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Aug 25, 2021 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Welcome to the Webinarloop Review!

Webinarloop is the powerful brand-new webinar marketing platform.  It provides you everything you require to run high-performance webinars. This Webinarloop review intends to show some of the pros and cons of Webinarloop 2.

Webinarloop Review

You want to sell online? Excellent!

It’s a fact that online is the only way to sell today. Because Covid didn’t trigger a change, but it sure did accelerate one. It doesn’t matter how hazardous you think Covid is, businesses have already moved online because of it.

The only companies that are still finding consumers are those that have actually created a strong internet marketing system.

And what’s the very best system to offer online?

You won if you answered WEBINARS!

Webinars are the most effective method to offer online. That’s actually the only method to sell anything that costs more than $100. And this Webinarloop review was started because I firmly believe that this software is worth what it costs.

The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Webinars

Inside this Webinarloop review, we have also gathered the three main misconceptions about running your own webinars. Because Webinarloop will help you avoid these easily.

⮞ First, You Need To Go Live To Run A Webinar

No, you do not. Make it yourself or work with someone from fiverr to make your webinar discussion. Because you can always use any video, yours or not, to create an awesome webinar that will make you look like a pro.

⮞ Second, Webinars Are Expensive

Sure, webinars are costly. But only if you make the mistake of using a Webinar app that charges you hundreds of dollars each month to run your webinars.

Webinarloop is an exception to that rule. Read through this Webinarloop review to clarify that.

⮞ Finally, You Need A Huge List To Make Money With Webinars

Big error and one that has actually kept lots of marketers from unlocking the huge Webinar earnings.

A good webinar software will let you build your list on the fly. And Webinarloop sure does that.


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What’s New in Webinarloop 2?

Many new features were added since version 1, because the developers listened to their users:

  • A full-screen viewing experience makes webinars pop out.
  • Call-To-Action system. Show call to action and buy buttons that people can click on at any point in the webinar.
  • Information boxes, graphics, & studies on the brand-new Engagement Sidebar.
  • Dozens of new design templates for webinar sign-up pages.
  • Simulated live webinars, complete with simulated chat.
  • Import leads into your webinars and auto-sign them.
  • Dozens of small little functions, improvements, and repairs.

Now, this Webinarloop review can’t go into just every detail, but you’ll learn everything you need to make an informed decision by clicking the buttons on this page.

Run Automated & Live Webinar With Profit Maximizer Features

There are much better options that have made it so insanely simple for you to run a successful webinar. So why should you keep yourself locked in to old-tech?

Yes, you too can create fantastic webinars and run them hands-free. No need to get on calls day after day when you can simulate to perfection the conditions of a live Webinar.

Host Live Webinars & Share Your Screen Or Camera

Go cope with self-confidence from your Web web browser itself. After all, Webinarloop utilizes YouTube-Live technology to develop a live Webinar that runs super-smooth with no lags or drops.

Run Powerful Live-Like Replays

Present Webinar replays that look live in every way, along with simulated chat and answers. All you’ll need to do is get your attendees to the sign-up page. Webinarloop does whatever is needed including Webinar-reminders and playback from there.

Run Your Webinars On Your Own Domains & Subdomains

Get maximum brand name value by running your webinars from your domains and subdomains. Webinarloop lets you develop your webinars on a Webinarloop subdomain, hence you can quickly point any domain to it.

Keep your customers in touch with your identity with Webinarloop!

Supports Webinars-On-Demand. As a result, never ever worry about webinar timings again! When they sign up, Webinarloop’s Webinar-On-Demand feature provides your guest the full Webinar experience no matter what.

That includes live-like video, chat simulation, call-to-action timers, and everything else that you’ll see on the live webinar. If you have one attendee, you can make sales even!

Powerful Automated Scheduled Webinars

Want to run an automatic webinar on a schedule such that no one but you knows it’s not live?

That’s possible with Webinarloop. You can schedule a pre-recorded webinar and it will run just like it’s live. An overall simulation of a live webinar with chat and everything else.

Fully Customizable Sign-up pages

Produce a sign-up page that requires people to sign in. You can start with one of the high-converting design templates in Webinarloop, then customizing it the way you want with Webinarloop’s powerful integrated page builder.

Add your logo designs, your graphics, your call to action, and maximize the conversions on your sign-up list.

Call-To-Action & Live Buttons

Now you are at the crucial part of the webinar when you ask your audiences to buy. Want to show a link in your presentation?

Time to get something that works 10 times much better. Because Webinarloop offers a call to action with a live button right inside the webinar.

Your viewers can click on the button and go right to your sales page, or even buy direct from the webinar.

Info-pops In The Webinar

Drop details tidbits and important updates in the webinar in info pops.

