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Vanquish Review And Demo
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Vanquish – DFY 4-figure-per-day business

There is this new product in the software world called Vanquish. This software is being introduced by Jonos Armstrong, Zeeshan Ahmed and a legendary marketer Mike Filsaime, who is well known for his software platforms, such as WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, DealGuardian, Butterfly Marketing, Evergreen Business System, PayDotCom and GrooveFunnels. This all lets you know this is going to be a SUPER high quality product with his name on it, and this short Vanquish review should prove it.

So let’s get right into Vanquish review and see what Vanquish actually is. I trust you’ll find this Vanquish review helpful and our bonuses worthy.

Let’s start with the Vanquish demo video, you can watch it below.

So, what is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a package containing a full training plus a web-based tool that gives you the ability to search and find relevant YouTube videos that are monetizable. This means you can place your own ads on these videos and generate very high quality traffic to any source for just pennies per click.

Learn this one thing and you’ll NEVER have to worry about traffic again whether you’re promoting an affiliate offer or your own products and services.

You don’t have to worry about any hosting or setup fee. Everything is Done For You which is why there is absolutely minimum effort to set everything up!

What do you need for Vanquish to work for you

There are a couple of things you should know about Vanquish first, and you’ll learn about them in this Vanquish review.

It’s about paid traffic

This is a training that will show you exactly how to use cheap first-class paid traffic from YouTube. Which is, if you didn’t know, the second largest search engine on the planet, second only to Google.

Hold on and read, don’t let that “paid traffic” turn you away.

While the so-called free traffic is very cool (well, it’s free…), it also has one big flaw: it’s cold and not targeted at all. This means that people visiting your money page (either optin or sales page) will most likely be expecting something else, whatever you let them see on the bait. Bait, in case of cold traffic, meaning your social posts, for instance. When you post a beautiful picture on your Facebook profile, people tend to click it. And if the picture is about pineapples, when they land on a page selling shoes, it will look strange, right?

The main point here is that these visitors are much much less likely to click your buy buttons. They sometimes feel they were redirected here by mistake, and that’s not good. Of course you will get visitors interested in your offer, but not nearly as many as with a targeted audience.

An exception, of course, is SEO traffic. This traffic comes from search engines which indexed your salespages and will show them in the search results for certain keywords. This is the most targeted audience and the best traffic you can get, but don’t expect to get it anytime soon. It usually can take over a month for your page to be visible, and by then, certain things might have changed already (like an affiliate offer disappearing). And all that only if you’ve done your salespage SEO right, remember?

Paid traffic, on the other hand, means advertising on Google, Facebook or Microsoft Advertising (former Bing) platforms and the likes. Here, you publish an ad and define the audience you want to lure in. This way, only people somehow connected to your offer will click the links, and they will convert at a much much higher rate than with the free traffic.

For DFY you’ll need a hosting system

With Vanquish, Jono is giving you 3 great high-ticket offers to promote; these are to bring you high commissions of $600 and more, and even include monthly payments.

What he’s giving you are his own proven landing pages plus a full training on how to use them. What he’s not giving you is covered by Mike Filsaime, because he entered the game by giving you his GroovePages system (you can get it here FOR FREE). Jono will teach you exactly how to import his landing pages into GroovePages, and how to edit them to include your own links.

So, this is not a problem, because it’s all included.

It’s not a fad get-rich-fast scheme

What Jono shows you is not in any way ment to be your exit from the “I need money tomorrow” situation. It just does not work this way.

Rather, the biggest value I see in this training is the fact that you can learn how to use popular YouTube videos for your own promotions. These can get you really cheap clicks, and they are rather targeted, so you can expect high conversion rates. And of course big commissions.

With all these knowledge it’s rather easy to find other offers and promote them like this. You are almost guaranteed to make money this way, unless you make some really really stupid mistakes.

What is included in Vanquish

As already mentioned in this Vanquish review, you’ll get a full training on YouTube advertising and 3 DFY campaigns.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is the software you also get, and this might as well be the heart of the system.

The Vanquish software lets you search for YouTube videos that are returned by keywords you choose. Hold on, I’ll explain.

When you’re promoting an Internet Marketing product (like Vanquish, for instance), you’ll search for keywords like “affiliate marketing”. The software will give you a list of videos on YouTube that are returned by this keyword. You choose the videos you think are the best fit, based on the number of views, and include them in a list. This list becomes your targeting when using Google Ads. Got it? Let me say it again.

Your ads will be served to the people looking for certain keywords.

This is what makes ads effective and your campaigns returning a 500% ROI.

