Video Marketing: is Explaindio worth buying?

Sep 29, 2022 | Reviews

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

What is Explaindio?

Explaindio is a full-fledged video creator software that first launched around 2016. Since then, it’s been used by thousands to create engaging short – and long – videos for marketing purposes. So, let’s try to answer the basic question – is Explaindio worth buying?

What can you do with Explaindio

Explaindio is a proven app With WARP Tech, which makes TikTok, Youtube & Instagram short and every other kind of videos & ads. These videos make businesses crave your video services even if you have never sold or rented a video before.

It is an EXCITING Explaindio Agency launch. First time Agency on front, first time bundle with webinar with everything, and … they are doing something new during this launch. You can easily discover what by reading on.

Included in Explaindio Agency Edition

With Explaindio, you can create almost any kind of video for your promotions:

– Tiktok videos
– Youtube Shorts
– Instagram Shorts
– Agency offerent on FE
– Explaindio bundle

With the possibilities Explaindio Agency offers in its latest edition, it’s fairly easy to create winning videos for any business need. What’s best about Explaindio is that it’s not limited by the number of videos you create. This means that you can easily use Explaindio to fulfill other marketers’ needs by creating videos for their purposes. And charge hefty fees for doing it, along the way.


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The main points for using Explaindio

Here are three main points – questions – that Explaindio makes so easy to understand and do.

* How to effortlessly make any kind of video be it a TikTok, a Youtube & an Instagram Shorts, or regular videos just by swiping & snapping.

* Insider secrets how to quickly find business to sell or rent videos to

* Underground way to make businesses crave your videos like thristly people long for water in the desert.


You can easily live with the front end version alone, as I have for the past few years (I’ve bought Explaindio 3 when it launched back in 2019). But to have a real money-making machine at hand and to make absolutely the best out of your agency work, I actually recommend taking a look at the upgrades. The will add much needed extended functionality to your toolbox.

Upsell #0: Fast Pass Upsell Bundle ($197)

Funny name, I know – but it’s for a reason. This upgrade will come in sight only once, immeiately after you purchase the FE. And never again.

This is a relatively new approach, but a good deal if you plan to purchase any of the OTOs. It will let you buy the complete Explaindio bundle with a huge discount. Compared to buying only one or two of the upgrades, this saves a lot of money and fills the toolbox to the top. Bear in mind that you must have purchased FE for that upsell to work at all.

Compared to the price of the whole bunch ($812), this means an instant $615 saving on the full toolbox.


Explaindio Fast Pass Bundle

Upsell #1: Explaindio Club ($17/m ; $119/y ; $281.7 one-time after coupon)

This is a private Invitation To $110,000 Club & Over 5 Years Of Custom Design Work! Club gives instant access to years of original assets creation by our artists & animators. It includes VIP access to the Profit Club library of over 20,000 doodle images, 4,000 background videos, AND 5000 animated scenes. A gold for anyone that wants to earn creating videos.

Explaindio Take action

Upsell #2: Explaindio Pro Creator Pack ($67)

Improve, Enhance & Elevate your videos with:

  • 165 3D Intro’s, Outro’s and Deluxe Sting Animations
  • 700 Premium Transitions Which Help To Grab YViewers Attention!

100% Ready to use right out of the box.

Upsell #3: 3D Object Converter ($47/y ; $197 one-time)

Now, this one is HUGE. With the 3D Object Converter, you’ll get access to 200,000+ Free 3D Models & Animations And Millions Of Paid Ones to use in your videos.

Hundreds of thousands of free 3D models and animation available from websites like,, and others cannot be used inside of Adobe Air software without converting them to that ZF3D format. 3D Object Converter does that conversion for you. Period.


Explaindio 3D Objects

Upsell #4a & 4b: 500 characters ($47), 1700 characters ($77)

Reinforce ANY video by touching the deepest human emotions with the relatable characters to skyrocket engagement and results.

Get 500 doodle sketch characters images with meaningful emotional expressions. Maximize impact of your doodle videos. Make audience feel emotions in order to deeply connect with your message, no matter your niche. With this, you get to induce emotions to push viewer to take the action you desire.


Explaindio Emotional Characters

Upsell 5: Animated Business Stickers ($27)

Bring your videos to the next level with 700 Animated Business Stickers. You will get full featured, visually striking animated business stickers you can place on top of the videos. It is a fantastic way to make videos more interesting, which turns an average video into a more attractive and cool one. Which is much more likely to be shared and become viral.



Final thoughts

I’m clearly biased; I’ve been using Explaindio since V3 (bought it back in 2019) and I’m using it a lot. Not for all cases, I can admin, because some things I do are simply easier to do with tools like VideoBuilder, especially combined with a library like Lifetime Stock Video where you can get tons of HD videos for any project. But for more targeted and longer videos, carying some more details and content, Explaindio is a great tool. While its UI will take some time to get used too, once you’re familiar with it, it’s highly productive.

To make it shorter, yes, of course I recommend it. I recommend it to anyone that needs video clips to engage customers or to showcase their products. Even content as boring as “how to” is easy and fast to produce with Explaindio. And the included tools like animated business stickers (OTO 5) makes it even easier to create an engaging video anytime, for any niche.

Go check the full demo and see what I mean.


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