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Viper Cache
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Why would anyone need Viper Cache for WordPress at all?

WordPress is presently running over 30% of the World Wide Web sites. This by itself tells us it’s a fairly common system, capable of doing just about anything online. Which brings us to it’s main problem: in order to be universal and simple for the user, it has to be some sort of complicated beneath. And this is what causes WordPress sites to become slower very quickly when we fill them up with new posts, pages, images… You can either leave your site simple and low on content (which does not make much sense, really), or you have to do something about it. And this is where cache plugins come in, making sure your website uses proper wordpress cache technology and speed up the rendering on visitor’s side, and Viper Cache¬†Wordpress plugin is one of them.

There’s a lot of cache plugins out there in the wild. Some are free, some are premium, some are cheap and some can get pretty expensive for a small site. So what’s different about Viper Cache? Well, a few things come to mind.

Viper Cache for WordPress is fast

Viper Cache for WordPressDoing the comparisons with some of the most prominent cache plugins out there, it turns out that Viper Cache beats most of them easily. So yes, it’s fast.

It’s cheap.

Well, cheaper then most premium plugins for sure. While you can easily end up paying 30-50$ monthly for a good cache plugin, Viper Cache is charged yearly and – in the launch period – for $47. So here we have savings of over $300 per year already. Fair enough.

It’s simple.

Viper Cache for WordPress worksOne of the main problems most cache plugins have is their complexity; while they can work great, there’s a relatively small chance you’ll ever get all the settings right and optimal. With many pages of settings, come on, you have to have a degree to make it through and get good results.

Viper Cache was build in a different way: it actually has some settings, but mostly it will work optimaly immediately out of the box. Again,  a powerful point, as not all of us are deep enough in WordPress, hosting and other things to make it work good otherwise.

It’s always good to know you will not brake your website by a tiny setting that looked good, but you actually have no idea what it does. Most settings with cache plugins are like that.

Among other things, it effectively blocks 1000+ bad bots that can harm your site in one way or another. Another pro.


To sum it up, here are some unique features of Viper Cache:

  • Simple to use theme and plugins
    It does not care about squeezing another 1% of performance through difficult settings. It’s simply built to deliver the best possible speed on your site.
  • Smart Cache Clean-up
    Viper Cache monitors all changes on your site, including themes and plugins, and deletes/refreshes ONLY the corresponding cache data instead of rebuilding the complete cache pool of the website. This dramatically lowers the server load and speeds up the generation.
  • Traffic Protection technology
    It automatically blocks 1000+ bots that are known to be malicious, either eating up your site’s resources of making real damage.

The verdict

Well yes, we’ve got it. And it works just like they said it would.

We always used WP Super Cache free plugin before; besides being a bit heavy on the settings (yes, we ended up using the defaults after we messed up), it’s comparably more then 10% faster now. It may not seem much, but hey, I believe we have much better chances to keep the visitors longer. Plus, we definitely used about 40 seconds to set it up. It’s a clear choice, click the button below and go get it.

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Our bonus for Viper Cache for WordPress

We will add a substantial bonus (worth $1500+) to your purchase. It should be available immediately after pruchase within your JVZoo dashboard (look for a file named MaxProfitReviews Bonus or something similar). If you can’t find it, please mail to our contact email asap and we will send you your links immediately.

The bonus consists of 10 PLR products that are all high quality and oriented into the IM niche. PLR stands for Private Label Right, which means you can rebrand them and sell as your own and keep all the profits from the sales. And use them yourself, of course. Don’t miss it.


If you can’t see the button image, please refresh the page or click HERE.

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