My Super Affiliate Builder Review – Honest Review And Bonus

Aug 24, 2020 | Reviews

My Super Affiliate Builder Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

What is My Super Affiliate Builder?

My Super Affiliate Builder is a new system, created by Andrew Fox, that makes it possible to do one important thing.

Get your customers to sell to themselves.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Now, I know how that sounds, and I must admit I raised my eyebrow when I read it at first. But, it sure got my attention, so I went to see what that means. Of course, the focus point here is how it can help you and me to get the most out of online marketing, especially affiliate marketing. So, this short My Super Affiliate Builder review was born. Take a look.

Selling online – The problem

We’d all want to live the so-called laptop lifestyle, wouldn’t we. Type a few words (that is, emails) here and then, and take the rest of your days off. Sure, it looks great, but how on Earth do we do that…

Anyone that tried knows that things are far from simple. Let’s jump over all the technical stuff you need for this (websites, autoresponders, blah blah…) and only focus on one important selling point.

You have to show your potential customers the right offer.

If you miss this one, all your other efforts are more or less in vain. You will never (or at least very rarely) sell golf balls to a gardener. Or, you will probably never sell a pack of condoms to a nun. Likewise, you’re more than likely to fail selling a Facebook automation software to an old-school local workshop without some preparation and settling other things first.

And that stands, no matter how round your golf balls are, and how efficient your automation software is.


Because they NEED and WANT something else.

Selling online – The solution

In an ideal online marketing world, people would come to your website and mail you something like “we’d need something like this-and-that” for your business”. And, your smart autoresponder would promptly send them over to your salespage, where you’d show them this-and-that in various colors. How many of them, by your opinion, would buy your product? Yeah, most of them, probably. So math becomes real easy for you as a marketer.

But for anyone in the online marketing business, it’s perfectly clear that this is “the end of a rainbow” – it’s there, but we don’t know exactly where.

Each and every website gets its visitors from mixed sources, be it social networks, advertising, referrals, whatever. And so many of the clicks are not targeted – meaning that people are clicking out of curiosity, not needs. Such people very rarely spend money on our sites, and they are more or less worthless to a marketer. Of course, we can do very targeted advertising campaigns, every self-respecting advertising company knows that. But they can cost lots and lots of money, especially if you’re a begineer, or, if online marketing is not your base service. So what can be an alternative?

Let visitors tell you what they want.

This is probably the most wanted state of every marketer, not just online marketers. In today’s worls, it’s however relatively easily achievable, you just have to use the right tools and some common sense.

One of the most popular way to achieving this is by using online quizzes.

This way, through a seamingly fun conversation with your visitor, you can pinpoint their needs with much higher precision. This, of course, pays itself in a form of much higher conversion rates, and this simply means more earnings for you – the online marketer.

My Super Affiliate Builder: The Quiz Builder

This is mostly what My Super Affiliate Builder is all about. It lets you quickly build different quizzes that drive people’s attention, and perform actions based on their input.

So, to go back to the golf balls story: if you want to sell golf balls, you’ll want to attract people that have a hobby, that love spending time outside, and finally, that love golf. And you can easily create a set of questions that will tell you who these people are, and drive the right people to your offer. While the others that maybe prefer cyclyng will be redirected to a salespage that will offer them cycling equipment.

Since they’re both your own salespages, I’m sure you can see the potential of such systems already.

No matter what they need right now, you can sell them something.

How does that sound? 🙂

What’s so special about My Super Affiliate Builder?

There’s nothing new in this idea, really. Online quizzes are all around us for quite some time now, I bet you’ve done a few.

What they usually bring for a marketer is a number of tools that are either complicated or costly, or even outsorced, meaning you have to pay to someone to build your quiz pages for you. And again if you want to change them. And so on.

My Super Affiliate Builder takes most of this away, as it is

  • super simple to use
  • super fast to achieve results
  • super sure to be liked by networks such as Facebook

And more.

My Super Affiliate Builder is a WordPress plugin

While this may turn out to be not exactly what you’re looking for, maybe because you have no experience with WordPress and you have your website maintained by somebody else, think of it this way.

Whatever you want to promote and sell online, you will need a website. There’s no easy way around this, especially if you don’t want to pay high monthly fees to some agency. And who does, I ask you…

And since WordPress powers a third of the Web (yes, this site included), you can be sure it’s well tested and works. And, that you’ll always have someone to turn to for help, shuld you need it at some point. So why not try it, build a simple website, and put this system to work for you?

Once you’ll have your simple website and this system plugged in, you’ll start to get ideas what more you can do with it. It’s a good way to start.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Building an email list

You’ve probably heard that “the money is in the list” many times. In case you haven’t fully grasped it, think about it.

Please note: the data in here is pure statistics, and could heavily differ from what you can achieve.

  • You build an email list of 1,000 subscribers that all love golf.
  • You send them daily emails, promoting the best golf balls in the West.
  • Out of the 1,000, roughly 20% will open your emails, that’s 200 people.
  • Out of them, 20% will click your links inside the email, that’s 40 people.
  • And finally, some 5% of these will end up buying your golf balls, which makes 2 buyers.

That means that every time you send out an email, 2 people will buy something from you. And if your offer brings you $20, you can do the math. By sending out 20 emails per month, this calculates to $800 of additinal income for you per month.

And calculate also what happens if you make it to 10,000 or more subscribers and so on. The figures become impressive very fast.

The point of all this is clear: build an email list.

Can My Super Affiliate Builder help me build my email list?

Sure can. In fact, that’s one of its main features.

And not just any list – My Super Affiliate Builder has a rare possibility to include people on different lists, totaly based on their responses during the quizz they’re taking. You see? People that love golf will end up on one list, and people that are into cyclyng will end up on another. This way, you can mail each list different offers throughout the month, making sure it’s what they want.

Which will raise your coversion rates sky high, and your wallet very happy.

For this, My Super Affiliate Builder integrates with ActiveCampaign, Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp.

Note: in case you have missed it, Aweber offers a FREE account now.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review - Integrations

My Super Affiliate Builder Review - Integrations


What more to say about My Super Affiliate Builder

There’s much more we could say, but we value your time too much to tie you to this boring writing. Instead, take a look at the demo of the system that Chris Fox has done for us.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review – Features

Here are just a few features that are shown on the sales page.

Custom header and footer

Within your Header and Footer, you can customize practically everything you want.

My Super Affiliate Builder includes a number of high-quality templates that you can use, but you can create your own templates also. Templates can be created from scratch or by copying an existing template.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Customizing the quiz

The Question module that you use inside your quiz can be fully customized, and the visitors are driven through something they call Intelly Funnels – the funnel you create for every possible question that’s included in the quiz.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Mail Service integration

My Super Affiliate Builder integrates with some of the main autoresponders (like Aweber), but you can also easily export your list into just about any email software that you use.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Survey analysis

The analysis you can do with your surveys is impressive, and it can greatly help you post the right questions – all in an effort to segment your visitors as much as possible.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Zapier integration

My Super Affiliate Builder also supports Zapier Integration – which makes sure you can connect just about anything into your lead-generation system easily.

The final verdict

In case your wondering, yes, I’ll buy it as soon as it becomes available.

I’ve used the review copy for a few days, and in this time, even though I had no idea what I’m doing (I’ve tried to use it without any training!), I’ve made 32 subscribers to join my lists. Without any advertising, just simply posting the links to my social networks. So yes, I’m pretty convinced it works.


We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.
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