Keep your audience engaged, your audiences alert and your webinar engaging to get optimum presence and conversions.

Run Surveys In The Webinar

Asking a question to your Webinar participants?

Program them a question box and let them type their responses. The responses appear in your sidebar and you can even have a look at them later when the webinar is finished.

This is the perfect way to engage your visitors and also gather important details from your guests.

Produce Polls That Make Voting Easier

Wish to do a mini study in your webinar?

It’s easy with the Poll widget in Webinarloop. Your audiences can vote and even see the poll results, hence giving you valuable info that you can use to sell more.

Put Graphics & Ads In Your Webinars

Put ads and graphics right inside the webinar. As a result, your audiences can see the graphics on the sidebar and take action.

Program ads, infographics, e-covers, screenshots, case studies or anything else you desire. Make your webinar so appealing that no one will want to leave the presentation prematurely.

Embeddable Sign-up Forms

Wish to put your webinar sign-up form on your own landing pages, your blog site, and even an email?

You can do that easily with Webinarloop’s 100% embeddable sign-up forms. Utilize them to get people to register from any page at all on the Internet.

Dozens of readymade Templates

Webinarloop includes dozens of fantastic templates for sign-up and thank you pages. No matter what specific niche you’re in, you’ll discover an excellent design template for your webinars.

Designed to convert, these templates will make things super easy for you!

Enhance Webinar Conversions With Chat Moderators

Engage your webinar audience, answer questions, drop links and prohibit the mischief-makers with effective Webinar features built-in, inside Webinarloop.

Before writing this Webinarloop review, I tested Webinarloop by inviting one of my friends as a moderator. It was easy, and it was fun actually to have a co-host.

Insightful analytics

Need to plainly understand how your webinars are performing? Webinarloop’s analytics will inform you when individuals drop off, what engages them and what fails to engage. Because of that, you’ll be able to create better and better webinars as you go.

You can improve your webinars and develop killer sales pitches with powerful analytics from Webinarloop.

Really Easy To Use

Webinarloop is effective, yet very easy to use. You’ll be up and running with your very first webinar with it in minutes, not days!

The included training makes everything clear and simple.

Webinarloop Integrates with popular autoresponders

Want to continue using your existing autoresponders and include your leads instantly?

Webinarloop has built-in integration for Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, Sendgrid, MailEngine, and an ever-growing list of supported autoresponders. Therefore you’ll be able to link your visitors directly to your favorite list.

Powerful Email-Reminder system gets you max attendees

Webinarloop will send out Email reminders to your guests on auto-pilot. But you can also design custom-made reminders and send them to your audience through Webinarloop itself.

Get the maximum number of visitors to show up!

Supports Google & Facebook Pixels

Integrate your Facebook and Google conversion pixels and retarget your attendees easily. And of you’re on to retargeting, you have to check AdPlify – it’s a perfect solution to use with Webinarloop. As a result, you’ll achieve much higher sing-in rates and build your list faster.

Supports Zapier

Take your information in real-time to any CRM, marketing system, or app using Zapier. Webinarloop’s powerful Zapier integration supports instantaneous data transportation.

Automatic Webinar Recording

You can instantly record a live webinar and download a copy at the end of your webinar, therefore you can establish your replays quickly and with no trouble.

Multi-User Support

Create your very own group with restricted rights. Your designer will not be able to screw up your products, and your e-mail VA will not have the ability to alter the designs. Because of different user rights, your creations are safe.

Webinarloop’ lets you produce unrestricted sub-users and choose precisely what you want each user to gain access to.

Take The Complexity Out Of Making Webinars

With Webinarloop, you can make a presentation on your PC. You can use PowerPoint, put in a background narrative, record the screen, turn it into a video. Later on, you can livecast it as a webinar without anybody knowing the difference.

No need to worry about fumbles, gaffes, errors, or goof-ups that you may make while talking with a live audience. Webinarloop has you covered. Preparations for this Webinarloop review showed us just how much is already done for the user.

You can even utilize other individuals from Fiverr and get them to do your narration or discussions, therefore simplifying your tasks considerably.

Produce any video and turn it into a Webinar! Webinarloop Video Training shows you everything step by step.

Step #1:

Create Your Webinar

Use the user-friendly webinar creation system

Step 2:

Publish Your Sign-up Page

Modify a template with Drag & drop ease.

Step #3:

Get Paid

Watch your prospects love you with their credit cards.

Webinars Are Dominating Internet Marketing Massively

Are you going to stand aside and make way for the winners or join them in profits?

Webinar marketing is every online marketing guru’s favorite marketing system right now. Pick any top marketer, and there is a certainty that they are selling on a webinar.

Webinars are hot because they work. This is personalized selling at a massive scale.

What can Webinarloop be used for?

