How to Work From Home | Coronavirus will Bankrupt more People than it Kills

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The Independent: Coronavirus will Bankrupt more People than it Kills
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

As the Coronavirus spreads around the world, more and more people are limited to their own appartments. It’s a good opportunity to think about how to work from home, become an online entrepreneur and lessen the dependancy on your daily job.

The UK’s newsgroup goliath, the Independent, declares that the Coronavirus will have a much deeper toll on the economic sector than public health.

“Coronavirus’s economic risk is significantly greater than its health risks,” checks out the short article titled ‘Coronavirus will Bankrupt More People than It Kills,’ written by Omar Hassan.

The Independent: Coronavirus will Bankrupt more People than it Kills

The author likewise asserts that if the virus does not directly impact individuals’ lives health-wise, it is more than likely to impact it through ‘stopping you going to work’, requiring one’s company to make the labor force ‘redundant’, and ultimately bankrupting business.

” The trillions of dollars wiped from monetary markets this week will be simply the starting if our governments do not action in.” The Independent journalist urges the federal governments of the world’s prominent economies to rethink and improve their policies in the middle of the ‘new element modifications [to the] status quo’. The reporter stresses the emerging new worldwide order and the center moves today. “Russia and China wish to improve global markets– and power balances– to their advantage,” composes the Independent.

Stock Market

The article plainly specifies that the pandemic break out will ‘financially maim millions,’ specifically since the wide-spreading disease has formed a ‘best storm’ with stock market crashes and the oil war in between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The slow initiation of a real war in Syria into another conceivable migrant crisis falls the currently magnifying problems.

The author of the article does not stop working to mention the weight China has on today’s world economy. He also highlights on the continuous trade war, prompted by President Trump against Beijing.

“China is the world’s biggest exporter and is accountable for a third of global production, so China’s issue is everybody’s issue– even in the midst of a trade war in between the White House and Beijing,” reads the post.

The Independent concludes the post by taking on much grander problems, such as power shifts in the global order, and how the West should prepare for it, but it is necessary to discuss that the author Omar Hassan, returns to the core problem of the day, and tops the article by saying: “All this makes it a lot more worrying that federal governments continue to see this as a health crisis, not an economic one. It is time the financial experts took over from the medical professionals before the genuine pandemic spreads.”

No time like now to learn how to work from home

If you’re one of those affected business-wise by the Coronavirus outbreak, you might have found yourself at home, isolated, not knowing what the near future will bring you. Whether you’ll still have a job to return to. Whether you’ll be able to pay the bills that accummulate slowly.

Maybe it’s time you thought about working from home, don’t you think? If you are a little bit comfortable with computers (who isn’t these days…), if you have a few busks left you can invest into something, think about it. You can learn how to work from home and earn online, thus becoming self-sustained and much less depending on your regular job.

While personal social contacts are not really wanted today, electronic world continues to operate. And Internet is actually full of business opportunities, you just have to decide which way to turn. Maybe you can start a blog that you can monetize online, maybe you’re good at kniting, whatever you’re good at, I promise you that you can find audience somewhere in the whole wide world. An audience that is interested in what you have to say and that will gladly pay a few bucks to learn something new.

And this is where your chance lies. Read on and learn how to work from home.

Some possibilities

We’ve compiled a few resources that can help you start your journey today. You don’t have to be a scientist for this, all you need is a computer and access to the Internet – the faster, the better. Take a look and choose if anything seems interesting to you.

Online Entrepreneur

Starting a business is never easy, and online business is no different. Packed with over 130 videos, this membership will teach you the basics you need to know before you go out there.


Blogging: How to use WordPress and Gutenberg?

A nice and easy video course that will show you the basic steps to install WordPress and use Gutenberg as a pro. Just in case you didn’t know, Gutenberg is a new WordPress editor that came out last year and changed the concept of posting in WordPress.


Ecom: How to use Amazon to the fullest

Amazon is the largest shop in the world. What’s interesting to us mere mortals is their affiliate program that anyone can join absolutely free. What you have to do is advertise their stuff through your personalised links, and Amazon will pay you a commission that usually ranges within 2-10% of every sale that’s made through your link.


IM: Internet Marketing For Busy People

Everyone is busy today, although in the times of Coronavirus outbreak, we have more time to spend at the keyboard. Here’s a book that will show you many options to earn from home, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just a newbie.


IM: IM Marketing Bundle

Like mentioned, there’s a whole lot of opportunities out there. Many depend on your Social Networks presence, and to use those networks you have to have some knowledge of the systems. Here’s a bundle that coveres some of those networks.


Fast and easy money using Online Surveys

Online surveys are everywhere, and believe it or not, there are companies that pay heavy dollars to people who fill them. So, what it means is you can actually get paid for your own opinion. Not bad right?


We will add more

We will add more links here, check again within a day or two. Learning how to work from home and earn your living online is actually pretty easy, but you have to take action. And there’s no better time than right now.

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