ProfitDrive Review – An extremely affordable cloud hosting

Jun 20, 2023 | Reviews

ProfitDrive Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

ProfitDrive Review: What is ProfitDrive?

ProfitDrive, in its essence, is a competitor to DropBox, one could say. We all know DropBox, right? You can upload your files there, create folders, share files with others, and so on. Well, that’s exactly what ProfitDrive does, only a little bit different. And, may I say, for a small part of the price. Join me for a few minutes with this ProfitDrive review and see what it can do for you and your business.

ProfitDrive Review

With DropBox, you’re limited with 3GB of space on your free account. Whatever else you need, you pay monthly, and it can be a hefty sum in the end. With ProfitDrive, you’re on a one-time payment – we’re talking $16.93 during the launch!!! – for 250GB of space, forever. Of course, this “forever” depends on whether the company will thrive or dye. But let’s just not go into that right now. I wish them all the best, and that’s not only because I’ve bought ProfitDrive myself. πŸ™‚ And this is all this ProfitDrive review is about.

Yes, you can save a lot of new content for your websites in 250GB, believe me.

What’s the main usage of ProfitDrive?

In short, file hosting. You can upload just about anything, and one thing I really like is that they have no limits on the file size. So, you can upload your wedding video that is 3GB in size, no problem. Try that with DropBox…

If you’re a marketer, file sharing is one of your objectives. You want to be able to give people access to your files, software, images, downloads etc, and it has to be simple. Well, it is – all it takes is selecting the file, requesting a shareable link, and that’s it. Exactly the same procedure as with DropBox, for instance. Anyone with that link will be able to preview and/or download your file. So, it’s perfect for marketers and bloggers, you can easily use it for lead magnet downloads, or even whole software products. Again, there are no limits as to how many times the file can be accessed, so go ahead – sell as many as possible, ProfitDrive will deliver.

You can also host your graphical assets on ProfitDrive and use them for websites. Web developers will understand. If I create a website with many images, hosting these takes a lot of space, which demands a rather big hosting account somewhere. Shared hosting, the cheap ones in particular, can be very limited with processing powers, which brings us to the speed considerations. Here, ProfitDrive should do well, as the images can all be hosted there and just linked to your site.

Did I mention the backups? With ProfitDrive, you gain 250GB of space for your files. It’s quite impressive, considering the price and the fact that all these files are available anywhere and on all devices. Fair enough, especially since a strong encryption is in place so you don’t have to worry about the possible losses.

The main functionality of the FE version

The FE version of ProfitDrive is limited to 250GB of space, and you can only use direct sharing. It means, everyone with the link will be able to preview or download the file, for as long as you leave the link active.

It’s a relatively basic file hosting system that allows the user to upload files, organize them into folders, share them, and use the platform as a backup device. For the price asked, which is $16.93 during the launch, I believe it’s very well worthed.

Everything you upload is encrypted, so only you can access your files with your account data. This is very important, and it’s there.

Available upgrades

As any other sofware, ProfitDrive lets you unlock additional features through upgrades. Here are the upgrades available:

  • ProfitDrive Pro Edition ($37)
  • ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition ($47)
  • ProfitDrive DFY Edition ($39)
  • ProfitDrive Reseller Edition ($197)
  • ProfitDrive IMX / Software Bundle ($97)

I will describe them in more details at the end of this ProfitDrive review, but you can jump right there using this link.

My experience from testing ProfitDrive

I’ve bought it yesterday, and I already tested it. I’ve bought it immediately after the launch started, and honestly, I was a little pissed when I tried to access the platform. It kept saying that it is not available, and only after half an hour I managed to register and log in. I contacted Calin on that (the vendor), and he appologized with the explanation that simply so many people were registering yesterday that the server was pretty busy. πŸ™‚

While it was pretty annoying, to say it politely, I actually can understand the tech problems. I’m sure the platform will show some more during the first months, but judging by the response I received I am totally sure they will repair it as they show up. Today, for instance, the ProfitDrive platform is much more responsive, and I actually did not feel the server overload anymore. Honestly, I like writing this ProfitDrive review much more now.

