CoachZippy Review – How To Train Your Audience Properly

Jan 26, 2020 | Reviews

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MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that online learning is a trend. It’s been so for some time, and with all the platforms available (like Udemy) it’s become a number one source to learn for many of us. Many had asked how to train your audience properly for different tasks, and it has never been easier than right now. With the rising platforms such as CoachZippy it’s even closer to everyone, and everyone has something to teach. So what is so new in CoachZippy that you should know about, you can read in this short CoachZippy review.

What is CoachZippy?

In short, Coachzippy is a powerful, all-in-one business platform with which you can quickly make and sell beautiful courses online. The best part is, you don’t need absolutely no coding, design or technical skills, as it is very beginner friendly. It keeps your content secured in an awesomely designed, fully customizable members areas for you, so you can access it from anywhere.

CoachZippy Review Box

Even people with zero experience in designing can make their own course online really fast and you will have the chance to charge one-time or recurring fees for your content. Having recurring customers is a very profitable business and CoachZippy gives you that amazing chance.

About The Creator


CoachZippy Creators

Madhav Dutta and Dr Sameer Joshi are the creators of CoachZippy. They are not only famous marketers with an incredible monthly income from the online marketing industry but also successful vendors who helped thousands of beginners achieve their targets and an online career.

With their both wealth of knowledge and fine reputation, there is no doubt that CoachZippy will become a big hit on the market in the near future. To figure out whether Madhav Dutta and Dr Sameer Joshi have made a useful tool or not, please read the review.



CoachZippy Review – Features of CoachZippy

Coachzippy is a revolutionary product in many areas and it is going to help to grow your business to unimaginable heights with its amazing features that include:

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Features in more details

While all this may be overwhelming to you, let’s put some more details out here.

Site Builder & Management

With CoachZippy, you can create your online school, record the lectures and the best thing share your knowledge worldwide with anyone. You can  upload image, text, quizzes, video and PDF files. You can easily put content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Beautiful High Converting Sales Pages

You will have the access to a number of premade templates, which will help you to make sales every day. You will not be required to start building from scratch, although you can do that too if you wish. With the premade templates, you will be put on the fast track to make sales.

Online Courses

Easy creation of an amazing beautiful course website and sharing your knowledge, and get rewarded for it with just a few clicks, you will receive a fully functioning school with learning management, payment gateways, and sales as well as marketing tools.

Auto Generated Sales pages

When you you have organized and outlined your course, you will have the option of going through CoachZippy’s setup wizard that makes getting started seamless. From there, CoachZippy will generate a sales page for you on autopilot, for your course or product that can be editted and customized the way you like.

Membership Website Builder

You will have the chance to create membership sites easily. There’s nothing like having a membership that you make once and people pay for over and over again. All the things you need are inside. From templates, to customizing login screens, membership themes, and more things.

Quizess and Surveys

These are a very good way to get past the objection barrier that most of your prospects may have. By taking advantage of the quizzes and surveys, you’ll entice traffic to lower their guard, connect with you on a deeper level, and you can follow up with an offer immediately for profit!

Knowledge Commerce Platform

A lot of options for you to sell your knowledge are built inside CoachZippy. You can start form funnels, email marketing, landing pages, membership websites and others. Put all of your knowledge to a one amazing online site with a multiple clicks.

Members List

You will see list of the people who have bought something form you and easy filter by product which they have bought.

Comments Moderation

Shows you the comments your users have posted in one centralized location. You can reply back to your users right on the same screen, so it is easier to converse with your customers, thus building a real timeline.

Funnels / Pipelines

Funnels are all the rage today, but you need flexibility in your funnels and pipelines that most software doesn’t have. With CoachZippy, the funnel power will be avaiable for you and you need it so you can truly generate a ton of profit with total autopilot.

Online Business Tools

Every tool you will need in order to analyze every part of your business is inside CoachZippy. All you need to do is a few clicks with your mouse in order to get an accurate view of how your business performs and what can be done to improve it.

