Postley Review And Comparison – Is It The Most Complete Facebook Traffic Software?

Nov 2, 2020 | Reviews

Postley Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Postley – World’s Most Complete Facebook and Instagram Traffic Software

A new online app is launching on Nov 3rd, called Postley. And it claims to be the world’s most complete Facebook and Instagram traffic software. Kind of a bold claim, I’d say, which is why I asked for a review access to see what it’s all about. So here’s a short Postley review, I hope you can get some useful information about Postley.


Postley Review


Let’s get into Postley review.

The creators of Postley

There is no surprise there, a system promoted this way has to come from renowned marketers. And sure enough, it is signed by Jai Sharma, a marketer recently covered in Forbes and DataQuest, and his partner Emmanuel GB, who is a funnel design and Facebook marketing expert. What it tells us is that the software is no cheap product made in a day, but rather an app with a lot of planning done. Good.

Postley Authors - Jai Sharma, Emmanuel GB

Who is Postley for?

Postley speaks strongly to the people who want to do active Facebook marketing, using Facebook Ads. So, paid traffic generation. And because of this, of course, it’s not quite for everyone, because not everyone is doing Facebook marketing. So if you’re a private Facebook user with no intention of promoting any of your websites, products or services, you can simply forget about Postley. It’s not for you. Go do something entertaining instead.

All others, read on and enjoy this Postley review.

Postley demo

Firstly, you can take a look at this short (100s) demo of Postley. It shows pretty much everything, in a very fast way.

Postley 100 Sec Demo Video from Jai Sharma on Vimeo.

Main functionality

Postley marketing material tells us it’s actually including 20 services that all circle around Facebook marketing.  These are:

  1. Powerful Ads Spy
  2. Hidden Facebook Interest Audience Finder
  3. Smart Ads Scheduler
  4. Social Post Scheduler
  5. Winning Audience Finder
  6. Related Audience Suggestions
  7. Ads Campaign Creator
  8. Social Post Creator
  9. Top Account Audience Finder
  10. Best Caption Creator
  11. Ads Performance Tracker
  12. Post-Performance Tracker
  13. Viral Hashtag Generator
  14. AdSet Creator
  15. Slide Post Creator
  16. C.T.A. Post Creator
  17. Powerful Graphic Editor
  18. 500+ DFY Ads Templates
  19. Multi-Language Dashboard
  20. Workspace & Team Management

I can immediately say that some overlap (in my book, at least), for instance the post creators (slide, CTA). But nevertheless, an astonishing list.

Many of these are easily found online, even free, like a graphic editor (Canva or similar), and ads themselves can be managed directly in Facebook Ad Manager. Still, it’s nice to have everything at hand and in a single app.

Postley Review Modules

Don’t get me wrong, they all work – posts created look great, scheduling works, posting works. Everything is ok, but I had my mind on a specific functionality I’ve never seen before.

Unfortunately I did not have time to play with all of them as much as I’d want to (I’ll wait for it to launch and buy it anyway), instead, I focused on the thing that draw my attention in the first place. And this is

Postley review: Smart Ads Scheduler

Everyone that has done any Facebook advertising knows the process is a pain. There are just so many spinning things that must be put together in order to create an ad that will bring something back to us. Postley turns this picture a little bit around, and I really like it.

A Facebook ad is nothing more than a post, did you know this? Postley takes this into account, and lets us create ads from successful posts we posted on any of our Facebook pages. Let me explain a little more, because I know you are confused – I was too when I first heard about this.

But please BE AWARE that what’s described in here is only A PART OF Postley and much more can be done with it. If this is interesting for you, I invite you to take a full demo on the vendor’s page immediately and not waste any more time here.

How dows Postley work

Imagine having a Facebook fan page about something, like keto diet, maybe. You are posting daily about what’s new on your website, maybe some trainings and recipes, and occasionally you post a product review for something you find on Amazon. All well so far.

These posts reach a certain audience, depending on the likes your fanpage has collected. In other words, they collect likes, comments and shares, depending on how much your audience likes them.

Now imagine that you want to market your fanpage in order to get more views, likes and shares. The most logical way to do it is to use the best performing posts and boost them, right? Since they already have collected a good response, they’re for sure suited for advertising purposes of your Facebook fanpage. Correct.

So now you go about your fanpage, checking each and every post, writing down the most successful ones, and go about to turn them into ads. Everything is ok, and this works. But – there’s always a but – it TAKES SOOOO MUCH TIME. And this is one of the main reasons people usually don’t do that every day, even if they had to in order to really make an impact. It’s just to time-hungry.

Automation is the answer – Auto Boost

Postley has a great solution for this problem, and I can almost see many apps following this path in the near future. It’s actually simple.

In Postley’s dashboard, you can find a menu item called Auto Boost. Here’s where the magic happens.

Postley does this by allowing you to set rules. These define which post should be boosted on Facebook, so the fanpage (business, that is) gets promoted the best way possible.

