Videlligence – Create Top Converting Video Ads From Any Product Page

Dec 30, 2019 | Reviews

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Traffic is the fuel that drives internet profits, there’s no doubt about that. Once you are able to control it, you can make money in just about any niche. And since over 75% of online traffic comes from video ads, you have to be able to create engaging video ads fast. It can be very hard for people not being pros, but not any more. With Videlligence, you can create top converting video ads from any product page online.


Anyone with an internet connection can create traffic-driving video ads for any offer in ANY niche … and with ZERO technical skills needed. Start from scratch or just enter a website URL into the software and let the artificial intelligence take over. Either way, you get a stunning, professional quality video perfect for driving traffic to your offers, literally in minutes. Then you can use it to promote affiliate or CPA offers, build your list, tap into the huge profit potential of eCom. Get all the traffic you can handle with done-for-you videos perfect for any offer.

Seems impossible right?

What is Videlligence

2 video marketing specialists have developed the world’s first artificial intelligence software application that makes video development straightforward. Paste any url into the software program or go from scratch, customize your video to make it a perfect fit for your offer with the built-in editor. These stunning computer animated video clips are excellent for social media sites, YouTube, as well as online shops. They’re also ideal as inexpensive paid ads that drive web traffic and also transform sales. The solution is called Videlligence 2.0.

VidElligence is the most convenient as well as fastest means for anyone to in fact BENEFIT FROM the power of video clip advertising. Yes, there are a lot of video clip production software programs on the market, designed to make short videos. VidElligence is made primarily to earn money. VidElligence is different: it leverages fully-automated video clip ads to make best use of website traffic, conversions and of course revenues.

This cloud-based application makes use of artificial intelligence to combine the raw conversion power of BOTH video clip website traffic AND social networks marketing in such a way that’s NEVER EVER been done before. Users can fully automate the production of leading transforming video clip ads for ANY eCom item in actually one single click. By just going into an eCom store item URL, OR by utilizing templates consisting of layouts that are 100% adjustable.

Currently any person, even with no video clip creation experience, can take full advantage of ROI making use of the very best converting as well as most affordable on-line advertising.

Author: Mario Brown

To many online marketers, Mario Brown is a familiar name since he has created many trending products targeting multiple niches in the last years. GDPR Pro, Viddictive 2.0, DealCount, Visualai, Storie, Vidoyo, Commission Evolution, just to name a few.

During his marketing career, Mario Brown has gained a reputation for achieving many outstanding achievements.

Features of Videlligence

Here are some of the oustanding features of this software.

  • Artificial intelligence lets you create videos from scratch or by using a website url … the fastest & easiest video creator ever released
  • Massive range of stunning templates – developed by video marketing experts – designed to maximize conversions in any niche. Version 2 has more than 100 new templates over the Videlligence 1.0
  • Customize anything, including images, texts and appearance, with the built-in point and click editor
  • Get professional quality videos optimized for FB, Instagram, YouTube & mobile
  • Commercial license included so you can sell videos as a service and earn anywhere from $400 to $2500 for EVERY video you make
  • World’s ONLY Artificial Intelligence Software For 1-Click Video Ad Creation
  • Turn ANY Product Page Into A Top-Converting Video Just By Pasting A Url
  • Save Thousands – No More Paying For Video Creators Or Copywriters
  • Maximize Your Traffic From Video, Social Media And Search Engines
  • Create Stunning Product Videos From Scratch With Hand-Crafted, Fully Customisable Templates
  • Increase Sales Conversions Up To 45% Overnight
  • Cash In On Mobile Traffic With Videos That Render Perfectly On Any Device
  • 100% Cloud-Based – Nothing To Install Or Download
  • Full Training Included – How To Maximize Your Results From Both The Software & Social Advertising
  • Sync Your Entire Product Lineup Into Videos Automatically – And Access Them ALL Inside The Dash
  • Maximize Your ROI With Top Converting Video Ads You Can Run For The Lowest Possible Cost
  • Customize EVERY Part Of Your Videos To Suit Your Brand And Style
  • Choose From Over 50 Premium, Professionally-Designed Templates
  • Pick from the top premium quality advertising music
  • Maximize Conversions From Targeted FB And Instagram Traffic



Why would you want Videlligence?

Let’s see some of the reasons you might be interested.

  • Top-converting video

Users can spy on competitor eCom stores to find top-selling products they want to promote themselves… then SIMPLY by pasting the product URL into the dash, they can get a top-converting video ad created in seconds to maximize profits.

  • Artificial intelligence and templates

People can quickly create top-converting video ads for any and ALL of their own eCom products using the automated artificial intelligence video ad creator, OR by using over 100 templates they can completely customize.

  • Instant video ad creation

Unlimited customization with over 100 included templates, 1000 background audio tracks and more… OR just paste in ANY product URL for instant video ad creation.

  • Save money and increase conversions

You will SAVE money and INCREASE conversions by leveraging the power of low-cost, top converting video ads PERFECT for FB and InstaGram.

  • Great opportunities for use

Users can leverage the power of social media, video and mobile traffic with this app that combines the benefits of all 3 – with absolutely ZERO video creation or design skills needed.

  • Brand New high converting video templates

100 Brand New tested video ads

All in all, you will get Videlligence, The artificial intelligence software, with over 150 customizable templates, 1000 audio backgrounds, complete video tutorials, and commercial rights to sell as many videos as you want. This brand new artificial intelligence tech completely automates video creation. Obviously you can customize anything including texts, images and colors, or even start from scratch if you prefer to do so. It’s point & click simple and detailed video tutorials will show you exactly how to do it.

Videlligence Demo

Here’s Mario’s own demo video for Videlligence.


Who is Videlligence best suited for

Actually, no matter what you do online, you’ll easily find benefits to using videos for marketing. You will maximize views, clicks & conversions to your promotions on your review site, blog or VouTube channel. You will skyrocket your ROI from paid ads while ALSO increasing 100% free traffic from social networks and search. Creating top converting video ads will make you a success.

So, yes, Videlligence is sort of a must for a busy marketer. Of course you can produce videos the standard way, but it’s hard – you have to have the right software and hardware, you have to know how to do it, and you have to take time. Most of us do not have these comodities, so Videlligence is a life saver.

Go take a look at more details and you will become a believer.



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