Collect Payments

You can use Paypal as well as Stripe in CoachZippy. The integration is seamless and this will give you the chance to save a lot of fees by bypassing a lot of platforms and affiliate networks.

No Transaction Fees

Some other platforms will charge you a fee for every transaction, but CoachZippy NEVER will charge you a fee for any sales you make. The only fees you’ll have to pay are the ones of your merchant processor (PayPal etc). With CoachZippy, all of your profits will be in yout pocket, which si great.

Single Sign-in

With this option, you will have one login to access all your products in the Mintware suite. Every product you have access to will be in one system so you don’t have to remember a ton of passwords. You can access what you need whenever you want.

Built-in Blog

CoachZippy has a blog feature right within so you not only can sell your courses, but also integrate a blog to give more value to your audience, get subscribers, and convert cold prospects into rabid fans.

You have the choice to decide what links to go in the header and footer on your site. Also, you can link to another pages and funnels in your site or you can connect to external hosted pages.

Secure Video/Content Hosting

You upload your video content right to CoachZippy. Your customers will get flawless, amazing and fast viewing on any device that has internet access, anywhere, anytime, and you are not required to have anything but only CoachZippy.

Drip Content Management

Put your content to drip out to users on a schedule based on when they bought the product to improve retention and prevent overwhelm. They will receive an email when new content is being released on autopilot.

Member Dashboard

Showing a list of individual members to see which products they have bought, their payment history and the times they have logged in and more. You can also write notes to record specific interactions with the members.


Keep your customers informed about the product by posting announcements. These announcements will be also sent to your customers to get their attention back into the product.


Separate your users on the basis of behavior with tags, also bulk tag groups of members for a massive action

Capture Leads

With CoachZippy, you have to options of capturing leads. You can connect your own autoresponder with it, or use CoachZippy to collect leads and store them inside the mailing list for later.

Assesments & Certificates

Provide the pre designed certificates to the classified students so as to appriciate their involvement and not give up on their engagement. The certificates provided are fully customizable.

Bulk Users Import

Really fast adding members to your products by adding a list of names and email adresses. You can choose, if they will get a cusomizable welcome email.

Coupons & Promotions

Improve enrollments by making preset amount or percentage-off coupons with custom expiration date and time. Apply the coupons either to all or on indivisual chosen lecture or courses and entice more users into the system.




Pros And Cons Of CoachZippy

As every product, there are pros and cons to CoachZippy. Here are some I found so far.


  • Absolutely NO coding, design or technical skills are required
  • 100% Easy to use, 100% works EVERY TIME!
  • Even complete newbies with no design experience can quickly create their own courses online
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Everything included for anyone to make earning easier online


  • The product is new so there can be few bugs, but Madhav Dutta is trusted to make this work.
  • Some of the features listed above are actually only available in upgrades, so be prepared to pay a bit more than just the FE.

My experience with CoachZippy

I’ve bought the FE Commercial so far and started playing with it immediately. Commercial versus Private license means you get some limits upgraded, like the number of courses and schools you can create and, of course, you get the commercial licence. It’s a no-brainer IMHO, unless you’re really looking to just publish these few courses for let’s say internal training in your company or similar. Still, you will reach the limits fast and then pay much more for an upgrade, hence – go for Commercial at least.

The interface is new and somewhat confusing at first, but you’ll quickly get the logic behind it. You first have to set up the system (payment processor, autoresponder, your logos and so on). Then, you create a school (a training website, actually), and inside the school you create separate courses for your audience. You can make them free to access, charge a one-time fee, or make them recurring, which is the prefered option of course to make money with it.

Inside your course, you can add images, videos, text and quizzes to make your customers happy and engaging.

So far, I did not have any problems putting the course together, but of course I’m not using the full potential on CoachZippy yet. I’ll have to watch some more of the training videos for that, I know. 🙂

So, all in all, I would recommend CoachZippy very much if you need a training platform for yourself, your company, or your customers actually. If any of these is true, go for it before they switch to monthly fee for the system. It will happen soon.



We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.


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