Tough Times – Time to start an online business

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These days, the world is coming to a still. Seems that just about everywhere it’s the same – people staying at home, worried about their jobs, social contacts at minimum… Actually, we all are going a little bit crazy. Maybe it’s time to start an online business.

We’re just not acustomed to being caged.

Do you miss that morning coffe with your friends in your favourite coffee shop? Of course you do, me too. We used to sit every day, sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes longer, enjoy each other’s company, drinking coffee and planning (and complaining about) the day ahead of us. It’s such a minor thing, so – I don’t know. But we’ve been doing it for years (20+), and we all really miss it.

Families have became used to the timeline in which we all have something to do,  go to school, work, shop, gym, whatever. Now, we’re sitting tight in our appartments, forced to be together much more than we’re used to. It shows already; just in our small town, last week there have been over 80 divorces filed. Which is not far from the yearly average.  It happens simply because many relations became empty, which you can sustain if you’re always busy – but not if you’re having time to face it.

People are going crazy

These conditions bring us all back to ones self; you either can function or you can’t. You have to discuss, plan, act accordingly, and before all support each other. And being nervous about the possible disease does not help a bit.

Have you noticed how people changed their behaviour in the last few weeks? We’re all using opportinities to go outside a little (I hope you get that chance also), maybe for a walk or anything, just to get out of the box. And the people we meet simply act different, ourselves included – they say hello much more often than before, but at the same time we all somehow take care not to get too close to each other. Some distance have become obvious, and by the time this is over I think we will become acustomed to it.

Me, I’m a very social person; the first days of this s**t I had so many problems with myself… Luckily, we own a small house, so there’s always something to do. But the regular schedule just fell apart. You know, time for a coffee – no, wait, everything is closed. Oh, I need that tool to fix this – nah, they’re closed also. And so on. So many confusing moments in a day…

What have we lost?

Our business was heavily organised around field maintenance of printers for the past 10+ years, so you can imagine what happened. Practically, we fell from driving around all days and fixing things to sitting and staring at the computer screen most of the work hours. Of course, money flow has followed this. Or stopped, if you want. Now, I’m not saying this is all we do, because we’re programmers and we do a lot of time on computers, but still. We’ve lost a great deal of our income for the time being. It was indeed a good idea to start an online business all those years ago.

Social contacts we’ve lost for sure. I have a son and a daughter living 20km away, and we haven’t met since it began. With it, I haven’t held my grand daughter (5 months old) for over two weeks now, and I won’t for some more. It’s tough, but we speak every day and we even tested video calls which is actually new for me as I’ve never used this tech before. Who would have thought, it works. 🙂

What have we gained?

But, we gained time.

So far, it’s been more or less trying to reorganise and use all tha extra time usefuly. but we’re getting into it. Heck, we’ve even baked bread a few days ago, something I haven’t done in decades. It was fun, actually, and we had lots of laughs when we saw the outcome.

Time to start an online business

We took many coffees on the balcony these days, and we’ve seen so many things have to be taken care of around the house. So we started, first there was a bit of cleaning, then the roses neede some care, the grass in the front yard needs attention, and so on. When you do all these and feel a bit tired in the evening, you feel good; you achieved something, and you did it for yourself. Try it, it does wonders for the mind.

So, what can we do with all this time?

I’m sure that like me, you have a number of plans you never attended to, simply because there was always something that had to be done first. I really hope this status will not last too long, but in the meantime we all have to keep our sanity and make ourselves happy in some way. Here are a few ideas you can try and maybe find inspiration in.



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