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Sep 27, 2022 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks

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MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

What is AdvertSuite?

We’ve talked about AdvertSuite a little bit in my previous posts already (HERE and HERE). Nevertheless let me summarize it once again to answer the question what is AdvertSuite.

AdvertSuite is a huge collection of over 80M successful ads from Facebook, and there are thousands new being added on a daily manner.

Just in case you’re asking what does this mean to you or how can it help you grow your business, here’s the thing.

Successful businesses advertise on Facebook

While I’m sure you’re aware of this as you are bombarded with ads every day, I’m pretty sure of something else too.

If you’ve tried to advertise on Facebook before, you have probably burned a lot of money just testing the ads. Which may have been successful (I’m happy for you 🙂 ) or not. Me, I’ve had much more fails than successes, I can confess. I was “smart”, I had it all under control, the landing page, the ad, beatiful graphics, and I’ve got the ads shown to people. But the clicks were not as many as planned, and the costs were always – and I mean ALWAYS – higher than planned.

I was – clearly – doing something wrong. It was either the graphics, the copy, or the targeting. Something was always wrong. It really drained my wallet at times, and the results were modest at best.

How to advertise on Facebook

Yap, that’s a million dollar question for most people, right?

It’s actually not hard, but the devil is in the details.

Be aware that Facebook will do its best for your ad to be successful, because that’s what they want you to do in the future, too. But the best and worst thing about Facebook is that all our potential clients are there. The best because they’re available, and the worst because – well – because there’s so many of them that we have to be really careful who we target. We will never have ebough money to target them all. And since they are divided in small groups with different interests – how on earth can you say who is the BEST target?!?

Following this principle, there’s just one way: create ad graphics and copy and decide who to target. And here our nightmare begins.

Targeting is extremely important

Sure, the graphics and copy play a significant role in advertising. There’s nothing like a nice picture (or video) that attracts out attention while browsing. There are hundreds of software tools that help us do that, and the best ones have lots of great looking templates to make it easier. One of the best softwares I have tested is ClickDesigns (here’s a short review), and I suggest you take a good look at it because it can do just about anything, really. Because you don’t need expensive tools like Photoshop for that purpose.

Download this free case study to learn more about designing web- and ad graphics

But nevertheless, showing your ultra beautiful graphics to people that are simply not interested will only burn your advertising budget. It’s much better to use lousy graphics (to an extent, of course) and optimal targeting than vice versa.

How can AdvertSuite grow your business

There’s been plenty of posts on advertising, there are also tools that make it much easier such as AdPlify. So let’s discuss AdvertSuite.

With AdvertSuite, there are really only 3 steps you need to do to have a good idea about your ads.

Step 1: Search

Perform a search for a niche in a local market using a keyword, for example “dentists, Spokane”. You can filter all the ads by engagements so you can see all the under performing ones that are not interesting.

Step 2: Research

Use Advertsuite to search for your competitor’s ads. You’ll get their target audience, ad copy and even see their landing pages. With this information, you can quickly get a good idea about your own advertising campaign and landing pages.

Step 3: Copy and implement

Use the winnings ads in your niche as a template to create your own ads. Use the targeting and landing page designs to create similar conditions to what your successful competitors are using. Start your campaigns and tweak if needed.


AdvertSuite Points


To wrap this up, the most important thing AdvertSuite will do for you is completely eradicate the ad testing phase. Again, if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know what that means. And if you haven’t, I can tell you this alone will save you weeks of your time and thousands of dollars needed for testing the ads. Yes, it’s worthed. Plus, it comes with another benefit.

Use AdvertSuite for yourself or as an agency

Clearly, you’re hardly the only one in your area that needs advertising. So all your own business aside, why not create a new income stream by utilizing AdvertSuite for your clients too?

You can perform step 1 (see above) filtered to your local area, which will give you a clear picture of businesses close to you that use Facebook advertising. Then, simply contact them and offer to do this service for them, using AdvertSuite (and not telling them about it, of course). This way, you can get paying clients real quick, and these services cost good money, too.

What is included in AdvertSuite

With Advertsuite You will get:

✔ Full unrestricted access to the features above
✔ UnIimited searches, bookmarks and usage
✔ Competitor Breakdown
✔ Demographic & Engagement Filters
✔ Geo location filters
✔ Video & Image Ad Integration
✔ Full Agency rights included (Bonus)

This is a fantastic way to offer an extra service that is easy for your clients to understand and something that will get them instant results while bringing you revenue. Since this is so easy to do and almost hands-free on your end, you can sign up unIimited clients eventually. Unlike with slow SEO work… with Advertsuite you can do work for competing businesses at the same time – it will actually make it easier!


I could go on about the things AdvertSuite can and can’t do, but it’s actually much better for you to take a look at the official demo. Click the button below and let Luke show you what I was talking about in this post. I can tell you, it’s worth a few minutes.


Learn more button


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