ProfitSuite Review – All-In-One Online Marketing Package – Affiliate Package

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ProfitSuite Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
ProfitSuite Review

ProfitSuite Review – You still paying for that?!

You won’t believe what I found online for you. As most online marketers (yes, myself included) you’re probably paying monthly (or yearly) ridiculously high fees for multiple services that many times are sub-par, slow and that keep crashing.

I’m talking about services like:

  • cloud hosting (HostGator)
  • storage (DropBox)
  • webinars (Zoom)
  • autoresponder (Aweber)
  • graphics design (Photoshop)
  • funnel builder (ClickFunnels)


These six products and services represent the biggest expenses for online marketers, and expensive fees are the #1 reason why many give up quickly or never even start.

This here puts an end to it. It’s a software suite that gives you everything you need for a one-time low fee. Yes, one extra small payment locks in lifetime hosting, storage, email autoresponder, webinar solution, funnel builder and graphics design app… You’re finally able to cancel those pesky monthly subscriptions that keep adding up – and yet get better service than before!

To learn more about this product, please keep reading this ProfitSuite Review.

ProfitSuite Review – Overview

Vendor:Mike Mckay et al
Launch Date:2020-Dec-14
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:$17
Recommendation:Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ProfitSuite Review – What is ProfitSuite?

Basically, ProfitSuite is a suite of apps that gives you unlimited hosting, cloud storage, autoresponder, graphics design, funnel builder and even livestream webinars for a record low, one-time fee!

ProfitSuite Features

These are some of the most outstanding features of 6 ultimate apps included in ProfitSuite.

Profitsuite host: unlimited cloud hosting

Lifetime cloud hosting lets you access your sites from anywhere in the world, right at your fingertips!

  • Get faster loading sites than ever before with 100% uptime due to revolutionary compression algorithm!
  • Get unlimited free ssl certificates & encryption: your data is 100% secure!
  • Unlimited personalized email accounts & bandwidth!
  • Next-generation control panel 100% newbie friendly: designed by internet marketers for internet marketers!
  • Free 1-click installer for wordpress (and 100s of other apps!)
  • State of the art malware & spam protection keeps you and your websites safe!

Profitsuite storage: unrestricted cloud storage

Access your data from anywhere in the world, right at your fingertips!

  • Share your files with friends & family, customers or business partners with just 1-click!
  • Your data is 100% secure with us and so well encrypted even we cannot read it!
  • You can backup all your files so you’ll never have the fear of losing them ever again!
  • Drag & drop file manager including preview for your images, documents or videos!
  • Revolutionary compression algorithm makes upload & download super fast and storage a breeze!

Profitsuite webinars: run unlimited video meetings & webinars

Run live or pre-recorded webinars with unlimited attendees!

  • Schedule meetings, enjoy in-stream chat and share camera/screen/audio!
    Done-for-you products & webinars built-in!
  • Video meetings and live conferences with friends, family, clients, team members!

Profitsuite contact: unlimited autoresponder lets you upload subscribers and mail

Full cloud-based email marketing platform – 100% newbie friendly & reliable!

  • Unlimited lists, subscribers and emails – no restrictions!
  • Import instantly with no double opt-in or verification or use opt-in form to build your list!
  • Schedule mails when you need or send instant broadcasts (free emails for life with smtp integration!)
  • Easy email editor lets you send interactive emails from built-in templates!

Profitsuite funnels: create stunning sales funnels & pages with drag & drop editor

Ultimate funnel & page builder with drag & drop editor!

  • Tons of templates built-in with readymade software apps you can sell as your own!
  • Social media syndication module for unlimited traffic!
  • Built-in affiliate products you can promote complete with reviews and bonuses!
  • Upgrade pages & oto pages added in for value maximization!

Profitsuite design: cloud editor lets you build stunning graphics from templates

Full web platform creates 1-click stunning images & graphics!

  • Dozens of built-in templates created by our in-house artists!
  • Create, edit, embed, share & download right within the app!
  • Get seo-optimized images & ads with 1-click!


  • GET 24/7 Support From Marketing Gurus And Your Very Own Tech Team On Call!
  • Pay Once, Unlimited Useage On All 6 Apps & Services!
  • Free SSL Encryption And Malware Protection Across All Apps & Services!
  • Privacy Built-In – We Never Access Your Data In Order To Target You With Ads!


ProfitSuite Review – How do you use ProfitSuite?

Step 1: access ProfitSuite dashboard!

Accessible from anywhere in the world: mac, pc, mobile.

Step 2: select one of the 6 built-in apps and services

Unlimited use hosting, cloud storage, webinars, autoresponder, funnel builder and graphics design.

Step 3: enjoy better features and superior service than ever before with zero monthly fees!

100% uptime for your sites and files, no restrictions to webinars and emails, newbie friendly graphics design and funnel creation.

