Pinbank review – Is Pinterest really so powerful?

Nov 5, 2021 | Reviews

Pinbank Review - How to use Pinterest
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Pinterest traffic

Pinterest is the 4th largest social network in the world and beyond. With such power, it is a goldmine for marketers that are eager to get eyeballs on their offers and websites. However as any other network or tool, it requieres certain procedures and tactics to bring results. There are many Pinterest traffic tools available, and PinBank is the newest. This short PinBank review will try to answer a few questions about it.

The developers

The partner & vendor of PinBank is well known for his products and is keeping his appearances as trustworthy.

PinBank Pinterest Traffic tool - Vendors

What is PinBank?

In short, PinBank is a SAAS package that will enable you to do the most important parts of an internet marketing journey on Pinterest. These are mainly the research tasks, as knowing whyt to publish in order to get the best possible response is mandatory. You may post different things, but only some will work. It’s a fact and if you know the rules, you’re well on your way to success. Of course, you may do most of the things manually; I would not recommend that. Not that it’s not working, but will take you so much time that it’s better to forget everything, honestly.

PinBank features

There are several modules inside PinBank that are a great value to any marketer.



Popular Pinterest keywords

PinBank review - keyword research

Without using proper keywords, your posts are likely to get burried under lots of digital dust on Pinterest. Knowing what is being searched these days is a key difference between having good posts and running a hobby Pinterest profile. This module will bring you the hottest Pinterest keywords today with just a few clicks.

You’ll always have fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips with PinBank . See the search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data using free resources before heading to Pinterest’s auto suggestion engine to invent hundreds of keywords in minutes!

PinBank is a fast, and is a free way to get keyword ideas from Pinterest’s auto-suggest engine. It’s the perfect tool for any content marketer who wants fresh, high-converting keywords at their fingertips without losing too much time!

Popular trends on Pinterest

PinBank Review - Pinterest Trends Research

You can now say goodbye to guessing what the latest trendy products are – PinBank does all the heavy lifting for you. PinBank Trends will extract today’s top trending topics on Pinterest and deliver word-for-word descriptions of anything from shoe trends to Halloween costumes.

Don’t ever sleep on the hottest trends. The PinBank Trends does all of the work for you, scanning Pinterest Trends to tell you exactly which topics are being talked about right now.

Best of all, it’ll give you a full search data for any phrase or keyword to see what was popular and how many searches are generated.

High Converting Pins

Pinterest hottest pins - PinBank review

PinBank Pin Search is the very first of its kind to offer an all-in-one interface for extracting the hottest pins from Pinterest. It makes it very easy to track, analyze, and repin the pins that are currently trending on this popular network.

This unique software tool can instantly pull back different data points for every pin extracted. Extracts pins and videos directly from Pinterest in seconds!

You can now quickly uncover the pins with MOST saves & repins with our smart database. Leave no stone unturned by using very handy columns feature which can show you ANY information about any pin at any time. PinBank Pin Search is a genius tool for pinners in all niches. Whether you need data to fuel your content or advice on what pins to repin, the Pinbank Pin Search puts this information at your fingertip-tips with unprecedented speed!

High Converting Boards

Pinbank and Pinterest boards

A board is nothing else than a folder that holds similar pins on Pinterest. Thus, it can be provate or public, and it even can have multiple authors.

Knowing what kind of Pinterest boards are producing the BEST results is vital for any successful online campaign. PinBank Boards provides various important data points on every Pinterest board found, with an easy click of the mouse you can view all pins inside any given boards.

Spy On Your Competition

Pinbank people - Spy on the competition

As a rule, you should not invent hot water by yourself. Instead you better follow and repeat what already successful people do.

With PinBank People, you can easily find out what your competition is doing and with our new scrape technology, search through your feed to see who’s popular. It’s easy to find the perfect inspiration for marketing ideas and try it!

PinBank Premium Training Academy

PinBank comes with over 8 modules with Over the shoulder step by step training on dominating Pinterest and driving hordes of traffic back to your websites, regardless of niche and passion.

PinBank Pinterest training

PinBank Review bonus

There are many bonuses the vendors already included, and they will be available in your download area. I’m also putting some out there for grabs, and you can see them all HERE on my PinBank bonus page.

See the PinBank Bonus


PinBank Review: Upgrades

Like most of the offers out there, PinBank has certain upgrades (OTOs) that you can buy to improve your toolset even more. Everything you need to start is already included in the front end offer, therefore they’re not manadtory for anyone. But they can – and will – improve your marketing efforts further. Here’s a short overview.


