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Mar 22, 2022 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

The power of social proof

We all know the power of social proof, right? When we visit a page, one of the things that make us reach for the wallet are comments on the page. This is how our brains work. If the neighbour bought something and he’s happy with it, it’s worth more than before.

The so-called social proof is just one of the things that affect our buying habbits. The others are FOMO (fear of missing out), sometimes exagerated with the urgency messages, and overall website credibility. Who would you trust more – a one-man webshop or Amazon? Yes, I thought so. It’s a simple game of trust. And if you want your website to gain that mementum, you’d better do something about it.

How to build credibility of your website

One of the first things you can do is let people comment on your posts, articles and webshop goods. The more comments you get, the more credibiltiy your website will have. It shows people that other people are visiting and interacting with the page. There will be great comments, as well as those not-so-great comments. It’s ok – as long as you react to them and try to repair whatever lead them to leave a bad comment. Again, it shows your commitment to running a website business. People like that. We all like that.

By doing this, your website will start to attract more people, becase the info will spread. People will use social media to tell their friends, they will do it also, and there you go. Your website will attract more and more people and you can be sure that Google will notice that. When it does, your website will get a better position in the search results, which will in return trigger even more visitors to come and check it. If you’re really serious and do things right, you could build a nice little business fast.

Using urgency

The FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out effect is well known in marketing, and we can see it at work everywhere around us. When you enter the nearby store, the first thing you’ll notice is a sign saying “TODAY ONLY – 20% OFF”. It talks directly to you, and what it says is if you don’t buy today, you’ll pay more tomorrow. There’s no time to think if you want to save. Buy now.

In the online business, no matter what you are selling, things are pretty much the same. There are banners, popups and questionaires everywhere saying the same thing. If you don’t buy this, you’re throwing your money away when you decide to buy it tomorrow. The message is strong, because we all like to spend less.

It does not matter if you already know the drill. These messages will be here tomorrow also, buy maybe for another product. It still works, and we’re all prone to buy immediately or at least give it a thought. Maybe even tell a friend about the discount. Again, the goal that the store set is being reached.



How to tell people that others also buy here

There are many ways you can do that. You can post your results on a regular basis, like saying “yesterday, 12 people bought this” in a banner. Or something similar.

But doing it manually will take your time, and lots of it. Is there a way to do it automatically? Of course. Let me tell you about Provely.

What is Provely

Provely is a piece of cloud based software that promises to instantly skyrocket sales and signups on your website. It does that by adding real-time social proof, scarcity, urgency, and credibility to your website.

The base of its magic are notifications that show on your website. These tell people that someone just signed up or bought something. Like I’ve said before, this is a clear message that people do what you just intended to do, and it amplifies your own impulse to do the same. Because it’s not bad if people buy it, right?

The most important thing about all these messages is that they are based on actual conversions.

How does Provely work

With Provely, you can choose between 13 different messages – widgets, banners, and so on. In fact, what you have to do is design it and make it similar to your overall design. Provely will then give you a small snippet of code that you have to put inside your website (a script) that will do the counting and displaying job. That’s more or less it.

By using Provely, you will increase engagement and conversions with psychological triggers described above. It works, you can be sure of that.


Displaying your results

When you display recently acquired leads and sales to your website visitors, you will help build trust, credibility, and urgency, and achieve things like

  • Increase free trial sign-ups
  • Generate more opt-ins & leads
  • Boost webinar registrants
  • Skyrocket sales and revenue

Using Low Stock messages you will help turn fence sitters into customers by displaying your inventory remaining in real-time.

  • Create instant scarcity
  • Syncs in real-time with your cart’s inventory
  • Skyrocket conversions and revenue

These urgency messages will increase your average cart value, which is what you want for sure.

Types of Provely messages

Provely uses 13 types of messages to achieve your goals. These are:

  • Live Conversions
  • Low Stock
  • Urgency
  • Timer
  • Reviews / Ratings
  • Live visitors on page
  • In-line text
  • Announcements
  • Callback
  • Social
  • Coupon
  • Video
  • Optin

Each of these is created to fullfil one goal, but what they all have in common is they are very effective by reaching your rimary goal – increase conversions and credibility of your website.

Provely pricing

It is clear that tools that can do so much cost something. The costs are usually recurring and start at $37/month. What Provely offers during the limited time is a one-time payment, which by itself is good for users. This simply means that you will only have to pay once, even if it’s a bit higher, and use the software forever. Whatever that means in today’s digital era.

Provely is available for $47 right now, licensed to be used on one domain you own. It’s a very good deal and you will only need a very little time to put it to work.

Should you need to use more domains, there is an unlimited license that will cost you $147 right now.

Opportunity for a business…?

Yes, Provely Unlimited poses absolutely no limits on wat you do. You can easily use it for your client’s websites and charge them whatever you want for the service. Bringing them social proof will be worth a lot to them.

If you are running an agency, it’s a great add-on for a relatively small investment. Personally, I was thinking about the single license first, because I’m also running a webshop and I need it there. But on the other hand, we’re also offering web design services, and it can really be used practicaly everywhere. I will most probably upgrade to the unlimited version asap and try to include this in our service portfolio.



Provely yes or no?

If you’ve only landed here by accident and you have no website of your own, it’s not for you, obviously.

On the other hand, whatever you do online – running a blog, a webshop, a review site – you can bet your pants that you need Provely. Assuming you have a running business online, using Provely and doing nothing else can easily double your income.

Be warned, effects don’t come over night. Building a website credibility and social proof is not an easy task, and results will only start to show after some time. This time totally depends on your website, but you can estimate a few days and up to few weeks – at least – before it really shows. From then on, results will start to build up faster. Like I said, by only adding Provely’s messages to your website, you can increase your conversions easily.

My answer to the yes-or-no question is, obviously, a big yes. I’m sure you’ll have hard times finding a simple software so powerful. Take a look at the demo on their website and you’ll understand what I mean.


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