ProfitDrive Review – User Interface

ProfitDrive comes with a nice interface, I really like it so far. It resembles a fancy file manager, so to speak.

ProfitDrive Review

Call it what you want, it’s all there. Everything one would ecpect from a file sharing service.

Now, to – let’s say – share a file, you just have to select it and then use the menu (three dots) to get access to all the actions you can do with it. You can preview it, manage the access, get shareable link, star it, or move/rename/copy/delete it. As easy as that.

ProfitDrive Review

In the left, you’ll notice the Main Menu.

ProfitDrive lets you share your files with other users of ProfitDrive really easy, kinda like Google Drive does. So when someone gives you access to a folder, for instance, you just have to click “Add to my ProfitDrive” and there you’ll have it, under Shared With Me.

You can filter your uploaded files by recent and starred files. You also have Trash there (ProfitDrive Pro Edition feature), where all your deleted files will wait for 30 days. In this time, you can change your mind and get them back in a flash, after that, thay’re really gone.

ProfitDrive Review – The feel and look

Like I already mentioned, I have bought the FE plus 3 upgrades (ProfitDrive Pro Edition, ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition, ProfitDrive DFY Edition), so if you only take the FE, you’ll miss some of the things I talk about in this ProfitDrive review.

My personal fellings are very good so far – not counting the initial troubles with registration. The system is very responsive, also the links provided work flawlessly. They are fast, too, at least as much as DropBox links. Of course, I’ll have to test larger files also, which I will definitely do, but so far the experience looks great.

From what I have managed to test, the system will come very handy with the marketing efforts. Especially since I have the possibility to include my sons as users (ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition feature) and also include any outsorced help, should I need it some day. I believe that if these guys can manage this platform it will be one of my “best buys” this year.

Remember, I have bought the FE + 3 upgrades which give me really a lot – so this ProfitDrive review might include the features you’re not interested in. What you need to know is that I’ve paid less than $100 for this, which is really only a few months worth of money on DropBox. And I’m not really sure they even sell the UNLIMITED option. On the other hand, DropBox has some other great features (like DropBox Paper, etc), but I don’t need those for now, so I believe I’ve made a good choice and I really recommend you take your chance.


ProfitDrive Review – Demo of ProfitDrive

ProfitDrive Review – Upgrades

ProfitDrive Pro Edition ($37)

The ProfitDrive Pro version adds some pretty nice features. This is where things start to becom ereally interesting.

ProfitDrive Pro Edition features

  • Commercial license (host files for others)
  • Unlimited everything: file, views, bandwidth, leads
  • Premium video player to embed, publish, watch videos and share straight in ProfitDrive
  • Auto-backup for files and 30 days restore from trash
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO-optimized
  • Priority support
  • Developers license (use ProfitDrive in your business, to deliver products, etc.)

ProfitDrive Pro Edition features explained

So. Did you read the UNLIMITED EVERYTHING part? I could not believe my eyes, but it’s true. Take a look at the price again, and tell me you disagree. πŸ™‚

The included video player is very welcome, because it literally makes embedding your videos from YouTube obsolete. No more links on your videos. They are your videos. Great.

The Auto-Backup option can come in very handy, believe you me, I could have made use of it many times before. It literally means you have a garbage bin at your disposal, so when you accidentally delete a file or a folder, it will wait in there for 30 days. After that, it’s gone for good, but it’s more than enough time to change ones mind.

ProfitDrive Review

Being Mobile-Friendly just means you’ll be able to use the ProfitDrive platform on your phone. I don’t know why they did not include that in the FE, because it’s a standard today, but ok. Again, taking the pricing into consideration, it’s ok.

I’m still not sure what the SEO-Optimized point means, but it sounds ok anyway.

ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition ($47)

This edition – again: look at the pricing!!! – upgrades some of the most important things for marketers.

ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition features

  • Cloud autoresponder built-in
  • Automated social media sharing
  • Full Analytics
  • Your own private sharing page = your own product store hosted by us
  • Encrypt files with password so you can share download links, products, or lead generation (i.e. sign up to receive your password)
  • Set a time/expiration date for files (share time-sensitive files like bonuses, products, webinars, photos) aka β€˜Snapchat for storage solutions!’
  • Collaboration between ProfitDrive users / your team
  • Outsourcers license

ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition features explained

If you’re doing any kind of marketing, not jut internet marketing, you will understand the importance of an autoresponder. Well, there’s an autoresponder license included with ProfitDrive Enterprise edition; it is a product called ProfitMail PRO. Personally, I don’t know it, because I’m using Aweber and Sendiio, but I will for sure test it. In any case, having this is like the icing on the cake – great.

Automated Social Media sharing is always great – in this case, it means you can directly share your files from the ProfitDrive platform to the social networks. Pure and simple.

Full analytics is something every marketer needs; you want to know how many downloads have happened, and from where. It’s the only way to further improve what is working and take care of what’s not working so well. Also a great feature.

Regarding the private sharing page – I have yet to come to test that. I honestly don’t know what to say about it at this time. πŸ™

But these next two features are gold. Being able to password-encrypt your links, so they have limited availability, plus declaring how long they’re valid, is something every marketer will cherish. With it, you can share your password with people, change it if you want and limit the availability. On the other hand, you can specify the link to be valid for the next few days only, which, again, is a great marketing move for promotions. For bonuses, for instance.

Of course, you can do it without this feature – you can always say bonuses will be available for three days and then delete or disable the link. But imagine having ten or more promotions running – will you remember to change all the links? Automation is king.

Additionaly, ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition lets you create sub-accounts for the members of your team, as well as outsorced help. Something many will love.

ProfitDrive DFY Edition ($39)

ProfitDrive DFY Edition adds to the value of the package by giving you 5 product funnels at your disposal. You get full license to sell them for 100% profits, while the tedious tasks like support and maintenance remain in the hands of the vendor. Additionaly, you can sell them directly through the ProfitDrive platform, which is even better.

ProfitDrive DFY Edition Features

  • DFY upgrade with 5x DOTD products
  • 100% Commissions across the funnel
  • SEO-Optimised reviews
  • Upload & sell these products straight from your ProfitDrive account

It’s pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll not go into the details. If you want to do internet marketing, with this package you can start right away. You get the salespages, delivery pages, everything. Basically, you’ll have to have an account at Warrior Plus and JVZoo. There, you’ll apply as an affiliate and get approved for a 100% commission. You’ll receive your links and start promoting them, that’s all.

I have many products live for which I’ve bought this license rights before. And I can tell you, there’s no easier way of making money with absolutely minimal risks. You pay a little something, promote it, and just count the money. So if that’s one of your intentions, don’t think too long.

With the licenses, you’ll also get some reviews already prepared, which makes it easy to start selling these products. Just copy & paste, do some rewriting, and you’re good to go.

ProfitDrive Reseller Edition ($197)

Here, things are pretty self-explanatory. With this purchase, you’ll get the rights to sell ProfitDrive itself for a 100% commission. Of course, the system remains managed and supported by the vendor.

Again, if you need products to sell, it’s welcome. As for me, this is an upgrade I did not buy, but it’s just me.

ProfitDrive IMX / Software Bundle ($97)

This upgrade gives you all the vendor’s products to use, as well as all their future software. Take a look, if you need any of those softwares, it’s a bargain, if not, forget it.

ProfitDrive IMX / Software Bundle features

  • This IMX edition gives you all of the vendor’s products, current & future, completely free of charge
  • You also get full training PLUS case studies that will give you the know-how to become an IM success story
  • Includes software bundle of vendor’s best selling apps to use in your business

Like I said – take a look, if you need anything, don’t hesitate.

ProfitDrive Review – The final verdict

If you liked this ProfitDrive review but you’re still on the fence, I suggest you take a look at the salespage for yourself. There is no big game around this, either you need it, or you don’t. The third option is you think you might need it someday soon – but it’s really the first one all over. So take a look and decide if it fits your needs.


We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.
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