Webinarloop gives you absolute flexibility and power to have your webinars running in just a few minutes. There is no Webinarloop review that could explain things in a faster and shorter way.

Build An Email List With Webinarloop

Webinarloop is designed to build you a gigantic list even before you run a webinar. As a result, Webinarloop makes selling through email marketing much easier.

  • Lots of ready-made webinar templates for many niches.
  • Embeddable code you can put on your blogs and sites.
  • Create custom thank-you pages or redirect anywhere.
  • Webinarloop maximizes your show up rates.
  • The more people show up the more successful webinar you have.
  • With Webinarloop, you always get the maximum show-up rate.

Remember, an email list is what you want in order to be able to run effective email campaigns for months to come.

Automated webinar reminders through email & SMS

Import and pre-fill attendees from your existing lists.

  • Export attendee list and import in any autoresponder.
  • Webinarloop creates awesome webinars for you so you don’t have to.
  • Webinarloop is the only webinar platform that lets you create both live and automated webinars.

Integrations available inside Webinarloop let you connect to Twilio and therefore utilize SMS reminders in your marketing. People will be thankful to you because of that.

Live webinars with infinite attendees

Yes, you heard that right. INFINITE! For this, upgrade (Pro) is needed, as the FE version is limited to 500 attendees.

Livecast your presentation directly from your computer or mobile device

Supports up to two presenters on call, so you and your partner can be sitting anywhere in the world and doing a webinar together. As a result, your webinars will be much more interesting to the visitors.

Webinarloop gets you the maximum conversions

You put in a lot of effort in creating and running your webinars. Webinarloop makes sure you make the money you deserve.

Live & simulated chat with full control over attendees

  • Moderators can answer questions and drop content on chat. Also they can ban or mute members.
  • Show/Hide buy buttons on the webinar page with in-built timer functionality.
  • Redirect customers anywhere you want upon completion of the webinar.

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you already have webinar software, or you were wondering if you should get one. Webinarloop covers everything in the market right away.

If you are not using Webinarloop, your webinars are making less money than they should. Period.

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Upgrades – All About The OTOs

Webinarloop 2 Pro – $97

If you plan to do your work right, this is a very much recommended upgrade. It gives you the tools you’ll need to scale your business exponentialy.

  • 100 Webinars
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Webinar sharing
  • Custom branding
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Unlimited Call to actions
  • Unlimited engagement drivers
  • Chat moderator support
  • 2 years upgrade
  • Readymade sales page

Webinarloop 2 Agency – $127

Sell Webinarloop 2 yourself and keep all the profits – only one sale can bring back your investment.

Webinarloop Template Pack – $27

Over 30 readymade templates for Webinarloop sign-up pages.

CloudFunnels Pro – $67

Build powerful landing pages and memberships with the most powerful funnel builder.

PursueApp Pro – $47

Powerful cold email marketing software.

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Webinarloop Review Bonuses

This Webinarloop review wouldn’t be much of a review without bonuses, right?

Because of that, we have a number of bonuses ready for you. Here are the exclusive bonuses you’ll get from us.

Exclusive bonuses

  1. Videlligence: A powerful software that creates marketing videos from any product page ($67).
  2. Social Inboxer: A worthy replacement for email marketing, Facebook Messenger is taking over the Marketing World ($97).
  3. Validator Bundle: If you’re using Email for marketing, you should have your lists clean and tidy, because your inboxing rates depend on this. Validator is a stand-alone app that you can use to automatically clean your lists, and even sell this as a service ($197).
  4. Social Click: Turn any image on Facebook and Twitter into a linkable/clickable area ($67).
  5. Facebook Marketing Made Easy: Learn how to use Facebook to market your own or affiliate products and earn a living with it ($27).

Please note: Webinarloop Review bonuses are limited. As a result, there may be certain replacements if you’re late.


Plus, you’ll get all the vendor’s bonuses as well


  1. Webinar Mastery: This guide will explain everything that you need to know about planning, promoting and running successful webinars.
  2. Webinarloop Press: Host live and automated webinars from directly on your website. Create a fully customizable attendee experience without any technical skills.
  3. Tube Inspector Jeet: Put your YouTube profits on fire with custom ads and optins!
  4. Rank Math SEO: Rank Math SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin, to help every website owner get access to the SEO tools they need to improve their SEO and attract more traffic to their website.
  5. Authority Marketing: If you want to increase your sales and expand your outreach, you need to position yourself as an authority in your market.
  6. WP SEO Link Maker: Powerful plugin increases your organic traffic by creating automatic internal links based on the keywords you select.
  7. Keywords Goldmine Jeet: This powerful application tells you which keywords are open for ranking on Google so that you can grab them and build your list without paying for ads.
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