How to start affiliate business online with MinuteStock (Review)

May 25, 2022 | Reviews

MinuteStock Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Running an affiliate business online

Affiliate business is expanding by huge numbers every year, and it’s quite understandable. It has many advantages (you can read about some HERE), as well as some cons. But it’s life, it’s never only good. For anyone wanting to start an affiliate business online, I can only say GO AND DO IT. You’ll undoubtably find it’s not as easy as it sounds at the first glance, but it’s definitely doable with a little work. There are many products available online that can help you, trainings, software and all. One of such is launching thee days. It’s called MinuteStock and is basically – how to say – an actual business in a box. Even more, it’s 8 businesses in a single box. Read on and you’ll see what I mean with this in this short MinuteStock review.

The vendor

MinuteStock is being launched under the name of Cindy Donovan, a well established software vendor that has many successful products under her name. This one is no different, from what I saw it’s even based on some of her previous systems that sold very well, so it cannot be bad.

The software: What is MinuteStock?

It can be told in a single sentence, really.

MinuteStock is an online app (SAAS) that gives you 8 separate business opportunities and everything you need to make them work for you.

Too short? Let’s look a little deeper with this MinuteStock review.

What do you need to run an affiliate business?

You must never forget – an affiliate business is exactly what the name says, a business. This means it has to be run like a business, should you want to earn enough to fulfill some goals. If you want to quickly earn a million, good luck. It is not possible, unless you already have a few on stock to invest, but then I have no idea why you’re reading this.

The point here is that you have to have it organised. You have to have certain assets that you manage and sell, and you have to have a certain way of marketing them and so on. In short, this means that running a successful affiliate campaign consists at least of these few things:

  • something worth selling (a software, a training, anything that people want and/or need),
  • a website where you can promote it,
  • landing pages that invite people to buy and/or join your lists,
  • a proper connection to the vendor who’s product you’re promoting, in order to be allowed to promote,
  • an entire system in place that will capture the leads and buyers, so you can further market to them via email marketing,
  • a system to promote everything (social channels, paid advertising, etc),
  • and more, much more…. 🙁

This is actually no walk in the park for a newbie. It all can take weeks or even months to put together, even if you know what you’re doing. And it will cost you some money and lots of time to put everything together, test it and so on.

Is there a way to shorten this process?

Yup. There is now.

If you rolled your eyes reading the above list and almost gave up on affiliate marketing, then MinuteStock is exactly what you need. Inside, you’ll find just about everthing you need to start quickly, make some bucks and then extend your business in the way you like. Yes, this MinuteStock review is all about how happy I am with MinuteStock.

MinuteStock: a business in a box

MinuteStock is a collection of eight complete websites with lead magnets, automated sales systems, funnels for each (upsells, downsells) that are ready and earning 100% commissions in under 1 minute. So the more actual description would read 8 businesses in a box.

Not just one of them in 1 minute – ALL eight are fully branded to the user with all of your links added to a total of 40 sales, upsell, downsell and cross sell pages and over 100 followup emails already written, queued and set up for them.

Each of the eight products is a high quality stock asset business, containing in total more than 6 million images, videos, gifs, logos, sound fx, music files, vector graphics and more delivered in top notch membership website.

Just a thought – having read this, what do you think how much time and money would it cost you (or me) to create all this? Nah, I’m not even thinking about that, it’s far beyond what I can afford.

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What is needed for MinuteStock to start working for you?

It’s actually a bit funny. Then again, maybe not. Some time ago I was creating a funnel for an agency offer that I’m running, called Adplify. I had to create the bonus page, the sales page, the upsell page, plus the delivery pages. I opted to create them in WordPress, using Divi editor. It works, you can preview it here.

My point is – it took about a week of my life to put this one funnel together, test it properly and publish it on JVZoo network. Only then the marketing began, which is an ongoing process anyway. This MinuteStock review is also part of that marketing.

With MinuteStock, it literally takes minutes to put a complete funnel together. Correction, 8 of them. You get everything:

  • products to sell, with guaranteed approval from the vendor,
  • optin and landing pages done,
  • autoresponder sequences in place for you,
  • everything.

It’s actually a lot to talk about, it’s probably better to just let you watch the official MinuteStock demo video. Here it is.



You will still need some things

While MinuteStock equipes you with all the assets you need to make money almost immediately, there are still some things you’ll need in order to fully exploit your options.

You affiliate accounts

One thing you’ll need is an account at JVZoo. JVZoo is an affiliate network where vendors publish their products and where affiliates apply to promote them. Upon approving your application, you receive your special affiliate link which you promote to your audience. When someone buys the product via your link, you get paid. Period.

You can easily create an account at JVZoo for free, so it’s no stopper at all.

Additionally, you will want to create your accounts at Warrior+ and ClickBank as well, because some of the deals might come from these affiliate networks. They’re aso free to create.

An autoresponder

Second thing which is needed, although not mandatory, is an autoresponder. Something like Aweber, Sendlane, Sendiio or any other you might already be using. This is important, because in order to fully use every option, you really want to use email marketing. Because MinuteStock gives you the option to connect your autoresponder, so any and all contacts you gather get sent to your own email lists. Believe me, this is one asset you don’t want to miss. It gives you the power to contact these people again and again with other promotions even weeks after they have opted in. You can read a little more on that subject here.

