MarketPresso Review – How To Build Your Own Marketplace

May 11, 2020 | Reviews

MarketPresso Maarketplace Builder
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

MarketPresso 2.0 Review And Bonus

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What is an Online Marketplace?

Online marketplace is a place that allows you to sell products or services without setting up your own online store. Selling through online marketplaces provides a flexible business opportunity with very low start-up costs. You can never imagine earning income online could be this easy with the help of online marketplaces.

However, some of the well-known online marketplace platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are too competitive and they also charge you 20% fees for each and any sale you make. And since there is so much competition, if you are a newbie, there is practically no chance for you to compete against other sellers with better reviews. It’s a sad fact and that is obvious.

The question is which online marketplace is the real potential for you and can get you good traffics and sales? And how can you ultilize it fully? If that are your questions also, MarketPresso 2.0 is exactly what you need right now! Please read our MarketPresso review to see the details.

Marketpresso Review And Bonus

MarketPresso – Quick Product Overview

Vendor: Karthik Ramani and Saurabh Bhatnagar
Product: MarketPresso
Launch Date: 2020-May-10
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Official Website: Click Here
Front End Price: $47
Bonus: Yes, Exclusive and Special Bonuses
Refund: Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Reputed Vendor, Fast and Effective Support Team
My Opinion: Highly Recommended

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What is MarketPresso?

MarketPresso is a web-based software which helps you to build your own Marketplace.

With this marketplace, and yes, it completely belongs to you, you will be able to scale your revenue by getting more clients, generating more service orders, getting higher value projects, gain valuable authority as a service provider, eliminate any competition that exists on publix marketplaces, and charge higher prices for your services from the very start.

I’ve had the review access to MarketPresso, which I used to build a fictional marketplace and input some imaginary services I want to sell. It took me well under two hours from logging in to a fully functional marketplace with three services (all with packages), and that’s with all the trainings I checked out in between. I can safely say that this works, and works great right out of the box. Of course, in case you need more, you’ll have to take one or more upgrades too, but that fully depends on your needs and plans. I believe the basic commercial package is more than enough for most of us. I hope I can give you my insights through this MarketPresso review.

MarketPresso Maarketplace Builder


Every Business is dependent on services. The today’s trend to outsource jobs is seeing a steep upward curve and it has grown into a 1 trillion dollar industry. Though the demand is huge, individuals and agencies offering these services are struggling to even get a single order, let alone – the best – recurring orders.

Nowadays Freelancers & Agencies usually struggle because

  • In the online world, people judge them by their representation of the services or look of their website.
  • It’s very hard to gain TRUST of new paying clients.
  • You need to have an amazing PORTFOLIO prepared.
  • Customers think of you as just another FREELANCER.
  • They compare you with COMPETITORS that publish on the same marketplace.
  • And finally, people always want to take you down on PRICE you set, because there is for sure someone cheaper.

Isn’t that what Fiverr, Upwork, and other similar Freelancing sites are doing?

Not Really! Here is where the problem is.

Imagine you are offering graphic design services to your potential clients.

There are 1000’s of people who are selling the same service on Fiverr. Maybe they have better pricing, or they simply got better and more reviews than you.

Will you get an order? No! You practically don’t stand a chance.

Let us assume you get an order after all, but only because you gave a crazy low offer. You now have to pay a 20% commission to these platforms.

What are you making in the end?


Is there a way to build a relationship with your clients and get more orders? Like, building an email list?

Nope. You don’t get any details about your client. You have to sit and wait until you get the next order. You don’t even get to build your list in the entire process!

But with MarketPresso:

  1. You have zero competition (it’s YOUR marketplace!),
  2. You will start with zero profit sharing,
  3. You will build your list that you can sell to in the future.

MarketPresso solves all the main points that freelancers have to face on sites like Fiverr or Upwork!

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MarketPresso is listed on the 4th place of the JVZoo’s High Performance leaders for 2020 Q1.

That says something.

Marketpresso On JVZoo

Who is MarketPresso for?

No MarketPresso review would be complete without stating this out.

  • Agency Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Newbies starting fresh with selling on the internet
  • Anyone willing to make a killing online this year!

Unlike other platforms, with MarketPresso, you can sell without any competition, keep your customer list and keep the entire profits. Here’s a quick recap of the key differences between the public marketplace and your marketplace, built with MarketPresso:

Marketpresso Review And Bonus - Comparison

MarketPresso also gives you the possibility to sell services you don’t really know how to deliver, and that’s by acting like a middleman. But that’s all described in another post.

