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May 27, 2022 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

MinuteStock Agency
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Is MinuteStock worth buying?

The questions I’ve received via different channels all ask more or less the same question: is MinuteStock worth buying? This is a crapy question, if you ask me, simply because it depends on so many factors. While it’s more than worthed the $27 for some people, because it opens up possibilities for them, it may be a total junk for others. Especially if you already have an online business running with high-ticket offers, this may not be your “point of interest”. But still, even in such conditions, I’d think twice about not establishing another income channel into any business. It really can’t hurt, and the investment is more than modest. Even if you buy a whole funnel as a bundle with the MinuteStock Bundle Offer ($297 or over $150 less than separate products), it’s not really a life-thretening money, is it. Because you can after all be sure that it will come back real fast. Yes.

About MinuteStock

As the name implies, MinuteStock is about stock resources. It consists of over 7mio resources including videos, images, gifs and memes. You get access to all of those, plus, you get a commercial license to sell them to your own customers.

But that’s not the whole point of MinuteStock. Again, as the name implies, it promises to take you only a minute to set up your own online business where you can earn hefty commissions as an affiliate. And that’s the better part of MinuteStock, IMHO. Because this is the thing that will let any newbie out there, struggling to get things going, start with an online business in a branded way. MinuteStock will give you 8 complete funnels, consisting of 19 different products, at your disposal to sell as an affiliate. Each of the funnels has everything that defines a funnel included, from landing/optin pages and all the way to the delivery pages and autoresponder integration. A lot of work if you plan to do it yourself.

And this is what the “minute” stands for in MinuteStock.

The basis of all included funnels is giving away free royalty-free graphical assets and building a list of subscribers. On top of that, each subscriber gets routed through a funnel where he can also buy certain products. Later on you have the chance to market other things to to the subscribers collected.

An email list, let me repeat that once again, is the mosst valuable asset you can have in your business.

How to buy MinuteStock

It’s on sale right now for a few days, and you can check the offer and present pricing clicking any of the buttons in this post.

But let’s dive into the funnel itself, viewing it from the customer’s point. I’ve bought it as it launched, and here are my observations.


MinuteStock Purchase


MinuteStock Funnel and buying process

I’ve bought MinuteStock straight from Cindy’s email. My expectations were simple, really.

  • I want (and need :)) another income stream in my life.
  • MinuteStock gives me 8 of them for the price of a lunch, so yes, I’m ready.
  • I’ll do some traffic later on by myself.
  • All in all, a simple plan (that is, a wish, really) to earn a little extra that I don’t have to work my ass off for.

Can you relate to these? If yes, read on.

Front End: MinuteStock Agency ($27)

MinuteStock Agency

While Cindy will give you an overview of what MinuteStock is and what you can gain from it, you can take a look at the page itself. There was little new to me, as I’ve checked with Cindy already while applying as an affiliate, but you could find interesting things there. One thing, for sure, are the launch bonuses.

MinuteStock Launch Bonus

I guess there’s no need to explain them really, let me just say that each is worth their own $27 already. Of course, you have to have a templating system in place, but that’s what you get with MinuteStock.

The second thing that might also be of interest for newbies is a very short explanation of the 3-step activation process MinuteStock promises.

MinuteSTock 3-step process

I’ve connected it already, and yes, it works exactly like this. The links that I’ve received after completing the steps all have MY affiliate links included, ergo for every sale I will be credited to my affiliate account. Simple as that.

Read the whole salespage and you’ll see what I was talking about. Just click the button below.


Get access now button


OTO1: MinuteStock Advanced ($27 Personal, $37 Commercial)

MinuteStock Advanced package adds some more juice to the offer, and you’ll learn about this going through the page. Here’s a short list:

  • Extra 5 Million+ searchable HD videos covering every possible niche on the planet
  • Extra 50K+ searchable audio tracks & Sound FX to boost your video conversions
  • Built-in video library to upload, host and use your own videos
  • Create & download unlimited videos for your own projects or sell them to your clients
  • Go limitless with 15K+ Stock Videos, 750+ 4K Videos you can use as often as you need
  • Download unlimited videos and video memes in your desired resolution
  • Use the In-Built Video Editor for fast video creation and easy importing
  • 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out and if it’s not for you, they’ll refund you!


MinuteStock Advanced

All this you can get for $37 with a full Commercial license, or for $27 with a Personal Usage license (offer as a downsell). I don’t know about you, but I’ve took it. It seems more than worthed to me.

OTO2: MinuteStock Traffic ($147 one month, $127 monthly)

This one is tricky. It’s perfectly clear that without traffic, you could give away sport cars for free and still noone would take them. Why? Because noone would know about them. So having traffic to your offers is a must.

What Cindy and her crew is offering here is actually pretty cool. They will input your affiliate links (from the MinuteStock/FunnelMates system) into their own link rotator for a month (for $147) or longer (as long as you’re paying them $127/month). While this may look expensive as hell at first sight, it’s actually not so much. The traffic from their rotator averages somewhere between 150 and 200 visitors per month, which – by simple math – equals to the cost of roughly $0.75 per click. This number is about the same as you would achieve by using solo ads, but with much more targeted traffic. If you were to use Facebook Ads, the number would be even higher for sure.

Now, bringing 200 visitors doesn’t mean you’ll get 200 subscribers or 200 sales. Not everyone will sign up, and even less will buy. The average you can take for calculation is probably between 20 and 30%, so with 200 visitors you can calculate cca 50 subscribers. Out of these, with just a bit of luck, you’ll get a sale or two – depending on the funnel it can be as little as $7 per sale, or as high as $400 per sale. It’s all in the air, unfortunately.

More importantly, these 50 subscribers will land in your own email list (like at Aweber, where you can create a free acount). Here, you can continue to promote all sorts of offers to them, and here’s where some more money can be expected.


MinuteStock Traffic


OTO2: is it worthed?

Absolutely YES, if you’re a total beginner and don’t have any traffic sources established yet. That is, assuming that you want results as soon as possible, because you can always start building your traffic right now from scratch.

Questionably YES, if you have your business running already and don’t want to spend time doing this by yourself. Like I said, it’s similar to running solo ads, just a bit more targeted (i.e. with more chances of success). So if you don’t want to spend any time on that, spend these $127/month and the thing will move by itself.

Absolutely NO if you have your own traffic sources established and have the time and will to to this by yourself. This way, you’ll probably be able to reach lower cost/subscriber.

OTO3: Minute Stock Reseller ($167-$197 one-time)

Now this is different.

I’m sure you’ve heard that having own products to sell is by far the best way to earn online. It’s true.

What you’re getting with this option is a license (and a system) to sell MinuteStock as your own software. You either get 100 licences ($167) or 250 licences ($197) to sell through your own channels. This gives you an option to start a business as an actual vendor, and it’s the right way to go.

Having your own product means you can gather your own army of affiliates who will do the selling for you, for commission. Much like you’ll be doing with the basic MinuteStock Agency funnels, where you’ll be selling for affiliate commissions. So a little bit of planning, a little bit of work and you can actually sell 100 (or 250) licences in a certain time and collect 100% of the pricing (minus the commissions, of course). Not bad at all. This is what you get:


MinuteStock Reseller

If you have the budget, I’d take it if I were you, because this can mean a huge difference for your income.


Final thoughts

I have yet to organise the email lists that I will connect to MinuteStock. But overall, so far I’m happy with the purchase. I’ve tested the integration of my affiliate accounts, and all seems great. Now, I have to spend a little time in the training area. It’s a personal choice, not a total must, but still recommended. The more you understand the system, the better it will work for you.

Yes. Go for it while it lasts.


Get access now button



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