PinBank Front End – $27 /$37

Inside PinBank, users will be able to get access to over 8+ modules + bonuses which teach them how to utilize this cloud based software, alongside the over the shoulder training, and 100+ Page Report guide and Template on getting Free Targeted Traffic from A Platform that has 500 Million Active Users, while 83% of them are buyers.

They give you all the tools and exact blueprint to build your own business online, or monetize this traffic for your websites, ecom stores, or your affiliate sites. This will help any blogger, affiliate marketer, ecom store owner, get the right traffic back to their websites and blogs.

There are two price points. Personal Licence and Commercial Licence with a few minor differences.

Personal Licence you get the 100+ Page Step By Step Guide Included and Over the Shoulder Training videos including the Software. For the Commercial Licence, you get ready made templates, 100+ Step By Step guide, Checklists and over the shoulder training videos and software.

PinBank OTO 1: DFY Suite PRO – $67 / $37

DFY Pinterest Setup + Optimization contains the following:

  • Identifying the correct keywords that connect your account to your target audience
  • Set up your account according to Pinterest SEO strategies and tactics
  • Optimization of the profile, boards, and their description ( up to 5 ) to rank high on Pinterest and Google
  • Creating a board cover selected to match your brand’s style
  • Creating and publishing 5 pins (fully optimized)
  • Brief strategy plan at the end of the optimization

It’s a huge time saver and a really recommended upgrade.

PinBank OTO 2: Affiliate Marketing Pro – $47 /$27

PinBank Advanced Training includes everything you need to know about running successful Pinterest Marketing Campaigns. With over the shoulder video tutorials, PinBank Advanced Training will teach you how to drive traffic using Pinterest Ads. You will also learn advanced strategies on list building with Pinterest.

Take this course if you’re ready to go pro with your Pins or need help understanding how to apply content for SEO, traffic generation and conversion rates. This set also includes DFY Templates for List Building, Affiliate Marketing and Ecom Store designs that are fully customizable. Not only are they great-looking but they’ll save you time and money into getting started right away!

PinBank OTO 3: Limitless Traffic + DFY Blogs – $97

In this package users will get access to their free traffic service which we will send them more targeted traffic to their websites.

You will get paid premium plugins to use for their websites. Users will also get 35 DFY websites with content in Various niches. Advanced training on running a Tailwind Account set up for automated scheduling of campaigns for 24/7 traffic. You also get Free Traffic Service to your Website and Blogs through Demetris’ own personal trafficzion service 24/7.

PinBank OTO 4: AGENCY – $97

Inside this package you will get the option to be able to use PinBank as a Freelancing tool and a quick way to start getting traffic to your websites 24/7.

Together with a checklist to 2k a month, and the exact road map to landing your first clients. You also get a DFY Website template for your Agency .Advanced training on running a Tailwind Account set up for automated scheduling of campaigns for 24/7 traffic. You can sell PinBank as your own service and add up to 10 Clients to your agency.

PinBank Review: is PinBank really bringing money?

Now, I know what you expect. I cannot say yes to that, nor will I say no. You know why? Because in the end, it all depends on you. If you think about buying a tool for $27 and retiring tomorrow, think again. I mean, you can do it if you wish, but you won’t live on that alone. It’s like buying a lottery ticket and retiring before the draw.

PinBank is a tool. Ok, a very advanced and powerful tool, but nevertheless just a tool. If you don’t use it, you obviously don’t need it. And the results will depend on how you’re using it, believe me. It cannot be any different, because tools are mare to be used.

I cannot testify for myself yet. I have bought PinBank today, true, but haven’t really had the time or opportunity to really test it. From what I saw, the modules do what they’re supposed to do. I already posted a single pin for testing purposes, but of course the results will be only seen within a couple of days. Demetris, however, brought together a few testimonials that you can see on the sales page, as well as case studies like this one.

Pinbank review and case study

I have no reason to doubt in his words. I own a few software products and trainings from him, and so far I haven’t had a reason for doubt. He is well known to stand behind his words. But like already said, without some work put in there will be no results whatsoever, so keep that in mind when deciding.

Should you buy PinBank?

Well… Read the above, please. If you plan to actively work on Pinterest maarketing, then yes, by all means. Grab PinBank immediately and improve your efforts by tomorrow.

It’s very important for you ti understand – it’s not a magic trick or anything like that. Because work has to be done. It’s just so much easier with a tool like PinBank.

When you use and apply everything vendors are giving you with PinBank, I honestly think you cannot fail. These strategies are not something that was discovered yesterday, but are rather proven ways to get noticed on Pinterest. What Demetris and the gang did is they packed it in a nice bundle and created the software to help you. And that’s about everything you could really ask for as far as any software goes.


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