How can you benefit from MarketPresso?

Let’s take a closer look at what is inside of the system in this MarketPresso review.

Create up to 10 (depending on the license) beautifully designed online marketplaces

Impress the visitors with your professional online presence. Catch their eyes and keep them stay longer to shop your services. The site provided makes sure to increase traffic and sales conversion.

Marketpresso Review And Bonus - Comparison

You can sell just about ANY SERVICE or physical product you can think of on this marketplaces that you create.

Sell with NO competition

If you take a look at Fiverr or Upwork, you can see that there are thousands of sellers in every niche and many of them with more and better reviews than you, especially if you’re new. In the mean time, with MarketPresso, you will sell in your marketplace with ZERO Competition.

Get all the buyer’s details

In comparison with the famous freelancing websites, you can always get customer’s detailed information with each sale and build your own potential list. This simple thing will keep on bringing recurring orders in the future, as you can use the list to sell other services to them. It’s all about being able to follow-up the visitors of your marketplace, and there is not enough room in this MarketPresso review to state the importance of that.

No starting fees

You are charged 20% fees per sale on Fiverr or Upwork. With MarketPresso, you can immediately get started with your online business without spending a dime. Only after you have crossed orders worth $5,000 using MarketPresso, you will have to pay 1% fees per sale. Whch is really nothing – even Paypal itself will take you around 3% in any case, and you just can’t avoid that.

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Client’s Training

Inside of the MarketPresso member’s area, there is a lot of trainings that helps you to be equipped with everything to get clients from every corner of the Internet. This training provides you with everything you need to know about your marketplace and business.

Automatic Google Indexing

You can create posts and content related to your products or services with the Blog feature right inside MarketPresso, and it will be indexed on Google automatically. This is incredibly helpful for you to drive huge traffic from Google, the biggest search engine around.

Smart LinkedIn Filters

With this amazing feature, you can easily reach out to your targeted clients based on their profession, industry, demographics, current company…

Plus, you will also receive a script of what to say to them when you reach out to these high ticket clients.

Access to Revenue Rolodex Training

If you want to know the exact strategies to use to get free traffic and grab clients from some of the biggest sites online, Revenue Rolodex is what you need. Thousands of business owners with ready wallets are looking for serious service providers here.

Your own marketplace will immediately make you stand out from normal freelancers with their profile on a public marketplace.

One of the services you can sell immediately is ebook creation.
It’s ridiculously easy with software such as Sqribble Ebook Creator.

What are the features that make MarketPresso better than a regular website or a freelancing page?

Beautifully Designed Home Page

MarketPresso’s beautifully designed home page ensures that you leave a long lasting first impression in front of your customers.

Click the image to see the demo marketplace.


Marketpresso Review And Bonus - Home page

A beautiful homepage helps greatly in developing confidence in your customers towards your marketplace. Plus, it creates instant authority that leads to sales.

Category, Sub-Category & Smart Menu

MarketPresso has professionally crafted pages for all the categories/sub-categories you might need with your services or products.

These showcase associated services inside category and sub-category pages in a very elegant way.

It will make scrolling & finding services much easier for your customers, letting them find & order your services in a breeze.

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High Converting Service Pages

You can showcase your offered services in a beautiful image/video slider that gives your customers a great idea about the services you are offering.

Plus, the included free flow text editor lets you add great descriptions for any of your services.

Marketpresso Review And Bonus - Services page

Service Packages

You have an option of creating packages of your services. for instence Basic, Standard and Premium.

This is a huge profit booster simply because you get to offer more services at a better price.

Built-in Messaging System With Clients

MarketPresso comes up with a built-in messaging system that lets your customers message you in real time.

This increases the conversions drastically, because your visitors are able to discuss their requirements first before placing an order.

Real Time Order & Message Notifications

You will receive instant notifications for orders & chat messages which will let you take the required action fast and keep the customer happy.

It helps in boosting the trust in customers and massively increases the conversion rates.

Testimonials & Reviews

In freelance service customers show a lot of faith on other customers’ testimonials. The more you can show, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Marketpresso Review And Bonus - Testimonials

With MarketPresso, you can show & hide the testimonials as per your wish.

