MAP Courses – Best trainings and courses included Part #1

Feb 28, 2024 | Reviews

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits - Products
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

So, I’ve announced a little more about the MAP courses when I actually have a little bit of time, and here it is. This is a short Master Affiliate Profits review, just after the first steps in the environment. I hope you find something useful in here that would help you decide.

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Why would you want to enter the Master Affiliate Profits system?

Like I have already mentioned in my first post, the MAP program is actually huge. I mean, it’s got lots of things inside, and is actually pretty huge for every affiliate, for beginners even more so.

MAP Courses - Master Affiliate Profits

The basic courses described below are easily worth thousands if you would buy them separately. And, mind you, they’re all within MAP courses section, to which you get access as a Master Affiliate Profits member.

MAP Courses

First, there’s a huge number of trainings included in the package. Let’s briefly describe the topics:

  • Traffic
  • List buildingg
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Banners & Graphics
  • Ad Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Creating Bonuses
MAP Courses - Master Affiliate Profits - Products
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Traffic is what makes any business possible. In this context, traffic stands for people coming to your website, your landing pages, your product and services page. While you will never achieve a 100% conversion from visitors to buyers, there’s a strong bind between the people visiting and ending up buying something. This percentage varies very much, also regarding the niche, but it’s believed to be somewhere between 1% and 15%.

So, if you create a beatiful and informative sales page for some product, chances are you will end up selling the product to some 2% of all visitors. This also depends on the quality of your landing page, and the source your traffic is coming from. If it’s a cold traffic (first-time users, without knowing you), it will be lower than when traffic is sourced to your other page, like a review or your list.

Imagine getting 100 visits per day. Assuming your product is something people like, you’re probably making 2 sales every day. Now, what would happen if you manage to multiply that traffic to a 1,000 visits per day? Sure enough, you can anticipate roughly 20 sales per day. If your product sells for $7, that already means a daily income of $140, which translates to $4,200 monthly. Personally, I would be very happy with that.

But as with every business, you can improve this. You can for instance make your landing pages convert better. For this, something called A/B Testing (Split Testing) is the right thing, because it helps you see what works best and then stick to it. If you manage to get the conversion rate to 5%, guess what – the numbers go to $500 per day. And if you get past 10%, you’ll likely get sales even if you only get 10 visitors daily.

To shorten the story – the more traffic you get, the better chances are you’ll also earn from it. And this is the point of doing affiliate marketing, isn’t it?

This set of training is IMHO the most important of all the MAP courses, surely the most important one you have to master.

List Building

En email list is widely considered the marketer’s best asset. It is so because once you build a list, i.e. gather people with certain interest in it, you will have opportunity to email them your offers whenever you like through an autoresponder software.

Imagine building a list of 1,000 people that are all interested in dogs. They proved it already, because they have opted in via your landing page that offered something that’s good for dog owners (hint!). Do you think you will get sales when you promote a new dog bark deterrent devie to them via email? Almost surely yes. And in a week, you promote a new feeding device (or whatever) you have just found on Amazon, and you will again get some sales. And so on.

Shortly, when you build a list, you have a bunch of interested people right where you want them. If it’s big enough, you will earn your paycheck with every email you send to them.

Unfortunately, list building is not a simple task. It demands work, time and often costs a lot. Since both John and Omar & Melinda have huge email lists, you can believe they know a lot of the process. And this is what you should do – learn from the masters.

So combined with the traffic training, list building is one of the most important MAP courses, and it even gives us several proven PLR products to use as magnets.

Email Marketing

Once you have your email list ready and some subscribers on it, it’s time to abuse them with your offers.

Like anything, email marketing has its own set of rules. You know that, you’re getting lots of emails daily, I’m sure. So which emails are you opening, which links are you clicking? Because without that, you are not getting anything from your list. You could be sending 3 emails per day, while noone opens them and clicks on your links, you’re not making any sales.

You can learn by doing, sure. But it’s a waste of time and money, because there are people who already know how to do it. All you have to do is look into the MAP courses portfolio and learn from the courses included.

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You have a WordPress website, and you decide to blog about hairdressing. Great. But why are you blogging?

Is it just a hobby, meaning you like to write down what you do? Or, you have some target in your plan and you want to monetize your website?

Again, there are rules and tools that will make it much easier and faster for you to get whichever way you want to go. And inside MAP courses, there’s a bunch of trainings that will teach you exactly that,

Video Marketing

Nowadays, video is much more likely to bring you good results in your marketing efforts. It’s simply because people like watching videos, simply. So if you can translate your marketing messages into nice little videos, you could easily build yourself a great business fast.

It however takes special skills and tools. This section of MAP courses is all about that, from how to create an appealing script and down to how to actually create a good looking video from that same script.

MAP Courses - Video Marketing courses

Banners & Graphics

While videos are taking lots of our time online, banners and graphics on any website are still a very important part of marketing. Whichever website you will visit, it’s likely that you will see a banner promoting something at first sight.

Getting your message into a graphic that will catch people’s eyes is some sort of magic. MAP courses have you covered though.

Ad Marketing

No matter what you may think of buying ads, it’s a fact that this is the best possible way of getting targeted traffic to any landing page, except email marketing. It is also crazy successful when it comes to list building.

The downside of ad marketing, of course, are the costs. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, or if you’re even not careful enough at some point, it can easily burn your budget without any meaningful results.

So again, learning helps earning (or not losing, in this case), and MAP courses section has courses on ad marketing that will hep you get results and not spend everything and your right hand.

Social Media

I’m sure you know that social media plays a huge role in any online business. You simply cannot ignore the power of it when thinking of searching for possible customers. It has to be done right, though. You can easily get banned if you do something terribly wrong, which leads to losing all your hard work untill that moment, or simply not get any results. Which is equally tragic, actually.

So how to market on Facebook, Google, how to build an audience, how to so all that with as little cost as possible? This all is amobg the subjects MAP courses hold for members.

Creating Bonuses

Finally, MAP courses section holds a few courses about creating bonuses for your offers.

While creating bonuses is in no way mandatory, it was proven many times that is helps growing the conversion rates. Think about it – you’re faced with two proposals (i.e. affiliate posts) that market the same software. One says just go and grab it, and the second says I’ll give you a bonus worth $37 if you buy. Honestly, which one will you choose?

Bonuses however have to have some meaning. They have to be congruent with the offer, because this way they will be worth their maximum. It’s much more likely you’ll buy a dog bark deterrent device if you get a dog training ebook with it that if someone offers a hair conditioner, right?

Building bonuses has to be niche targeted, and this is what John is teaching us inside the MAP courses area.

Learn more about MAP Courses


Whatever you might think about Master Affiliate Profits system and the MAP courses section, it’s clear that it can help you achieve your targets much easier and faster. In many cases, it will enable beginners to achieve anything at all online.

It is just a part of the package, but my rating on the MAP courses is very high, although I haven’t yet been able to go through all of them. The courses also work together nicely, so you can easily use something you have learned in one to master the other. But nothing else was expected, really, because both John and Omar & Melinda are known as very successful entrepreneurs who made training their business. They just know what they’re doing, that’s all, and they’re proving it throughout the MAP courses area.

I will proceed with the trainings inside MAP courses tonight, and have some more insights for you tomorrow.

Talk soon, in the meantime, take a little time and check the whole demo video of Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) system.

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

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