Oh, he will also show you how to get a $90 advertising voucher, so you can literally start without any advertising budget whatsoever.

You’ll need to create ads

Sure, without ads there’s no advertising. But no  worries.

Jono is helping you by giving you his own proven ads for the offers included. So, literally, you can have your first campaign set in minutes. Not only will this save you time, but you’ll also be able to leverage Jono’s authority, because he’s already a very well known person in internet marketing place.

These are full-featured video ads and will fit perfectly into your YouTube ad campaigns.

Vanquish Review And Demo

Vanquish Review: Pricing and Upgrades

What I like about Vanquish is that it’s an all-in-one marketing system that can be used for not only finding high quality traffic for cheap, but some of these OTO’s give you the option to quickly start profiting on high-ticket items almost immediately.

Vanquish FE ($12.97)

Vanquish includes a unique software for driving penny click traffic from YouTube and a proven-to-convert high-ticket offer for monetization and DFY funnel pages built with Mike Filsaime’s breakthrough GroovePages software. In addition, you get a $90 advertising voucher so you have NO out-of-pocket costs to get up and running.

OTO1: Vanquish Pro ($67)

Vanquish Pro includes another standalone fully-automated traffic software, plus winning methods for driving free traffic from both Instagram & Twitter. Pro also unlocks UNLIMITED video searches with the software making Vanquish a truly unlimited YouTube traffic solution. And a must-have for people looking for it.

OTO2: Vanquish DFY Campaigns ($97)

This upgrade pack includes 10 additional proven commission-generating campaigns from Jono’s personal collection. These evergreen offers have personally made Jono over $75,000 and are plug and play simple for customers to exploit with Vanquish traffic. Each campaign includes email swipes, bonus pages, bonuses and a review video.

OTO3: 3X DFY High Ticket Funnels PLUS Limitless Traffic ($197)

This upgrade is a legit shortcut to results for true action takers. You get to build custom audiences using JONO’S TRAFFIC by having your retargeting pixel on their sales pages for a full year. You also get pre-approved access to promote 3 high-ticket offers that pay between $497 and $997 PER SALE … and all the selling is done for you via automated webinars.

OTO4: 4 Apps Resellers License Bundle ($197)

Get resale rights to Vanquish, Javascript Commission Bot, Insurgency and Geminii. You get to sell these as their own products and take away 100% commissions through the WHOLE funnel. With this upgrade you virtually become instant product vendors with a full library of premium software to sell as your own.

Vanquish Review: Final verdict

Personally, I’m a huge fan of DFY offers. No matter how good you are, you will never build an offer you can get through such offers for $12. Unless you value your time at 0 (zero….), which I hope you aren’t. With DFY offers you can get up and running in hours, sometimes even monutes, while preparing such a system can take months. So no arguments here.

You may be an advertising wizard already. If this is the case, I have no idea what you’re doing here, go swim somewhere. And if you’re not, Vanquish training and software is a great opportunity for you to learn the basics and make your first real money online. Then, you’ll be able to take some more trainings and of course take your ad campaigns to a new level, making you even more. Just think of a 500% ROI: it simply means that you pay $10 to Google for advertising, and you pick $50 in commissions. How many times will you do it? Yeah I thought so. 😁

It’s on sale for $12 right now. Don’t think twice, go get it.

Just a piece of advice. I recommend you pick at least OTO3 with your purchase.

HINT: there’s a downsell page that will give you full $100 discount, but I have no idea how long this will be there.

Why? Not only because of additional 3 high-ticker offers you’ll be approved for while normaly you wouldn’t, the keyword here is UNLIMITED TRAFFIC. For less than $100, you can get your retargeting pixel installed on Jono’s pages for a FULL YEAR, building a huge retargeting list for your advertising. I cannot stress the importance of this enough, as this actually has the power to bring you the money you dream of.



Oh, I almost forgot to list the bonuses you’ll get, besides the awesome bonuses that Jono Armstrong has prepared for you.

  1. Reseller Black Box ($997): another DFY business for you
  2. Soci Quote ($197): pick from 10,000 quotes and amaze your social visitors
  3. Soci Offer ($147): use Facebook Tabs to promote your offers
  4. Social Click ($147): create clickable images to post on social networks
  5. Soci Live ($147): use Facebook and Google live video to promote your offers
  6. Social Inboxer ($197): use Facebook Messenger to promote and sell

You’ll get all these inside your Warrior+ dashboard right after the purchase. And yes, like already mentioned in this Vanquish review, for just $12.



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