Postley Review – How to spy on your competitors

Jan 1, 2021 | Reviews

Postley Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Do you have competition when running marketing campaigns?

Of course you do. No matter what niche you’re operating in, there are thousands and possibly many more people doing the same thing. So you’re not alone on Facebook marketing, right? Some competitors you’ll want to know about are much more successful than you are, most probably, and they are the ones that you should study. Because we all know that reinventing the wheel is stupid, it costs money and time, and most of us don’t have these in unlimited amounts. So you want to make sure your Facebook marketing campaigns take off immediately, without too much testing and spending money. This is what Postley can help you with, because it includes the modules that enable you to spy on your competitors and see what they’re doing that makes them money. And this short Postley review will try to show one of the modules in postley called Ad Library.

Postley Review

First: do you plan to use Facebook marketing?

Well, you should. Facebook is such a huge traffic engine that noone can really take over all the potential customers that are active there. By running Facebook marketing campaigns, you can get practically unlimited traffic to any offer you might have active. And you can do that for very little money, often getting as low as $0.01-$0.05 per click.

But it all depends on so many factors, and this is where most of people fail. If you do just one of the steps wrong, you can burn lots of money for no effect. People usually stop doing it, because it just seemes too expensive for a limited outcome. If they only had some help they could spend much less and earn more. So let’s see what Postley can do for us.

How to spy on your competitors with Postley

Postley has an integrated library of ads that the vendors keep upgrading and adding the best ads to constantly. Inside, there are ads that cover practically every possible niche, and you’re bound to find something that you’d need easily.

To get started,  select Ad Library from your dashboard left hand menu.

Postley - How to spy on your competitors

A new window will open, where you will start searching for the ads of your interest and spy on your competitors easily.

Postley - Searching the ad library

Choose the metrix you want to search for ads

  • Ad Text: Search ad You want to spy on by Text or Keyword
  • Comments: Search by a particular comment keyword or Phrase
  • Advertiser Name: Search ad by the name of the Advertiser
  • URL, Landing Page URL: Search ad by URLs and Landing Page URL
  • Landing Page Text: You can search Ad by Landing page Text

Just select the metrix and enter the search word. You can also narrow down your search result by selecting other features like:

  • Site Type: Facebook or Instagram: this will check for ads that were run from Facebook or Instagram
  • Gender: choose Your gender preference
  • Total Likes: set the total likes on the type of ads You want to spy on
  • Daily Likes: select the daily likes range for the ads you want to spy on
  • Media Type: You can spy on either ad with videos or images
  • Countries: Enter Country where the ad You are spying on is targeted to
  • Languages: Choose Language
  • Button: You can also spy on ads CTA button, and even the Technology the ads sends traffic to

Once You are done with the setup click the Search Button, and wait for a while for the ad to be generated, so you can spy on your competitors immediately.


Choosing the ad you like to spy on your competitors

Scroll down and select the ad you want.

In case you don’t find any simply click on load more, and more ads will be loaded for you. Select the ad you want and Postley amazing deep analytic tool will show you more details about the chosen ad.

You can do that by simply clicking on the Explore More link below the ad. After that, you can get the details by simply hovering on any of the Pie Charts.

Postley - Ad library details

One thing that is important is the tag in the upper field that shows whether the ad is currently active and how profitable it is. Postley calculates this by comparring the data gathered on Facebook feeds, and to my knowledge it is pretty accurate. So this can be your first point to check, because it will simply show you whether the ad is worth copying at all.

Getting more insights on the chosen ad

Besides seeing these basic data, you can also check the landing page that the ad takes you to. You can do that by simply clicking on the View On The Ad Library link and it will take you straight to the ad itself on Facebook. This way, you can check the exact appearance of the ad in its natural environment and decide even easier whether it is the one to copy.

Of course, Facebook does not allow much more details to be shown – one that partucularly interests us is the detailed audience for the ad. For that, you’ll have to experiment with the Audience module of Postley, and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to drill down to the wanted audience. But this we will leave for another post.

Automated post boost

One of the most powerful things you can do is to boost the posts from your fan page. And even more powerful is if you post only the best and most engaging posts. These are the posts that got many engagements (comments, shares, likes) and are clearly interesting to your audience. While you can do it manualy, it would take enormous amounts of time to do that, so it’s a much better way to leet the software do it for you.

Postley can also automate your posts to a point where you have no work to do after the initial setup. We discussed this in more details in Postley Review And Comparison, where you can see more details about this great feature.

Take a closer look at Postley and decide whether it fits your needs directly on the salespage.


Other ad libraries you can take a look at

Of course, Postley is not the only Facebook ad library that can help you get what you want from Facebook.

One of the very powerful competitors is AdverSuite and you can read about it in our AdvertSuite Review.


We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.
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