There is really not much more to using ProfitSuite.

ProfitSuite Review – ProfitSuite Demo

This is the official demo video of ProfitSuite.

ProfitSuite Review – My Experience

I sincerely think ProfitSuite is a great solution for making money online today. Within a few seconds you’re able to create your own product or service from scratch, or pick from a set of tools they have ready for you to sell.

And the best part – in the member’s area they guide you through how to get your first sale and exactly how to get things setup and running. Literally any newbie could use this to get their businesses up and running with all of the product creation tools anyone could need. So let me summ it up once more:

  • ProfitSuite Host lets you host unlimited sites safely on their cloud servers!
  • ProfitSuite Storage lets you back-up, upload & share unlimited files!
  • ProfitSuite Webinars lets you run online meetings, video conferences or webinars!
  • ProfitSuite Contact is your very own unlimited autoresponder that lets you send emails to subscribers.
  • ProfitSuite Funnels comes with a drag & drop page builder for stunning sites and funnels.
  • ProfitSuite Design lets you create gorgeous graphics from scratch or built-in templates.

ProfitSuite is 100% newbie friendly! It saves literally thousand of dollars a year in recurring fees while providing an even better, faster and more marketer-friendly service than many of the competitors.

It’s definitely suitable for Complete Newbies or for Seasoned Pros. Do what it takes to succeed, and take that mini leap of faith by getting your copy of ProfitSuite right now!

Pros and Cons


  • 100% proven
  • Fully-fledged, file storage solution with profitsuite storage!
  • Host unlimited websites and domains on their cloud hosting servers for a low one time fee
  • 100% uptime – unlimited ssl encryption – 1 click wordpress installer
  • Unlimited cloud storage & file backup with no monthly or yearly fee
  • Host unlimited video meetings, live conferences or webinars on their cloud infrastructure for a low one time fee
  • Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers using their autoresponder
  • Create stunning drag & drop websites and sales funnels with their award winning page builder
  • Design stunning graphics from dfy templates with their “photoshop killer”
  • 100% newbie friendly: no technical skills or experience needed
  • 24/7 support from marketing gurus
  • Never lose your precious data: malware protection is built right into all of their apps
  • Host your websites & pages with profitsuite host!
  • No more autoresponder monthly payments with profitsuite contact!
  • Use the built-in tools on your own sites/pages to skyrocket traffic/sales!
  • One-time payment only…no monthly fees!
  • Fully cloud-based with nothing to install!
  • Perfect for affiliates, ecom sellers, offline…everyone!


During the testing (I’ve bought it within the first 15 minutes :)) I’ve noticed a little slower response times, but these can most probably be due to high traffic during the launch period.

Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything else that would really worry me.

Who should use ProfitSuite?

In my opinion, ProfitSuite is really suited for

  • Anyone who wants to pay one-time for services they are already paying monthly or yearly for
  • Anyone who wants the same features or better than what their competitors, Fortune 500 companies and top gurus are already getting (but paying through their teeth for them)
  • Anyone who values their security and privacy and wants to keep their sites, files, emails and data ENCRYPTED and PROTECTED against hackers
  • Anyone who wants to save money while not sacrificing ANY quality
  • Any website owner or online marketer
  • Anyone who is ready to take control of their own destiny, exit the rat race and stop giving money away to large corporations


ProfitSuite Review – Price and upgrades

ProfitSuite has a total of 5 upgrades that are possible but in no way obligatory to buy. I only have the Front End for now, although I’m thinking about getting the Pro upgrade, simply cause it offers much more.

  • Front End: ProfitSuite – $17 / $15 (DS)
  • Upsell 1: ProfitSuite – PRO (Unlimited) Edition – $37 / $27 (DS)
  • Upsell 2: ProfitSuite – Enterprise Edition – $47 / $37 (DS)
  • Upsell 3: ProfitSuite – DFY Edition – $39 / $29 (DS)
  • Upsell 4: ProfitSuite – Reseller Edition – $97 / $67 (DS)
  • Upsell 5: ProfitSuite – IMX Bundle – $97 / $67 (DS)

Of course, if you want to get a great product to sell as your own, then the Reseller Edition (OTO 4) is a great solution. You get all the marketing materials with it, so you can start selling immediately.


ProfitSuite Bonus

There are lots of bonuses attached with this offer, here they are.

They will all be available right in your W+ dashboard after purchasing.

ProfitSuite Bonus


As I’ve told you in this ProfitSuite Review, you just pay the one-time fee and no monthly, yearly, or translation fees to use ProfitSuite. It would be one of your best investments this year for sure. Because the price can and will increase soon, do not hesitate to buy and enjoy this software today. I believe that better things are waiting for you ahead, and $17 is just ridiculous for this kind of content.

Thanks for your time. I hope that my review has given you a hand in looking for a profitable online product.

We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.

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