How to build a website quickly and save on hosting

Mar 12, 2021 | Reviews

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Why do you need a website?

Well, technically speaking, you don’t. Unless of course you’d like to present yourself, your company, your business to the world. And earn in the process. Shortly, if you want to do anything online other than abuse social networks, you need a website. Maybe you don’t know yet how to build a website, but this – believe me – is not a problem.

Nowadays everything is available online. You can read and check just about anything you want, buy a sweather, a pair of shoes, learn about polar bears while you’re waiting and so on. Did you ever consider becoming one of those people that actually make some extra money online? I’m talking about those that you buy from. They started somewhere, you know. Usually in the garage or on a laptop. Heck, for all you know they may still do their work on a single laptop. So, would you want to join them by offering something of value online so that other people may pay you for it?

You need a website. And if you don’t know how to build a website, read on.

How to create a website?

It’s a thousand-answers question, really. But basically, for the needs of this post, we’ll just look at a few.

Option #1: Pay someone to build your website

The world is full of agencies, small and not-so-small, that can do that for you. Maybe even the kid next door can do it for you during the weekend. This aproach is fine, as long as you have lots of money to invest or lots of time to take care of the website someone built for you as a favour.

Developing a full-blown website can cost you anywhere from $500 and well over $10,000 if done professionaly. You’ll get a pro result also, but the costs won’t stop there, because such a website needs maintenance. You can add some $25-$200 per month for that. And, of course, you’ll have to invest to buy a domain and hosting, which, again, adds some $100-$300 to a yearly cost.

After all that, you’ll also need to learn how to operate it – meaning, create posts and products and so on.

So, a great option for people with lots of money and little to no time available to do it.

Option #2: Create it yourself from scratch

There are lots of options to create a website by yourself. You can use WordPress, for instance; since it’s used by over a third of websites, it must be good, right? It is. But, as everything created to be universal, it takes some time to master it to really make it useful.

You can join one of the many free website creators that are available – like, maybe. It will cost you nothing, but you will be terribly limited in what you can do, because they have their own set of rules. It’s very likely that you won’t be able to do everything you had in mind without stepping out if the boundaries.

Great for people who have time to learn, but little or even no budget.

Option #3: Buy a website creator software

Again, many of them are available on the web and some we have already reviewed before (like ClickFunnels or ProfitSuite, for instance).

The key here is that you get access to a software system that you can use to build a website (or more of them). Usually, you can build simple web pages (like sales pages or optin pages), funnels (sets of connected sales pages that lead your customer from one purchase to another), maybe even membership sites. These systems can do wanders sometimes, because they take care of the hosting and everything else. Usually you don’t even have to buy a domain if you don’t want to.

Like I said, there are many available. Let me tell you just a bit more about one that launched just recently and has caught my attention.

XBuildrr – What is it?

XBuildrr claims to have answers to the most asked questions that came from beginners online. To a large extent, I can confirm that, honestly. Here’s what they promise:

Unlimited DONE-FOR-YOU High Converting Websites, Sales Pages, Funnels, Landing Pages & Inbuilt Hosting With Limitless Functionality And Huge Profit Potential, At An UNBEATABLE One-Time Price.

Sounds interesting?

Unlimited everything?

You should probably be cautios when you hear “unlimited”. Ok, for the normal fols like you and me, having an option to build 1,000 websites is already pretty much unlimited. Although technically it is not, of course, you will never use these numbers. So ok, let’s assume that is correct.

XBuildrr lets you create single pages, funnels and landing pages. With the package, they’re offering an unlimited hosting account, so you’ll never pay a cent to a hosting company, and unlimited bandwidth. Which is also important, because too many visitors in a time period can effectively block your site.

You don’t have to build everything from scratch

XBuildrr includes a number of templates that you can use as starting points for your projects. These include single pages, funnels and even membership sites.

What you need to do is select the one you like and then customize it to your liking, that all.

Is it worth the price?

Like already stated, it sounds nice. You’ll be even more pleased when you hear the price they’re asking – $17. Frankly, this is the price of a domain name per year, or maybe a month or two of hosting.

In short, it gives a newbie everything needed to start somewhere, without immediate additional costs. So yes, it’s very well worth the price.

Drawbacks of XBuildrr

You probably know that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. It goes for XBuildrr also, without a question. Luckily, I believe it’s not deal-breaking, because XBuildrr in this configuration is clearly targeted towards people that already know something, so they’re not absolute beginners, but they don’t have the budget to go higher. So, it has its limits to what it can give you, be aware of that.

We already mentioned ClickFunnels, right? It’s a fantastic system that gives you literally everything you could possibly need, but it comes with a price. This price is $97 per month, for which you can have just 10 pages/funnels/memberships created. Should you want more, the price goes to $297 per month, but you literally have no more limits. Ouch, right?

I know that comparing ClickFunnels and any system priced at $17 is ridiculous to begin with. It was not my intention at all, I just wanted to point out the really low price of XBuildrr. You’ll have to bear in mind the limits of the system. But for the price, it is actually great, easy to use and fast to bring results.

XBuildrr Review and Bonus

Of course, should you decide to invest the tiny $17 into this product, we’ll add some great bonuses for you. They will be available inside your download area automatically. Here they are:

  1. Monster Software Package (Worth $797)
  2. Zoo Funnel Mastery (Worth $147)
  3. Email Inboxer Software (Worth $97)
  4. 6 DFY FUNNELS [With Lead pages & gifts plus sales pages with products to sell] (Worth $397)

Additionally, if you buy at least three of the upgrades, you’ll get an unbelievable $12k bonus from the vendor himself. You’ll see more details inside when you join, be careful not to miss it.

XBuildrr Final verdict

I don’t know about you, but I’ve bought it – I have several other accounts (not ClickFunnels :)) already, but this one is so cheap that I had to try it out. I’m building my first funnel there, and I hope I can tell you more about it in the coming days.

So yes, I believe it deserves a test run, especially if you don’t know how to build a website and you’ve never done it before. Provided, of course, that you intend to use it to do something online that requires websites or funnels, like an ecommerce site, maybe. Take a look at more details and demo by clicking the button below.


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