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May 7, 2019 | Reviews | 10 comments

Engagermate Review And Bonus
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

You’ll remember I have connected Engagermate to one of the Instagram profiles that has been siting there for over a year. I did publish (re-publish, should I say) some great photos, true, but I did not actively work ob the account.

To shorten the intro, the account had 509 followers in total and an average of 7 profile visits per week when I started the test.

So, here’s a short overview of what happened within the first 48 hours.

This is the Instagram account I used for testing.

As you can see, it had 509 followers all together, and an average of 7 profile visits per week. Or in the last 7 days, at least.

In short, nothing special, and a totally dead account in terms of monetisation.

7 visitors per week is enough to have a hobby, which was why the account was started in the first place. But not interesting at all if you want to make any kind of money from it, even the smallest amounts.

A word on Engagermate Setup

After logging in the Engagermate dashboard, I did exactly what the instructions said: I downloaded the app to my phone, logged into my Instagram account, and answered three questions: I chose a niche, I picked up three large existing Instagram accounts in the niche, and confirmed it all.

All this took me some 10 minutes, because I was following the instructions video at the same time.

One thing that’s important is that Engagermate can be fully setup and managed from your phone. The initial activation has to be done on the phone, but later you can adjust the settings also on your computer. This is so because the mobile app is the base Engagermate operates on, since Instagram is practically running only on phones.

What happened in the first 24 hours

I was checking what’s going on multiple times per hour, because I was just nervous a little bit and wanted to see what’s happening in “real time”. Soon after activating Engagermate, I started noticing an increase of the people I followed. Which is the main function of Engagermate, by the way, and can be scaled up by some fine tuning.

I confess I had some troubles waiting the whole 24 hours, I was simply too anxious to find out.

Finally, the day passed and I could take a look at the profile. And…

After the first 24 hours, there was a surprisingly large activity on the account.

The number of followers jumped up by 64 new followers, totalling to 573.

Even more important was the number of profile visitors that came to see my profile: there were 49 profile visits in a single day.

And even more important, out of these visitors 7 even clicked the link in the account’s bio.

Now that’s the activity you’re looking for with marketing, right? This means some 15% of the people who visited the profile were interested enough to check the link also. And these are the people that are potential customers for you and me.

To be honest, I haven’t put anything in there that would be in sync with the niche – there’s just a link to – imagine that – Engagermate review. Had I put in a drone-related link, I’m pretty sure the number of clicks would be even higher and I could most probably write about some sales made in the process.

Why are these numbers important?

Of all th people that will visit your profile, there will be a certain number of them clicking your link in the bio area. These are the ones we’re after, of course, as they represent prospects to our business.

Of course, the percentage of these people (clicks/visits) will depend on many factors, including how well you pair the account’s niche and the profile description and link. But as I saw, even at not connection at all, I could still make almost 15% people click. I believe it’s safe to say that had my profile been better and the link more suitable to the niche, I would have reached a much higher percentage or click-through rate. I’ll definitely try that in the next couple of days.

If I use these 15% in the calculation, and I assume that 1% of the people reaching my website will buy something (which is a very low estimate that a relatively poor website will reach), the numbers show me this.

  • 15% percent of people visiting my profile will click – in case of 70 visits per day, which means cca 2,000 visits per month, this means cca 300 visitors to my site.
  • 1% of the people visiting my site will buy something; so, I should have cca 3 sales per month. Depending on the offer these could be worth $30 or $300 or even more.
  • If I do my homework and create an offer that will match the account and take some time with the profile also, I could raise these numbers by at least a factor of 2 – so I could have 600 visitors and 12 sales per month with this alone.

In short, with just a little bit of researching and typing, I can very well get my investment (Engagerate) back and then some.

I like it.

What happened in the next 24 hours

Today, the time came to see what Engagermate has done for my account during the second day. I expected cca 70 new followers and another 50 or so profile visits, which would correspond to the first day. Boy, was I surprised.

As it turned out, Engagermate has picked up the pace a little bit.

This morning, I found 88 new followers, which made a total of 661 followers on the account.

What made me even more happy was the number of profile visits and clicks: a total of 120 people visited my profile during Day 2, and there were further 20 clicks on the link in bio.

All this totalled to 661 followers and 175 profille visits during these two days.


I’m hooked.

I have never seen so much activity in any of my accounts, and I am suddenly able to see a different future, I can tell you.

This is what was happening to the account in these two days in one picture – the important numbers are circled in red, and you’ll see on the right image also the dates and how the account had almost no activity prior to Engagermate activation. It just works.

By now, I suppose you know I like it.

And I really strongly suggest you take a look; Engagermate is a one-of-a-kind software that can bring you money for years to come. As I said already, it may not look cheap at first – after all, $50 per month means something to most of us.

But looking at these results of just two days of running, I’m completely sure that I will be able to make this investment back during the month – an then some. It may take a few months to really see some real profits, but they will come.

As I’m writing this, Engagermate launch offer is slowly coming to an end.

This means the pricing will be somewhat higher (I don’t know how high), but for sure the launch bonuses will be gone (Direct Message Module, Optimiser Module, Instagram Font Changer, VIP FB Group, Agency Rights) and you will have to buy them separately should you want to. One thing I’m sure of, it will never be this cheap again.

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