it may be an old news for you, there’s a chance you haven’t switched to the new Gutenberg editor all the way yet. I know I didn’t.

For all these years, there’s been a standard editor that all WordPress users have learned to love or at least use. It’s limited, for sure, but on the other hand it’s fast, clear and simple to use. What WordPress 5 brings is the whole new experience, called Gutenberg.

Wordpress 5.0 And Gutenberg

WordPress 5 and Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a new default WordPress editor that is built with blocks in its heart. Everything is a block in Gutenberg – graphics, text, everything.

And while it makes sense, really, it will be more than just a bit problematic to the long-term users who have worked in the classic editor for years. Me, I’m using WordPress for some 5 years now, and honestly, I’m all lost in the new Gutenberg.

Don’t misunderstand me, please – I’m not saying Gutenberg is bad or something like that. In fact, the more I’m testing it, the more I see a number of options that were simply not available before. Which is why I’m determined to learn all I can about it and use it on all my pages eventually.

Honestly, for now I’m using the old editor on all my production sites; WordPress people were smart and have foreseen the problems, so they published a small official plugin (Classic Editor) that enables the admin to switch back to the old editor. WordPress itself does not have this option, as Gutenberg is to become de facto editor for WordPress. So, if you’re like me, you’re probably using it for now – at least until we become really familiar with it, and most importantly have time to switch all our blogs over to version 5.

There a themes around that do the same thing, so you don’t have to include the Classic Editor plugin. Which is great, but not by any means mandatory.

Learning about Gutenberg

You can, of course, go around and search for all kinds of steps needed. But I have an easier option for you.

With Expert Editing With WordPress 5.0 And Gutenberg you can get 20 videos that will take you by the hand and give you an over-the-shoulder insight of working with Gutenberg. A real hands-free training that will let you master the newest WordPress features quickly.

Wordpress 5.0 And Gutenberg Demo

There are many instructional documents and videos online, true. What’s special about Expert Editing With WordPress 5.0 And Gutenberg is that it concentrates the information in such a way that it really shows all the steps and tricks about it in a very concise manner. It explains all the blocks that Gutenberg supports, as well as how to use them for maximum efficiency. So if you want to learn fast and have helping videos always at hand for later, this is definitely a thing to look at.

What you’re getting with this is simply a collection of videos (20 of them) that you can install anywhere and watch at your own pace, whenever you need a certain information. It’s quite a deal, believe me.

Wordpress 5.0 And Gutenberg Combo

As an upgrade, you can also get the audio files separately for just a few bucks; these will make it possible for you to listen to the trainings just about anywhere, while jogging, driving a car, anytime. And make you a pro WordPress user in no time.

HINT: after buying the video collection, click the “No, thank you” link on the audio upgrade page. There’s a downsell that will give you 50% off the audio files, so use it. 😉

So that’s it

This is all about WordPress 5 and Gutenberg editor. While you might have seen it already, chances are you’re not using it but stick with the classic editor for now, with the help of one of the available plugins or themes.

I do recommend you take a look though, cause it’s really making lifes easier. Blocks are the future and present, and you’ll grow to like them fast. Click the button below and check the details yourself.



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