Step 1: Defining the rule

Postley Rule definition

The rules include all the metrics you can find in a post, like total reach of the post, the number of likes, shares, video views, and so on.

Postley Rule definition

Further on, rules can be complex, meaning you can add rules based on AND and OR logic. If you want just posts that have more than 100 shares and over 100 likes, you can. You get the picture.

Step 2: Setting up the campaign

In this step, you create the campaign itself. You name it, and more importantly, you define the objectives – whether you want to target Conversions, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Post Engagement (likes etc), Reach or Video Views. These objectives are of course Facebook’s own advertising objectives.

Postley Rule definition - Creating a campaign

You can also choose whether you want the budget optimisation or not.

Step 3: Adset Settings

Here, you’ll define the Adset settings for Facebook. These include

  • selecting the audience,
  • defining the budget,
  • choosing the optimization goal (impressions, reactions, reach),
  • selecting the bid strategy (lowest cost, bid cap, cost cap),
  • billing event (impressions),
  • scheduling (either a fixed period, like 2 days, or defining start/end)


Postley Rule definition - Creating a campaign

Step 4: Tracking

Here, you’ll define the email address where the system will send notifications about boosts, so you always know when something is boosted.

Postley Rule definition - Creating a campaign

That’s it.

When you save the rule, Postley will start checking your Facebook page daily, and when a post is found that meets the criteria, it will get boosted automatically, following the rules you defined.

Your Facebook posts will get boosted automatically!

Now I’m not sure why I never heard of something so simple and so effective in terms of marketing reach. Maybe it already exists somewhere, but for sure I haven’t met it yet, let alone in a system that will sell for $47 ($97 after launch). The final result of this are massive time savings, while your fanpage on Facebook grows organically and literally by itself. How cool is that?!?

A word of caution in Postley review

Of course, you’ll want to be careful.

Facebook ads can be horribly costly if you’re not careful. Meaning, you have to think about what to boost, to which audience, and define the correct budget. If you mess up the rules setup (look above) and – for instance – define you want posts with 1 like to get boosted, you can get in trouble very soon, because Postley will do what you told it and Facebook will charge you for it. Facebook ad strategy is very much in order here.

Luckily for us, Postley has a sort of security switch included – if you look at the image under Step 1 above, you’ll see a little text box named Number Of Posts Promoted At Once. It literally means exactly that – if you put 2 in there and define a period of 2 days in Step 3, there will be no more than 2 ads running in any 2-day period, thus limiting your expenses.

Still, be careful.

Postley Agency

The basic (or Front End) version of Postley includes an Agency License, allowing you to create up to 3 workspaces and add up to 3 team members to your agency.  This drastically simplifies the work if you plan to sell these services, and of course let you divide the work needed between team members or outsorced staff.

One thing I like about it also: if you get a customer that wants you to define these services, you can simply invite him by email. He will receive a special link where he authorizes you (and Postley, of course) for advertising purposes, and his Facebook account will be available to you. In the best manner this should  also be defined as a workspace, so FE version will soon not be enough if you’re serious about running an agency.

What I believe is that getting a few clients for such a thing should really not be to hard, so I strongly suggest you think about this option to make money online. Or, you can just use it for yourself, in which case Postley FE can serve you well.

Postley Upgrades

Postley has several upgrades available, and no Postley review would be fair without their desctiption.

#1 FE ($47-$97): Postley

These are the functionalities you will have access to with Postley FE:

  • Smart Ads Spy
  • Powerful Graphic Editor
  • 500+ DFY Ads Templates
  • Social Post Scheduler
  • Social Post Creator
  • CTA Post Creator
  • Slide Post Creator
  • Post Performance Tracker– 50/month
  • Ads Campaign Creator – 50/month
  • AdSet Creator– 50/month
  • Hidden Facebook Interest Finder
  • Related Interest Suggestions
  • Ads Scheduler
  • Winning Audience Finder
  • Top Account Audience Finder
  • Ads Performance Tracker
  • Viral Hashtag Generator
  • Caption Creator
  • Multi-Language Dashboard
  • 3 Workspace
  • 3 Team Members

We see the limits are set on the number of templates available, post tracker, ads creator and the number of workspaces (clients) and team members.

#2 OTO1 ($47-$97): Postley UNLIMITED PRO

Upgrade 1 (OTO-1) removes these limits and ads a number of assets at your disposal.

  • PrimeStocks – Millions Of HD Stock Videos & Images
  • PrimeStocks – Millions Of HD Sounds
  • Camtasia Like Free Powerful Video Editor
  • Smart Ads Spy – UNLIMITED
  • 1000+ DFY Ads Templates
  • Social Post Scheduler- UNLIMITED
  • Social Post Creator- UNLIMITED
  • Post-Performance Tracker- UNLIMITED
  • Ads Campaign Creator- UNLIMITED
  • AdSet Creator- UNLIMITED
  • Ads Performance Tracker- UNLIMITED
  • 25 Workspace
  • 25 Team Members

#3 OTO2 ($47-$97): Postley DFY AUDIENCES

Postley OTO2 brings you 500 DFY Targeted Audiences from 50 Categories, including Local Businesses and Digital Agencies.

