I’ve made $563 – Master Affiliate Profits Value (MAP)!

Mar 5, 2024 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

A week ago, I’ve posted about this new affiliate system, called Master Affiliate Profits, presented by John Thornhill and Omar Martin.

If you’re doing anything in affiliate marketing, you’ve probably heard of them. They’re both super affiliates and among best selling authors/affiliates – John on Clickbank and Omar on JYZoo. Their new system is out and I’m convinced that Master Affiliate Profits value easily outweighs the needed investment.

Why I have joined Master Affiliate Profits

Well… I’ve been doing – or trying to do – affiliate marketing for a few years now. I’m not new with computers and Internet, WordPress and other things, as I am not new to marketing (a job is a job). But affiliate marketing was something new to me and honestly, I was having troubles wrapping my head around its concept. And I know one of the first rules of every skill for a long time.

The best way of learning how to do things is by listening to someone who is already successful at that.

That’s easy, right?

Not really.

You see, if you open your browser and type in “make money online”, you’ll get hundreds of search results that will promis you easy earning online. Most of them will be affiliate posts (or even links), and then there are many promising to teach you all about the topic.

Here, your troubles will begin.

How exactly do you, as a beginner, filter out the bad things and find the best ones that will fit your needs? You’re probably no different than I was, and every link that promises an easy $1,000 per day in exchange for $7 will look terribly promising to you. I understand. I’ve spent thousands during the last few years trying to get the perfect product that will enable me to start earning by tomorrow. In the process, I was added to countless email lists and was in a stage where my inbox was bombarded by literally hundreds of emails every single day.

Not that I didn’t make any sales; I have a nice number of sales both on JVZoo and Clickbank, but they were all low ticket. All together, I’ve earned maybe $5k during this time. Not exactly what’s needed for retirement, right? And this is exactly where I see the Master Affiliate Profits value…

Watch this free webinar to learn what I’m talking about.

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits Value

The revelation

Then, some day, I came across an email that pointed me to a training called Funnel Boss, made by Omar Martin. It promissed to teach me about the sales funnels, so – again – I’ve pulled my card out. Only this time I was plesently surprised.

The training actually made sense to me. As Omar goes through ins and outs of every sales funnel, it somehow started looking like something I could do by myself. My newly-found motivation helped me take a few steps in the right direction, and sales started to come in.

Just a few weeks later, I landed on a sales page of another short training, this time by John Thornhill. As he was “basic enough” for a newbie like me, I was able to use his training also.

You see my point here?

Finding the right mentors and following their methods made me 80% of what I have made online, and all within less than a year, compared to the previous 4 years* of trying to do it myself.

Since then, I always check their emails. Not that I click everything, just the things that interest me the most. And so I came across the Master Affiliate Profits link as well.

* I am using a rather small amount of my time doing affiliate marketing. My job takes lots of my time, besides that, I’m trying to be as involved with my family as possible. The overall results could have been much better if I was to work on this just a little more. I know.

Master Affiliate Profits Value

First, a disclaimer.

Master Affiliate Profits Backer Program, which is available in their Phase 2, is not cheap. It costs $797 to join, so if you’re not able to spend that, that’s it for you. However….

In Phase 3, when MAP will officially launch, the user levels will be introduced. And, if it goes as planned, the basic access will be free to join. If that’s more of a thing for you, wait another month and you will be able to join for free.

Of course, the level costing $797 and a free level can’t be equal – and this is where I found the MAP value, big enough to put the money in. Even watching their short webinar can help you decide and show you the Master Affiliate Profits value.

To shorten it up: I’ve made a sale!

I’ll talk about Master Affiliate Profits in details elsewhere – what I actually wanted to show is I’ve made a sale.

This means that someone (yes, I have their email contact data) has joined the MAP Backer program via my link. Or, One Link, as they call it in MAP. Someone paid $797 and joined, and guess what: I’ve earned a whoping $563 at that point (75%)!!! This is how it looks inside the dashboard:

Master Affiliate Profits value - earning online

The best thing? I haven even seriously promoted it yet!

One thing you get when you join Master Affiliate Profits value as a member is a link they call ONE Link.

It is the one and only link members need to promote in order to get leads and sales. During Phase 2 (until early April), part of being a backer is also being included in the click rotator by the vendors.

What this means is I’m getting clicks (that is, my One Link is) without even promoting anything, because MAP is using John and Omar’s contact list right now.

According to John and Omar, this will go on for the entire Phase 2, meaning all March. While I have a few clicks from an email I’ve sent, the majority of clicks came to my link from MAP’s rotator. Here’s how it looks inside the dashboard:

Master Affiliate Profits value - earning online

Where it says One Link in the Source column, that’s my email link been clicked. The other ones (over a 100 in a week) all came from John and Omar’s list, and one of those people also joined via my One Link, almost paying my expense for joining Master Affiliate Profits.

Do you see the Master Affiliate Profits value right here?

Besides having access to hours of hands-on training that proved to be valuable, these guys are actually promoting it for me and other members.

Master Affiliate Profits value is like Bitcoin, but only going one way – up.

The way I see this, you cannot miss. Later on, John and Omar are planning to include various other products into the loop, and every visitor you bring will be able to buy it with your affiliate link – meaning, you’re getting the commission. Aside from that, like already pointed out, the training package itself is priceless if you’re serious about earning online.

MAP Bonus

I am pretty confident that MAP can help anyone. In fact, I’m so confident that I have decided to add a bonus for you when you join MAP via my link. Click the image below to check it out, but don’t wait too long, because the bonuses are time-limited.

Master Affiliate Profits - MAP Bonus


Well – being serious about affiliate marketing and all, I only have one thing to say.

Go for it.

If you can afford an investment of $797 right now, I seriously believe this could be the best decision you’ll make this year. In any case, you really should watch a short webinar by John and Omar, where they explain everything I’ve mentioned above and more. I’m also convinced that Master Affiliate Profits value is far beyond the investment needed.

Maybe you’ve just found your treasure trove.

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