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Feb 11, 2021 | Reviews | 3 comments

Partnership to success - John Thornhill
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Hello and thank you for visiting our Partnership To Success review. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, if not, shoot us a message and we’ll try to help.

Today, we’ll talk about a product that I believe you should check out asap – Partnership To Success. And as usual, it is all about online business.

It’s fairly clear that earning money online is a strong trend today. More and more people get indulged in the field every day, but the fact is very few can reach the sweet results that are being shown online by gurus. Many people are discouraged very soon after deciding to start an online business, because they have no idea where to start and how to run it. Or, they are simply afraid of the shortage of skills and experience and intimidated by all the things online gurus talk about. Many even started but gradually intend to give up as they are too often distracted by various methods and have not gained what they expected immediately.

Are you in a similar situation? I can tell you that whatever reason it is, don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams. That is one of the main reasons to publish this Partnership To Success review. Simply put, it is the very guidance any beginner needs. And for those who are already running an online business, it is a welcomed opportunity to learn more advanced skills as well as the right direction to realize your dreams.

Before anything else, let me tell you that it’s not possible to touch everything included in the program in this Partnership To Success review. Rather than that, you’ll find the links on this page will lead you to a free webinar that John has so kindly allowed me to invite you to. Inside this free webinar, John Thornhill will tell you all the details about his training program himself, so you can really make an informed decision. Thank you.

Partnership To Success review – Overview

CreatorJohn Thornhill
ProductPartnership To Success Training Program
NicheOnline training course
Official websiteClick Here
Price$1 – $2,400
Skills neededAll levels
Money Back GuaranteeYes
SupportVery effective
RecommendedHIGHLY recommended!

What is Partnership To Success

Partnership To Success is a training program created by a Clickbank veteran, John Thornhill. It’s a full-blown online training program that promises to make you an online businessman. It includes many modules and support offers, but we’ll look into it a little later in this Partnership To Success review.

The author, John Thornhill, has made many millions online since he started back in 2004. He definitely knows what he is talking about and has a long and proven record of helping others to be successful in the past. Also today’s millionaires like Omar Martin and Richard Legg were his students a few years back – look at them now…

I have followed many John’s mastermind programs and webinars myself. And I can safely say that John is a really great teacher & mentor. He is a straight, self made and no BS guy. John simply shows what’s working for himself in a very open and honest way. He will also always be there to hold your hand and help you every step of the way to your success in the online business.

Please keep in mind – this training is like a marketing masters degree from a university. Even better probably, because you get direct access to John Thornhill via email and even his cell phone, should you get stuck and need his help! How many trainings can say that?

Partnership to success - John Thornhill

What’s included in Partnership To Success

Being a full-blown and serious training program, Partnership To Success includes just about everything you would expect. There are many things that are outstanding, though, because John really likes to overdeliver. He simply enjoys helping others and this can be seen throughout the training.

So here are the main things you will get access to in Partnership To Success:

  • Access to live weekly webinars that will provide you insight into the expertise of people making millions of dollars running their own businesses online.
  • The Mastermind training – John Thornhill provides a roadmap and tricks of the trade in the live weekly webinars that jump started his own career.
  • Access to all of the webinars according to your own convenience; all webinars will be recorded.
  • Direct access to the internet marketing millionaire, John Thornhill, on a personal level by telephone and email.
  • Guaranteed successful creation of your own product.
  • Full promotion of your new product to John’s complete database of loyal subscribers (at least 3 broadcast emails).
  • Possibility to write 12 guest blog posts on John’s personal blog over the year that you can use for your promotion.
  • Full introduction to John’s army of affiliates (+70,000) and personal contacts.
  • Full access to all previous and coming products released by John.
  • Free access to private forum and Facebook group.

And – need I say it – many, many more goodies that every successful online marketer must know.

Is Partnership to Success Recommended?

Given the potential of earnings and development of your own online business that Partnership to Success is offering, it is definitely highly recommended.

John Thornhill also has gone out of his way to help his customers realize the value of his course and offers you a trial period, during which you can see everything that’s available and decide whether it’s for you. I can safely assume that John is pretty sure you would buy the program after seeing the proven results and test-drive all the tools inside. And I can also say that I totally agree with him on that.

One of the thing John Thornhill offers in his Partnership To Success is a 100% guaranteed success rate provided that you follow his training with a dedicated attitude. This is confirmed by him holding your hand when creating your very own product that he will even promote for you. I cannot stress the importance of this for a business enough.

Partnership To Success Free Webinar

Who is it for

If you are serious about starting an online business, I would suggest you really give it a good thought. Of course, as a high-level training it’s not really cheap, but that’s the nature of the game. You’ll have to have a budget of around $2.5k to finish everything John has prepared for you, and you have to calculate that.

On the other hand, let me just repeat a few basic things John will do for you that I have rarely seen in trainings under $10k.

One of the big “secrets” of being really successful in any business is to have a product to sell. Not just any product, but your own product that you can control, which John explains very clearly and with solid arguments.

Well, John will practically make you create a product of your own. And not only that, he will promote it for you – can you imagine how long it would take you to promote your product to a mass of people that John offers you? Or the costs if you’d want to pay it? This promotion to his 100,000+ subscribers (buyers!) alone is easily valued at $5,000, not to mention the tutoring on product creation.

All this practically guarantees that you will not only make your investment back but definitely build a sustainable business that you can run for years to come. No comments needed.


Look away from Partnership To Success

if you need a program that will make you a millionaire in a month. Besides the clear fact that such a thing does not exist, except maybe lottery (yeah….), the objective of this training is to create a real, sustainable online business. The Partnership To Success training program is a full-blown 12 month training. There is no shortcut, but believe me, it is well worthed.

What you will need

There are certain things that are mandatory to really enjoy everything included and making it a success. Besides the obvious, like a computer and internet access, you will also need two things:

  • A Clickbank account: Most of John’s products are launched on Clickbank, so if you want to promote them (which John will let you and teach you how), you’ll need an account there. It’s free to join, and it only takes minutes. No problem there.
  • An autoresponder: this is absolutely a must, because most of the marketing you will do will be email marketing. John recommends Aweber, because he will also give you access to some of his own email campaigns and if you want to simply import and use them, you’ll need Aweber. It will cost you $19/m while you have up to 500 subscribers, then $29/m for up to 2,500 subscribers, and so on. But since there is no business without tools, this is mandatory. And becoming a successful entrepreneur you will see that this cost is really not important.
    Please note that you can use any autoresponder, but it can easily take you days to set everything up that you could do with Aweber in mere minutes and with no problems (it will just work).


I believe you will see the value of Partnership To Success by John Thornhill if you only take an hour and join the free webinar John has prepared. Inside, he will lead you through the whole training process, the needs and expexted results.

Additionally, he will present you each and every bonus he included with this special offer on Partnership To Success. The overall value of what you are getting is well over $30,000, should you pay everything one by one. And John, being a Clickbank megastar, will help you become one in this year. I cannot recommend it more than I already did.

If you want to be self-employed by this time next year, running a sustainable online business and be your own boss, don’t hesitate another minute. Click the button below and see what John is offering. You can thank me later.

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