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WP SwiftPage

WP SwiftPage is a very easy-to-use, powerful WP plugin that will allow you to BOOST your WP site and make it load lightning-fast.

It will only take you a few seconds to install it and, after running it, improve the loading time for your WP blog.


Here are some of the things this plugin does:


  • Remove RSD Link, WordPressShortlink, Adjacent Posts Links, Windows Manifest, WordPress Version, and all RSS Feed links
  • Move scripts to the footer
  • Merge scripts to one file
  • Defer parsing of javascript files
  • Remove query strings
  • Load Javascripts files from Google Libraries
  • Remove WordPress emoji script
  • Manage plugin scripts and plugin styles in page
  • Move styles to the footer
  • Merge styles to one file
  • Minify all CSS styles
  • Remove extra FontAwesome styles and extra Dashicon styles
  • Lazy load images to improve speed
  • Improve Compression level
  • Optimus API Key
  • And much, much more!