Again, there are free options available, even at Aweber, which is one of the best in my opinion. Just click here and create your free account, follow some trainings and then connect your new list to MinuteStock. You can thank me later. 🙂


Lastly, you’ll need a Paypal account, in order to get paid your commissions. You probably already have it, so nothing to write here.


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MinuteStock review: the upgrades

You were right if you expected some upgrades to the basic offer. Of course there are a few.

Minute Stock Agency ($26.47)

This is the basic offer, and it gives you access to the main offer including

  • 8 Software Product Funnels containing 8 complete lead magnet and sales funnels systems with done-for-you upsells, downsells and cross promotions for all 8 sales systems, earning $9.97, $27, $47 and $67 sales. All pages, emails, promotional materials and traffic tools are instantly embedded with your sales links in under 1 minute for ALL product funnels.
  • Minute Stock Membership containing access to all eight searchable royalty free asset collections (7M+ of images, videos, logos, vector graphics and more). You can use this for your own personal use and also includes commercial license, so you can also sell them.
  • Bonus SaaS Access including your choice of 2 additional ‘business in a box’ style, done for you funnels each month completely free, and access to the funnel builder to create your own funnels too.
  • Training Zone with step by step instructions showing you how to set up your royalty-free asset businesses. Many beginners are seeing their first sign ups and sales in under 24hrs.

OTO1: Minute Stock Advanced ($27)

  • Unlock an additional 5 Million + searchable assets
  • Advanced Training Series (Video) sharing a 10 part video training series showing them how to get more out of their Minute Stock access
  • Bonus: Solo blast to my lists when 10 part series is completed
  • Bonus: Advanced Training Checklist
  • Bonus: 30 Day Fast Start Planner (5-10 min a day tasks)

OTO2: Minute Stock DFY Paid Traffic Bundle ($147 or $127/m)

While it may look expensive, think again. You’ll really want this in order to start earning as soon as possible. There is just no cheaper way.

You’ll get highly qualified paid traffic to your 8 pages to kick off the lead generation and get people seeing (and potentially buying) the offers in your funnel. The vendors have partnered with high tier traffic managers, running basically at cost – to help the members really get their MinuteStock sites off the ground.

OTO3: Minute Stock Reseller ($167-$197 one-time)

Additional option to assure you have something proven to sell. You will receive

  • Minute Stock agency dashboard allowing members to sell & create Minute Stock accounts
  • FunnelMates agency dashboard allowing members to sell & create FunnelMates accounts

You can sell these accounts by your own and getting paid 100%.

OTO4: Minute Stock TTS ($47-$67 one-time)

You can gain access to additional SaaS platform for premium Text to Speech software.

MinuteStock Review: My recommedation

I believe I’ve expressed my feelings by now. I can warmly recommend you grab MinuteStock, because it can really help you start creating your online business, dollar by dollar.

In addition to the main offer (MinuteStock Agency), I would really recommend you the OTO2, Minute Stock DFY Paid Traffic Bundle. It’s impossible to stress out enough how important traffic is – without it, all your offers are worth nothing. If noone sees them, noone will buy them, as simple as that. Hence, If you have a budget, grab it. It’s like buying solo ads, just much more targeted and suitable for the built-in offers and it practically guarantess some good news for you (ie sales and leads).

MinuteStock review: the MinuteStock Bundle Offer

If you have a little budget available and want to start your online business as fast and as effective as possible, then I’d recommend you take a look at MinuteStock Bundle offer.

Inside this offer, you get EVERY SINGLE UPDATE from the funnel at a heavy discount. Here’s what you get:

  • Access To Minute Stock SaaS (6 Million+ Searchable Royalty Free Assets)
  • Minute Stock Agency (8 product funnels selling MS for them + bonuses)
  • Minute Stock Upgrades (An additional 5,000,000+ assets)
  • Minute Stock Advanced Training (Bonus training series)
  • Minute Stock Traffic (one month of paid traffic for all 8 product funnels)
  • Minute Stock Reseller (100 Minute Stock Reseller Accts & 100 FunnelMates Accounts)
  • Minute Stock Text To Speech (TTS Software Platform in Minute Stock site)

Additionally, also 3 special bonuses are included:

  1. Get 2 New DFY Funnels Every Month (No Charge)
  2. Bonus Funnel Builder: Drag & Drop Our Templates To Make Custom Funnels
  3. WordPress Plugin: Activate and automatically display your giveaway optin forms, banners and more.

All these would cost well over $440 if bought separately. With the MinuteStock Bundle offer, it’s all yours for $297 only. Something to think about…

Here’s the link, I suggest you to check it: MinuteStock Bundle.

Closing thoughts about MinuteStock review

I could have written another two pages about everything included in MinuteStock, but I honestly see no real point in doing that. You can see everything you need to know from the demo video, as well as the sales page itself. So I encourage you to click below and see everything about MinuteStock.

Personally, I believe it’s a great option for a newbie. I will also grab it the minute it launches, simply to have a few more streams that bring income to the house. Therefore, I suggest you do that too. Be aware: I have no idea how the pricing will work, whether it will stay at the present level or jump drastically after the launch. So maybe it’s a good idea to grab it now, because I’m pretty sure it will not get any cheaper anytime soon.

I hope this short MinuteStock review gave you some reasonable infos about the product. Cheers!


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