Plus gives you access to 50 DFY Audiences Every Month for next 6 Months.

These highly relevant targeted Interest Audience are proven to convert in any niche of any business and are a must if you want to start really quickly and have little or no experience with Facebook audiences. It will prove really valuable really fast.

#4 OTO3 ($297-497): Postley AGENCY

For the most demanding users and serious digital agencies, Postley comes with Full Agency also. This upgrade “takes no prisoners” and goes all the way to secure you have a strong business with a Facebook marketing agency during these COVID-19 burdened days. You get

  • Create and manage (100 or 500) WorkSpaces
  • Create and manage (100 or 500) Team members
  • DFY Agency Websites (3 Professional WordPress Designs):
  • One-Click Installation and Easy to Modify.
  • DFY Custom logo pack
  • Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts
  • Print-ready Commercial Graphics Templates
  • Stunning Facebook Ads Creative
  • Stunning Google Banners
  • Professionally Developed Proposals (PowerPoint & Word)
  • Highly Optimized Email Sequence
  • Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts
  • Professionally Developed Sales Video

Postley Review – Final thoughts

I know I jumped a lot of things in this Postley review, and look how long it got in spite of that. I’d need another 3 or 4 posts to go through everything, so I will not. Most of the things mentioned can be seen elsewhere too, and if you’re interested in Facebook marketing, I suppose you’ve seen them already in one package or another.

Post boost automation is another matter, though. At least, I haven’t seen such a simple solution yet, and I really love it. I already talked to our guys and we are seriously thinking about buying at least OTO1 (Unlimited) for us, I’m not sure we’re big enough for the Agency (OTO3), no matter how much I’d like to.

This statement can assure you that I am a fan of Postley, as of today at least, and I can recommend it to you also. Especially if you have a few Facbook fanpages that you use to drive traffic to your websites – there is nothing more effective than paid traffic, believe you me. And nothing faster, not even close. If you want marketing results immediately, this is the only option. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing affiliate marketing, Amazon, ecommerce with Shopify or Woocommerce, anything works.

Some comparison – Is Postley really the best?

One of the modules Postley includes is Ads Library. Here, you can search for ads targeting specific keywords that are taken right of Facebook and have a proven record of success. Postley connects to a database of these ads and you’ll find some really useful data here. For instance, you can see the ad’s graphics and video, text, and targeting (country, age, gender), along with ad’s metrics (likes, shares, comments). You can easily copy everything and use it for your own advertising.

Second module allows you to seek for audiences and hidden interests, which are honestly the heart of advertising business for a true agency. It seems to function well and I’ve tested it within my Postley review access.


during my tests, Postley proved to be less competitive here than the combination of softwares I’m using now.

I use Adversuite Pro to find ads and data about them, and I must say – at least at the first glance – Postley does not meet everything Adversuite can show. Maybe it’s just a matter of being used to it, or just a larger ads database, but Adversuite Pro seems a bit more advanced in this field.

For audience discovery, I’m using AdSightPro, connected to Retarget By AdsightPro. Again, it seems much more powerful in discovering interests on Facebook that allow me to target more than what Facebook offers in the Ads Manager.

You can take a look at these following the links in the text above and check it out for yourself.

I’m still satisfied with Postley though

None of the tools I use (Advertsuite Pro, AdsightPro, Retarget by AdSightPro) offer the automation I described in this Postley review. They do a great job in giving me the data they’re ment to give, but I still have to do everything by hand.

Which is why I personally plan to use all four of them, including Postley, from now on. For conventional advertising I will continue doing what I’m doing, meaning use the tools mentioned and create ads manually based on that data. On the other hand, for fanpages that we are running (some 20 of them…) I will gladly use Postley automation and put it to work to boost successful posts on tiny budgets. This should save me a lot of time I’ve been using for this, and also make the process much easier and thus much more effective. I think I made it clear throughout this Postley review. 🙂

So yes, I still endorse it.

P.S. My testing was limited to two days… I did not find any bugs in this time, but it does not mean they’re not there, since this is version 1.0.

Postley Bonus

As alrealdy mentioned, the most powerful bonus for sure is the Agency License itself. With it, you can create up to 3 workspaces and include up to 3 team members into your business. Great to start or work on internal marketing of own fanpages.

Postley Commercial Agency

Additionally, you’ll get our special bonus included in your JVZoo dashboard.

The Final verdict

Postley goes live on Nov 3rd @11:00 AM EST, and for a limited time, the pricing will be as low as it goes. At that time, Jai will hold a webinar where also some free licences will be given away, so if you have an hour, I suggest you go and sigh up for it.

Go see Postley for yourself and don’t just believe what this Postley review tells you. There are many things not mentioned here and they could be really relevant to your specific needs. Take a few minutes and check it, I’m sure it will prove worthy to you.



We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.
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