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Sep 8, 2021 | Reviews

FunnelsBot Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

If you’re doing just about any kind of online business, what you need more than anything else is traffic. And since social networks are all around us – guess where most of your customers are. If you’re not present there, you’re leaving a lion’s share of business on the table. See this short FunnelsBot review for some insights on what you can do about it.

FunnelsBot Review

What is FunnelsBot?

FunnelsBot, despite its name, is not just a bot. At least not the kind that pops into one’s mind while hearing the word bot. Rather, it’s a sort of a combo package that has also bot functionality included. Why do I say that? Because FunnelsBot, at least this is how it seems to me, is built around a relatively powerful image editor. This editor is targeted towards social posts, so you can create great graphics with it easily. These graphics can than be posted on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as posts. And then, and only then, the real bot functionality comes into play, because FunnelsBot supports a number of automations.

These automations include automatic replies and comments that the software can do on your behalf.

For Heaven’s sake, who has time for that?!?

If you’ve ever tried to build a following on Facebook, for instance, there’s a good chance that you gave up at some point. Because it took lots of time, right? You have to create posts and then folow up each and every comment or message and reply accordingly. Manualy, of course. Honestly, who has time for that?!?

You think successful pages on Facebook grew this way? Nah. Maybe some of them – but mostly, people had to spend some serious money to hire other people to do these things for them. You are correct, I’m talking about freelancers. People that have the time, the knowledge, and – usually – some kind of software that makes it all even possible.

FunnelsBot is this kind of software

Exactly. Someone with access to software like FunnelsBot can easily serve a number of clients that don’t have time to do these things by themselves. It takes some work, of course. But comparing to what you’d have to do manually, it’s a piece of cake. And it’s what this FunnelsBot review is all about.

Just think about it.

To create an engaging post, you’ll need anywhere between 10 minutes and two hours, depending on your imagination and skills. But then the real work begins. In order to track everything that happens to this post, like comments and messages, you’ll spend hours online. How long will it take before you send it all to h*ll and stop? Now, imagine doing this for clients, let’s say 10 of them. Even if they pay you really really well, I’m talking hundreds per post, there is just no way you can do it for longer periods of time. You’ll simply quit. Your family deserves more time.

Automation is everything

FunnelsBot, and here we see the real meaning of the word bot, is capable of doing much of these on its own. So the most tedious tasks are now done automatically. You just have to create an engaging post, which is the same as in the manual process, and take some time to create an engaging response sequence. Then, after you publish your post, you just watch how it goes. Or, even better, start creating another post immediately with another sequence. And so on.

This way, every comment or message will be answered, and people will start to trust you and your page. Because we’re used to get response asap, you know. Nobody wants to wait a day or so for a reply anymore. I know. I’m one of them.



FunnelsBot features at a glance

Now, there’s no way I can write down just about everything FunnelsBot can offer to a user. I mean, I could, of course, but that’s all on the salespage itself. I really see no reason to duplicate it. Instead, I’ll just list the main features, and the rest is already stated there.

So – FunnelsBot will

  • capture the attention of the audience with awesome social media posts without being a professional Writer, Social Media Manager or Designer.
  • communicate using in-built tricks for Google My Business, Facebook Messenger and One Time Notifications Broadcasts. It really helps to convert readers into fans and frenzied fans into loyal customers.
  • engage prospective customers and buyers using AI-powered bots so that they don’t have to do anything on their own.
  • sell traffic generation as a service to multiple businesses and get paid on a recurring basis.
  • be your easy to use system with no messing around and no complex codes to crack or technical skills needed.

FunnelsBot is a fully cloud-based system, there’s nothing to install at all. All you have to do in the beginning is connect your social account to it.

Other FunnelsBot features include

  • One-click bulk post to 7 social media platforms.
  • Automate pages.
  • Powerful Graphics Creator with the drag-n-drop editor.
  • Social sharing.
  • Auto content with RSS auto-posting.
  • FB comment bot.
  • Instagram comment bot.
  • Fully loaded comment bot tools.
  • Seamless integration with top autoresponders.

