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Apr 5, 2024 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

Master Affiliate Profits: List Sabotage
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

List sabotage: does such a thing exist?

In the extremely competitive arena of internet marketing, the concept of “List Sabotage” has emerged as a significant challenge. It is widely overlooked, but it definitely undermines the efforts of hardworking affiliates and vendors. This practice, where affiliate platforms utilize the leads generated by marketers for their own promotional activities, effectively competes against the original list owner by marketing similar or competing products with their own affiliate links. This short post talks about the intricacies of list sabotage, its implications for marketers, and also about Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) System as a completely revolutionary ecosystem designed to protect and empower affiliates against these exact predatory practices.

List Sabotage Explained

List sabotage is something that occurs when marketers drive traffic to promote offers listed on certain platforms. Those platforms, while this is happening, capture all the leads for themselves. Later on, these platforms engage in direct marketing to these leads, but mostly promoting products using their own affiliate links. This not only dilutes the effectiveness of the original affiliate’s list by introducing competing offers but also raises actual ethical concerns about the ownership and use of leads gathered.

This questionable practice has been widely accepted by many in the industry, lured by the promise of “free” services. In reality, they often charge transaction fees and dangle the elusive carrot of “Product of the Day” status. This status, often determined more by politics than actual sales conversion and performance, offers fleeting visibility and benefits. But leads, gathered in the proces and the marketer’s most important asset, get “stolen” and divided among many cometing lists. Remember, you cannot compete with something like JVZoo when it comes to promoting; don’t even try.

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The Implications of List Sabotage

For all affiliates and vendors, in reality, list sabotage represents a fundamental breach of trust and even a direct financial threat. All the hard work and investments involved in traffic generation and lead capture is effectively hijacked. In this process, affiliates find themselves in direct competition with the very platforms they relied on to sell their products. This not only impacts current earnings but also strongly erodes the long-term value of their subscriber lists.

Just imagine competing to someone who has million times more everything compared to you – subscribers, funds, views, knowledge, tools, … You simply have no chance, so your hard work you’ve put into building a list gets literally worth much less, if anything.

The MAP Solution

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) offers a groundbreaking solution to list sabotage. MAP is not merely an affiliate marketing program but an all-encompassing ecosystem designed to empower affiliates through education, tools, and ethical practices. It brings a few terribly important pieces of the puzzle.

  1. Hard-Coded Referrals: The approach to referral tracking is a cornerstone of the MAP system. Every prospect an affiliate brings into the MAP ecosystem is hard-coded to that exact affiliate, no less and no more. This means any future purchases made within the ecosystem will always credit the same referring affiliate with the sale, ensuring long-term benefits from any initial efforts.
  2. Comprehensive Training: Master Affiliate Profits system features no less than nine detailed modules covering every aspect of affiliate marketing, from basic list building and email marketing to effective traffic generation and any product promotion online. This education empowers affiliates to not only grow their lists but also to engage effectively with their audience during their lifetime on their lists.
  3. Ethical Lead Management: Unlike affiliate platforms that engage in list sabotage, MAP respects the sanctity of lead ownership. Affiliates have full access to a leads page where they can view subscriber details, download their lists, and even integrate the MAP system directly with their own autoresponders, ensuring a seamless transfer of leads.
  4. Automated Marketing: The MAP ecosystem markets to any affiliate’s subscribers on their behalf, using their affiliate link. This ensures that the affiliate is always credited with leads and sales, eliminating the risk of list sabotage.
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MAP Phase 2 specials

During Phase 2, which is planned to end at the end of April 2024, everyone has a possibility to join the system as a Platinum Member for a single payment. After launch start, the Platinum membership will switch to monthly fee of $97.

The differences in membership levels is huge, not only in the amount of training available to the members, but also commissions wise. While the Platinum members start with 75% commission rates, the free members will start at 25% and pay $97 monthly to upgrade to Platinum level if they want higher commissions.

The second huge difference is that the vendors really want to push the system. In order to do this, any member that joins during Phase 2, will have their affiliate link to MAP system pushed via their rotators. Since John and Omar are both super affiliates and vendors, you can imagine they have huge lists of buyers available. Can you imagine the value of this?

I’ve been a member for a month now, but have started to promote MAP actively maybe a week ago. But, imagine that, I’ve earned $563 in commissions a week after signing up, and that happened from the traffic the Master Affiliate Profits system rotator send over to my affiliate link. That’s nice, isn’t it?

This is how it looks inside. Please note I’ve only finished my tax papers inside MAP today, so I’m expecting the payout within a day or two.

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) Commissions earned


List sabotage has long been a dark undercurrent in affiliate marketing, but with MAP, affiliates now have a robust defense against this practice. By prioritizing the empowerment of its affiliates, providing comprehensive training, and adhering to ethical lead management practices, MAP represents a significant leap forward in the quest for a more transparent, effective, and fair affiliate marketing industry. Through its innovative ecosystem, MAP is setting a new standard, where affiliates can confidently grow their businesses without fear of list theft, sabotage, or lost revenue.

Affiliate marketing, at its core, is one of the most lucrative businesses you can start. It has its own set of dangers though, and if you set off wrong, chances are you’ll spend much more muc faster than you can make anything. This, by itself, is the number one reason so many affiliates give up very soon. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and MAP system is a great proof of it. Do yourself a favour and check their free presentation.

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Download a free MAP Report

By clicking HERE you can download a free MAP (Master Affiliate Profits) report and read it on any device. It includes more data on list sabotage as well.

Just be sure to read it as soon as possible, because MAP Phase 3 is closer than it seems. Thank you!

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