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Sep 13, 2021 | Reviews

DesignBundle review - Logo Factory
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

About the DesignBeast Review

First, I’m sure you’ve heard of DesignBeast and DesignBeast demo these past few days or weeks. Yes, we’ve all been talking about it. It’s a global best seller, and for good reason. But, I’m not going into details about what it has and what it does not here. For that, I’ve published a longer review HERE, and you’re welcome to check it for more details.


DesignBeast review - DesignBeast Bundle Special Offer


DesignBeast demo and testimonials

As a best seller, there are many testimonials all around the web about how to do things with the DesignBeast tools. I did not make my own, because – hmmmm, a bit entimidated to say… – I’m not really comfortable around cameras. Yes, I know; I should use the tools to make my marketing better, and video is THE way. I know. I’m just not ready yet….

What I’ve done instead is get a few testimonials from people wo used DesignBeast already in the testing phase, because they worked on it throughout the late production phase. And as such they have experience with DesignBeast I have yet to get. In short, I believe their words have deeper meaning for someone still deciding.

So here they are. Take a few minutes and see what they found in DesignBeast that helped them work better and faster.

Ken Evans

Ken Evans is a graphic designer and web developer, and he found DesignBeast extremely useful.

Cherrylyn V

Jon Foo

Jon is mainly engaged in graphics design for clients.

If you’re eager to see it first-hand, take a look at the official demo on the salespage. No strings attached.

DesignBeast Demo


What’s included in DesignBeast

Let me just quickly recap what you will find inside your DesignBeast dashboard.


DesignBeast Review


DesignBeast is a package of 6 proven apps that solve many of your graphics-related problems inside a single dashboard:

1) All-in-One Design & Mockup Engine

2) 1-Click Background Removal

3) AI Logo Maker

4) 3D Live Motion Photos

5) Magic Object Remover

6) Slick Image Editor

If, reading this, you think about what you have to do with your Photoshop to do some of these tasks, you’ll quickly understand what I’m trying to say. You can do everything – and more, of course – in PhotoShop. Sure. But it’s expensive and most of all, it’s like using a battle ship to cruise to a nearby island for lunch. Or a humvee to jump a mile just to talk to your friend. And so on, you get the picture. Universal tools simply have to be complicated and full of options, otherwise they’re not universal. Period.

DesignBeast, on the other hand, has different tools to do different jobs. And they do it great. With minimal time needed, online (meaning, no need for powerful hardware), and before all, for a ridicoulous one-time price.

Take a look at the DesignBeast demo

There’s a full demo on the DesignBeast salespage that you really have to see to understand what is included and what can be done. I suggest you take a look, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision.

DesignBeast Demo


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