How to get professional software for free


Crazy bonuses and $1 offers

Crazy bonuses and $1 offers

How to get video creators and other software for nothing

These days, we’re all more or less grounded – as my mother used to tell me every now and then.

But, life still costs us something, we all have to eat after all. Not to mention the regular “operational” costs at home.

So how can one have enough budget to buy software now, in this crazy situation?

Sometimes budget can be really tiny

I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered a number of extra discounts vendors are offering for their software or ebooks. There’s all sorts of discounts around, so there is actually a pretty good chance you’ll find the software you’re looking for at 20, 30 and even more % off these days.

It’s all very cool and really appreciated, of course, but still leaves a buyer with a cost of let’s say $37 for a software that normaly costs $47. Sometimes, it’s just too much and we just don’t have this kind of money at hand. Family first, remember.

There is another way though to get professional software for free, should you be interested in specific software, or even at specific niche.


Many people offer a number of bonuses if you buy something through their link, and it’s a normal way of thanking the customer for their decision. Nothing wrong here, and I’m doing it also.

Usually, there are better bonuses available for softwares that cost more; for instance, it’s relatively rare to get a bonus worth $197 when you buy something for $7. Likewise, there are rare cases of offering bonuses worth only $20 or $30 for a software that costs $197. Got the picture? There’s a pattern here and it’s completely logical. I’ve decided something else, though.

I’ve decided to do something else

As a way of saying thank you to all the people that have bought anything via my links in the past, as well as giving a little bit back to the new ones that need a chance, I’ve decided to do something pretty silly and give everybody a chance to get professional software for free.

Pricing down to minimum

First, I’ve taken a few of my own products and lowered the price to absoliute minimum. Specifically, $1.

Everybody can afford that, don’t you think so? And if the software, course or whatever they get for a single dollar helps them out in some way, I’m happy with it. I sure won’t become rich, but I’ll be happy.

Why I’m not just giving it away, you may ask? Well, if I give them to you, they’ll be worth what you paid them – nothing. I’m sure you have a number of such things already saved somewhere, colecting electronic dust. If you pay something, even just a dollar, you’ll look at them differently – believe me, Im no different to you or anyone, we all do the same stupid thing. The point here is for you to take action upon whatever you buy, and you’re much more likely to do so if you pay for it. That’s it.

Some of these products, already prepared for you to take them, are as dollows.

Facebook Marketing And Advertising

A tipical IM niche product that can help you learn a lot about how Facebook works and how to use this technology for your own benefits. Packed with useful tips and tricks to get the best out of Facebook.

Regular price: $9.97, use coupon FBMAAPRIL to get it for $1.

Expert Editing With WordPress 5 And Gutenberg

A video training that gives the viewer an overview and tips about how to use the new WordPress and before all, the new Gutenberg editor. While people are getting used to it slowly, there are tricks that can make your editing hours shorter and your results better looking easily.

Regular price: $17.00, use coupon WP5GAPRIL to get it for $1.70.


A classic scenario: how to make some money online when you have nothing to sell? This package solves it by giving you premium WordPress plugins you can sell, along with all the sales material you may need. All that’s missing is your own Paypal link (button) and you’re good to go.

Regular price: $1.

Detox Yourself The Right Way

In today’s life, we are all eating food that is processed in one way or another. Additionaly, the air we breath and the water we drink, not to mention the fast food and sodas, can make your body hurt. Detoxing is a process that releases our body from toxins and is something we should all do every once in a while. This ebook will give you a clear roadmap to what you can do to make your body much more satisfied with life.

Regular price: $9.97, use coupon DYAPRIL to get it for $1.

Gluten Free Lifestyle

If you’re getting tired sometimes with no obvious reason, if you have certain health problems that come and go and you’re not able to pinpoint the reason for it, there’s a good chance that you have developed some sort of gluten intollerance. It’s relatively common today for people to suffer from it, and the main reason are usually the additives we eat every day. This manual will give you a detailed overview of the steps you can take immediately to throw these risks out of your life and feel better every day.

Regular price: $9.97, use coupon GFLSAPRIL to get it for $1.

There are more products to come

There are more products to come to this selection, but as it takes some work and time to organise it properly, I thought it’s better to start woth some and add later than not to start at all. So, check back in a day or so, and there will be more products available for $1.

Super ultra good bonuses

Second, I’ve decided to raise the bar and offer crazy bonuses for specific offers. This is also a very fast way to get professional software for free.

So, if you’re thinking of specific niche or area of interest for your next endeavour, take a look at the offers above and check the bonus areas. You’ll find some bonuses worth many times more than a single dollar, so sometimes it’s worth buying something just to get the bonus. Go for it.

I’ve also updated some of the offers I’m promoting regularly, and added a really huge bonuses – for instance, should you need a software to easily  create short marketing videos from your product pages, a video creator called Videlligence is what you need. You can buy it immediately HERE for $67, but I tell you something better: go and buy Sqribble via my bonus page and for only $32 (at the time of writing this) you’ll get Videlligence for free as a bonus. Even more, you’ll also get some other bonuses, worth over $3,000 if you buy them one by one. I’m pretty sure almost any of my bonuses are worth buying Sqribble, not to mention that you also get – you guessed, Sqribble – a software that you can use to create beautiful ebooks easily.

It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

So this is my way of giving something to you people out there, and I hope it helps you create what you want or need.

As already mentioned above, I will add more bonuses to other offers also. So, check back in a day or so and see what else is available.

All discounts are time and quantity limited!

All the discounts I’ve mention above are limited to the first 50 buyers, and if that does not happen, until the end of April. Since some spots are already taken, I urge you to check the offers and grab them while you can. I’m not sure at the moment if I will reinstall the coupons after that. Go for it, and good luck!


So this are some ways to get professional software for free. if you like them, comment below and I’ll see what else can be done.

$1 Offers – check the bouses also!

Especially crazy bonuses added:


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