All these can be done in three easy steps.

Three steps to automation

#1: CREATE: Create STUNNING Posts & Conversations WITH Drag-n-Drop Ease

FunnelsBot Review


FunnelsBot Review

#3 PROFIT: Effortlessly Turns Audiences Into Customers.

FunnelsBot Review

FunnelsBot demo

If this still does not sound like convincing, here’s the official demo of the software that can raise some eyebrows.

FunnelsBot Official Demo from Misan Morrison on Vimeo.

FunnelsBot review and bonus

Yes, I’m not going into all the details here – as mentioned, you’re more than welcome to check them out on the salespage itself by clicking one of the buttons on this page.

Instead, let me just briefly mention the bonuses available with the offer.

There’s a lot of them.

That was brief, wasn’t it? 🙂

Seriously, click HERE to see my custom bonuses that you’ll be getting with FunnelsBot.


FunnelsBot Review - Networks


FunnelsBot upgrades

Yes, I’m afraid FunnelsBot is no different than any other software. You can just buy the front-end version (FE), which is a bit limited, or you can spend a few more dollars on the upgrades you believe you need. Let me be clear: you don’t need any for the basic functionality, because FunnelsBot has everything you need. But hey, there are really neat features available as upgrades – such as graphical Drag-n-Drop Facebook Messenger Chat Builder. How good does that sound, huh?

FunnelsBot FE

Users get access to the Funnelsbot main dashboard with powerful set of features for Capturing, Engaging, Communicating and selling on social media with commercial license included.

OTO #1: FunnelsBot Deluxe Unlimited Edition ($67)

Users UNLOCK SMS, Drag-n-Drop Facebook Messenger Chat Builder & EMAIL Marketing Tools inside their FunnelsBot dashboard plus they get access to More ADVANCED Features, training bootcamp & DELUXE Resources.

OTO #2: FunnelsBot Agency ($67)

Users get a DFY Agency Business Pack so they can start a 5-figure social media agency business without any hassle!

OTO #3: FunnelsBot High-Performance Bundle ($67)

Users get a bundle of two (2) high performance apps that gratly enhance the powers of FunnelsBot.

OTO #4: Funnelsbot Done For You Club Templates ($147)

Users get Done-For-You PREMIUM Chatbot Templates added to their accounts RIGHT AWAY + more every month.

OTO #5: Funnelsbot Developer License ($297)

Users get full limited developer license rights only during this launch special to sell FunnelsBot under THEIR OWN brand, with THEIR OWN logo & pocket 100% of ALL profits you make.

This is the one to get if you’re serious about internet marketing and want some heavy-duty software to sell as your own. Math – you only need a few sales to get your investment back, so…



FunnelsBot review – final verdict

Is FunnelsBot functional and useful?

Yes. During the few short days of testing, I was not able to find a real bug. Some things are a bit strangely organised or displayed, but that’s just me. I’d do it a bit differently, but that does not mean they don’t work as they are.

Do you need it?

No, if you have just one social account and you only publish what your cat does at night. Yes, if you’re anywhere close to being serious about internet marketing via social media. And yes again if you want to serve a few (or a lot) of clients doing social marketing. Especially in this case. It can save your life and marriage.

Do you want it?

If you’ve read this FunnelsBot review so far, I’m guessing it’s of interest for you. In which case I’m sure you want it.

If you’ve stopped reading this post somewhere in the middle – well, you won’t see this, so it does not make any difference. But just in case, if you still see this in spite of having stopped reading already, use this opportunity and see the details about FunnelsBot anyway.

Do I have it?

Yes. I’ve bought the FE version alone for now, because I have other softwares that I’ve already paid good money for that do some things. But in case I get a bit deeper into agency business, which is not the case right now, I will not think twice to upgrade.

In short, this FunnelsBot review was ment to give you the basic idea about what FunnelsBot is and what it can do. I sincerely hope I’ve succeeded at that, at least a bit. Like already mentioned, you’re more than welcome to check all the details I haven’t mentioned here by clicking the buttons below. You really can’t go wrong, even for the sake of bonuses alone.




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