You can also add your own testimonials to add that additional impact on your product and service.

Unlimited Hosting & CName Mapping – Whitelabel Solution

If you’re not a techie, don’t worry – it does not mean you have to be. It simply means MarketPresso fully supports CName mapping feature that lets you run the marketplace on your own domain. So instead of selling on Fiver or any other domain, you can sell from, which gives you massive authority right from the start. This MarketPresso review is not the place to learn that, sure, but it’s really much easier than it sounds and you will do it easily.

Your marketplace will run on their blazing fast servers. So you never have to worry about the hosting for your marketplace.

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Payment Gateway Integration

You can integrate your services with the leading payment platforms like Paypal & Stripe. They are also planning to add more payment methods in the roadmap ahead, in case you’d like to include some other form of payment collection.

Custom Code Integration

It’s a fantastic add-on that none of the public marketplaces will ever give you access to. It allows you to integrate your own Google or Faceboko pixels, which lets you retarget the visitors easily and massively increase conversions.

If you’re not sure about what retargeting is, MarketPresso includes a short training on that issue. And there are some really powerful retargeting tools available which will enable you to really follow the visitors of your marketplace all over the web.

Badges on selected Offers

Here you can highlight your main offers for extra attention. These highlighted deal grabs attention immediately & fetches more sales.

Just like “Menu of the Day” inside a restaurant, you can highlight your services with “Deal of the Day”, “On sale”, etc.


You will also get a 1-click language translation feature, which will help you get more orders from literally all over the world.

Pretty cool feature to give your marketplace a worldwide appeal.

Browsing History

They have taken inspiration to add this feature directly from AMAZON: Show your visitors the products they were interested in before & crack more sales.

Again, a massive feature to increase sales.

Email Integration

MarketPresso integrates with all the leading Email service providers like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.

This means your customers will immediately become a part of your contact list and you can send them further offers or just keep in contact in order to build more authority for yourself and your marketplace.

I can’t really emphasize the importance of this feature enough.

And a lot of other features…

There are a number of other features available, like mobile friendly pages, FAQ sections, User Management dashboard, and since MarketPresso is cloud-based, absolutely no restrictions about the operating system you use it with – Windows, Mac, etc. As long as you have the internet connection, you can do business.

One more thing maybe. MarketPresso includes a “Post Request” feature, which enables users to post requests about the services they need and would like you to provide. This is also a very important feature – imagine, just like in a coffee shop, customers come to you and tell you what they really need. You just have to provide and it’s a sure sale.

But let’s finish this, if you read it all you know just about enough to decide already. Still, I’d like to invite you to see the actual demo on their salespage, after which you will be fully informed and hopefuly ready to invest into your business.

The final verdict from this MarketPresso review

I bought MarketPresso 1.0 license some time ago, but have honestly let my son use it for his own programming business and he is very happy with it. Right now, after looking into all the options, I am buying this new version and upgrading his marketplace, as well as building one for my own services and products. No doubt about it.

I hope this MarketPresso review gave you something to think about, because this is really a great way of solving your service-selling problems.

Being priced at $47, it seems so cheap I cannot resist. I can literally get this back with the very first sale made, and I’m confident I can do it in a matter of days. So if you’re in a similar position, I really deeply suggest you take a look at the demos on the salespage. I think you’ll have so many ideas by the time you finish reading it you’ll be short on time. 🙂

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MarketPresso team included high value bonuses right off the bat. They’re all valuable and will give you a strong head start when building your own marketplace, and you can use all of them to sell your services.

  1. MarketPresso Business Finder App (Worth $997): a pro tool to find clients.
  2. Mega Bonus For First 250 Buyers (Worth $497): first 250 buyers get their own ad created
  3. Free Advertising Credits Worth $600-$800 on Google, Bing, LinkedIn etc.
  4. AI Logo Creator Software (Worth $697): Use for your business or sell as service.
  5. AI BrandDomain Software (Worth $497): Use for your business or sell as service.
  6. Ultimate Guide to Ad creation for Beginners (7 Platforms)
  7. SMMA Audit & Proposal Checklist
  8. Social Media Marketing Agency Resources And Tools
  9. Perfect Ad Copy Cheatsheet
  10. Handpicked Ads Screenshots From World’s Top Marketers
  11. 150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools
  12. The Copywriting Checklist You Need To Follow
  13. Checklist To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency
  14. High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet




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