Why would you even consider doing high ticket affiliate marketing?

How would it feel to make $1,250 in affiliate commissions per referral … instead of the $12.50 you get today?

Pretty remarkable, I’m sure?

Now while that most likely sounds hyperbolic, it’s definitely possible.

You can make anywhere from $100 to $1,000+ in affiliate commissions per sale.

With the right programs.

And without promoting anything that leaves you seeming like you require to take a shower.

Super affiliates actively operate in these spaces- they just never talk about it.

There are lots of 100% legitimate high-ticket affiliate programs out there, spread throughout numerous affiliate networks.

You just need to know where to find them

So in this short roundup, we’re going to share simply a few of the best high ticket affiliate programs with you.

What Are High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

A high ticket affiliate program is one that pays a high commission rate per recommendation, often in the range of $500– $1,000.

This permits you to make even more in affiliate commissions from the same quantity of traffic, and with nearly no additional effort on your part.

You can earn actually thousands of dollars from a single sale.

This is why incredibly affiliates pursue high ticket affiliate programs more than they do “low ticket” offers.

High Ticker Affiliate Marketing

Some examples of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

There are lots of high ticket affiliate programs available today. What is almost common for these programs is that you cannot just hop in and promote them, but rather the vendors will want some info from you. Some will ask about your existing affiliate status (whether you’re a complete beginner and so), some will want to know how you intend to promote their programs, and so on. But fear not, usually all this “interrogation” is done via a web form you have to fill and post. Then, if the vendor likes your input, you will receive further instructions and marketing materials.

One of the high ticket affiliate programs that I particularly like is John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success. Not because it’s so special by itself, but because it is fantastically supported by John and it actually worked out pretty well for me personally.

It’s a high ticket training program that John runs at the $2,397 price tag. You’re receiving 50%, so close to $1,200 for every sale you refer. And it’s not even as complicated as you might think, simply because it is a very interesting program, and because John really does everything to help you sell it properly. This includes marketing materials and also traffic trainings. And under John’s supervision you will also develop a complete product of your own that you can then use to build your business quickly.

If you feel interested, here’s THE LINK to apply as an affiliate. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose.

How To Get Started With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

How you approach promoting high ticket affiliate provides as an income stream will depend on your existing audience.

Generally, if they’re used to you featuring or reviewing $50 products it’s going to be a slap in the face when they find you featuring high ticket products rather. Promoting these items needs a shift in state of mind on your part.

You’re no longer selling on price.

Rather, you’re selling on the status of ownership.

Individuals don’t spend $1,500 on a set of headphones due to the fact that they’re 30x better than $50 headphones.

It’s so that everybody knows they spent $1,500 on a lifestyle device.

So, attempting to alter the shopping habits of your existing audience might take a lot of work. And expense you at minimum some of your routine traffic habits.

That’s the beauty of high ticket affiliate programs – you do not require a huge amount of traffic to make cash online.

Rather, you require highly-targeted visitors and individuals interested in high ticket items.

That’s why it’s in some cases simpler to just begin a new website to cater for a specific audience. It permits you to develop the content and community that’s most conducive to individuals investing cash on more pricey products.


That brings us to the end of our roundup on high ticket affiliate programs.

You do not have to nickel-and-dime it with affiliate marketing, chasing after $10-$20 commissions all day long. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can literally 10x your earnings by choosing better affiliate programs/promoting high ticket items.

You also need to nail your niche and keyword research study from day one. That’s why I usually advice people to take a look at this free webinar, where John Thornhill explains all about it.

Totally free of charge.

Why not put aside an hour of your day to examine it out? You have everything to gain and really nothing to lose.

Partnership To Success Free Webinar


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