Instant Swipe File – Refreshed – By Matt Bacak

Mar 28, 2022 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

Secret Email System by Matt Bacak
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Instant Swipe File – Refreshed

Email Marketing is THE most lucrative business model online, and there are many millionaires out there to prove that. Would you like to do it too? It’s been online practically since the beginning of the Internet itself, as soon as people started using it. There are many people online that are doing it and earning wildly. One of them is Matt Bacak – he’s been called an email guru many times, and for a good reason. His strong point has always been copy, and that’s exactly what he’s showing and giving to everyone with his latest product, Instant Swipe File – Refreshed.

What is Instant Swipe File – Refreshed?

Matts copywriting is almost legendary. He’s been working online since 2004, and during this time he’s collected literally tons of money doing nothing but email marketing.

What he’s doing with this product is getting his winning email swipes to ordinary people like me and you. People who want to join the email marketing, but have troubles writing a copy that would actually sell something online. It’s one thing to build a list of subscribers, and it’s a whole other process. But even when you have a list, you’ll have to convince the people on it to buy something via your links. And this is what a good copy does. If you can write one, of course.


Matt Bacak packed a total of over 5,600 emails that he used during these years and that made him all those millions. They’re all there in the package for you and me to use as-is or adapt to your particular needs.

Additionally, he’s packed the training inside that will literally teach you how to do email marketing and use the swipes really efficiently.


Matt Bacak


The value of Instant Swipe File – Refreshed

What Instant Swipe File – Refreshed gives you is a massive head start into the business. If you have every tried dogin it yourself, you know it looks easy. You type a few sentences, you mention the product, and here we go. Then, a few days later, you notice that no sales happened. Why? What was wrong? Is it the product?

Usually, unless you really pick a bad product, it’s not. It’s your email copy that stinks.

It’s very well known by anyone on this planet that the best salesman can sell you anything. No matter whether you need it or not. So what is better to start a business online – a really good product or a really good sales copy? I have no doubts here.

My review

Honestly, I haven’t done all my homework yet.

Because Instant Swipe File – Refreshed only just launched. So, even if I’ve bought it immediately, you’ll probably understand that I simply had no chance of going through everything.

So why am I writing this at all?

I’ve followed Matt Bacak for some time now. I’m also a member of his Facebook group. In short, I’ve learned to respect what he says and does. He’s a very fast talker, so we – non-americans – can have troubles following him at times. But in the end, I’ve learned to listen to him, because, in short, he knows the subject he’s talking about. Because of this, I have no doubts that his newest product will be a success as others have been. That’s why I also have no trouble recommending it to everyone.

Just click below and check his demonstration. If you have just an atom of an online salesman in your body, you’ll see the energy. And his products are filled with that also.

Instant Swipe File – Refreshed pricing

Instant Swipe File – Refreshed is being sold on Warrior+, and the pricing model is Dime Sale.

This means that the pricing will start at a certain point, which is $7, and increase by a penny on every 3 sales made. The top pricing which by experience will be reached in a few days is $27, as expained by Matt. I don’t know whether this will hold, because Matt has the right to put it even much higher.

In any case, taking it as soon as possible is the best thing to do. It will guarantee you the lowest possible price. And $7… well, calculate for yourself. It’s around $0.001 per email copy. If you go to Fiverr and search for copywriters, you’ll see a single email costs between $35 and $2,000. So?

I’ve bought Instant Swipe File – Refreshed early. At the end of the day, I can only say GO AND GET IT NOW.


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