WP Link Fixer Review – Don’t get penalised by Google!

Sep 17, 2021 | Reviews

Link Fixer Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Google is changing rules

Google recently rolled out a new update that targets link spam, specifically affiliate links, sponsored links and paid links. This shouldn’t go unnoticed and this Link Fixer review will try to explain why.

Google says:

“In our continued efforts to improve the quality of the search results, we’re launching a new link spam fighting change today which we call the Link Spam Update. This algorithm update is even more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam more broadly, across multiple languages. Sites taking part in link spam will see changes in Search as those links are re-assessed by our algorithms.”

Don’t get slapped by the latest Google Link Spam update!

What this means in real world is that any websites caught by Google bots that have links that don’t comply will be moved down the ranking line.

Shortly put, your website couls possibly totaly disappear from the first pages og Google search. This could mean a drastic change in the number of visitors you get, and of course in the amounts that your websites earn for you. I don’t think I should tell you just how much this scared me.

What is the basic of this Google update?

The basic is simple – outside links on websites should carry more information about what Google is to do with them.

Until now, the algorythm requested that outside links, specifically affiliate links, are marked as “nofollow” links. If you’re now a software type, this simply means a tag is added to the link like this (it’s HTML code that your browser can read). You would see Google and it would be clickable.

Present link<a href="">Google</a>

The new form: <a href="" rel="nofollow sponsored">Google</a>

Noticed the rel=”nofollow sponsored” part? Well, that’s what Google wants to see. Based on that info that bots will collect, Google will decide what to do with this links.

This image is taken from Google’s info page.

LinkFixer Review

What can you do about it

To escape the danger of your sites being re-assessed and possibly (cery likely, even….) lose their current rankings, there is only one remedy.

You MUST fix each and every affiliate link on your website to comply.

I can literally see you counting your links and saying “c’mon….”. At least I did exactly that. Because fixing all the links that I have published on this and other websites… well, it would take me a lifetime. Because this means checking every post I’ve ever made… No. I’m not playing that game.

Hard: Developing a solution

Two weeks ago, when I first heard of this change, I started thinking about a way to do this. And since I prefer doing less than more, I started drafting a simple plugin that would fix these links on the fly. Meaning, the websites would stay intact, but on the pages and posts that get published, your browser would see the links the correct way. Yes, it can be done with WordPress, or any other website in fact.

At first, it seemed prety easy. I just have to catch the links in the HTML code and replace them before the code gets published. No big deal, right?

Wrong. It turned out that there are so many things that can go wrong… I’m linking to all sorts of other pages, and some actually need other tags that these. For instance, for certain links I need the tags to be rel=”follow”. How the heck am I supposed to filter them all? And do it correctly, without breaking them randomly? In short, it proved to be a bit more complicated than it seemed at first.

Better: Finding a solution

In the beginning of this week I received an email, inviting me to promote this piece of software called WP Link Fixer. And imagine that, it was exactly about the problem I was facing!

Of course I’ve joined, and I’m bringing it to you in this Link Fixer review.

I also bought it immediately today, practically moments after it went live. This secured the lowest possible price to me ($12!!!). You can rest assure that I am not able to program this for this money, even if I take $1 as my hourly rate. No way. So I really consider this money well spent, I’m not even thinking twice about this. With it, I actually got a few dass of my life back, because the time saved here will be used in better ways. Like, for instance, to write this very Link Fixer review that shows you an easy remedy to a potentially large problem.

WP Link Fixer demo

Here’s the official WP Link Fixer demo.

Does WP Link Fixer do the job?

Oh yes. It’s actually much more capable that what I had in mind.

Link Fixer gives you many more options. You can define all your outgoing links, and then group them further. You can mark certain domains, and so on. To keep this Link Fixer review as short as possible – Link Fixer will do what it’s meant to do, and it will do it fast. That’s all that’s needed, as far as I’m concerned.

Some will lose and some will win

People who don’t change this will find it much harder to rank on Google. And they will lose their position in the search rankings all around the globe.

On the other hand, people that do change this asap will replace them at the top of Google’s search results, and will become winners. I don’t know about you, but I surely know where I want to be next year.


LinkFixer Review


Link Fixer review: Do you need Link Fixer?

Like always, there are people who don’t need it, and then there’s the rest of us who need it really badly. The only factor that is important here, because I believe we are on the same side as far as making money goes, is whether you are doing any affiliate marketing. That is, posting links to affiliate offer on marketplaces like JVZoo, Warrior+, ClickBank and so on. Even linking to your friend’s blog might fall into this category, actually.

If you’re doing that, than only one question remains – what are you waiting for?

I really suggest you click on the button below and check the salespage and demo. The Link Fixer plugin itself couldn’t be any easier to use, and works with any links any any WordPress theme. It does not change anything in the WordPress core functionality, so you have nothing to fear there. It simply does what needs to be done, and it does it fast. Grab it.



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