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Feb 9, 2022 | Reviews

ClickDesigns mockup
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

What is ClickDesigns?

By now you’ve probably heard of ClickDesigns. It’s a powerful software, aimed at people who need good loking graphics (who doesn’t?), but have no knowledge, tools or budget to get them. ClickDesigns lets you create really great looking logos, banners, mockups, book covers and product bundles, and even complete website themes (backgrounds) for your projects. It’s a bestseller, reaching almost $500k in sales in a week. And, it’s moving to a subscription model after launch, which will happen on Feb 9th at Midnight EST. If you haven’t checked it yet, do it. But right now, I’ll tell you about a special ClickDesigns bonus that I’ve added today.

Q: Did I buy ClickDesigns?

Since I’m promoting ClickDesigns, a fair question from anybody reading this would be whether I personally have bought ClickDesigns.

The answer is YES. I have bought the FE (front end) Commerial license immediately when it launched. After some playing around with covers and product bundles I’ve decided it’s very well worthed the investment. So, additionally I have taken the Design Pages (OTO 3), which is the modul for creating website graphics (themes & backgrounds). This is what I primarily need most of the time. On top of that,Β I also took the Professional license (OTO 2) as well later today, because I can imagine the ease of designing mockups will be equally working at designing checklists, cheat sheets and magazines, which I also do a lot.

I was also thinking about the Unlimited version (OTO 1), but I’m not completely sure yet. While it brings a whole lot more great templates (2,000, to be exact) and practically unlimited use with some great additions, I have to do a little thinking first. It’s on the list, though. πŸ™‚

Here’s a snapshot of my ClickDesigns dashboard. So far, very happy.

ClickDesigns Purchase

Q: Why was I waiting with the purchase?

If you have followed my previous posts, you might have noticed that I have first purchased the basic FE version of ClickDesigns, while I waited a little bit with the rest. Let me just shortly explain why I did so.

Reason 1, for sure, is testing. After purchasing the basic ClickDesigns Commercial, I wanted to see what I have purchased. So, I have spent a few hours testing it, going through some of the training videos. I was quickly convinced that I can put ClickDesigns to a giid use in my business, and that was the clicker.

Reason 2, a bit off maybe, but still important, are the bonuses. There are a couple of great bonuses that come from the vendor, sure. But once in a while, it happens that one of the affiliates offers a bonus I could use even if you only buy an upgrade (OTO) from them. So, I have bought the FE via one of the affiliates, and I’m waiting a few days to see whether someone will offer a great bonus for OTOs alone. This way, I’m getting the vendor’s bonuses, as well as the bonuses from two affiliates.

Which is exactly what I’m doing here – offering you a special ClickDesigns bonus as a bribe to jump in. πŸ™‚

Q: Am I only buying this because of the bonuses?

Well, it has happened before. I have bought some things in the past that I have never even used just because one of the affiliates offered a bonus that I needed at the time. So I’m using the bonuses, but not the software I actually paid for. Why not, if it makes sense. Sometimes, you can get a great software that costs much more than the original offer as a bonus.

The other reason would be if I actually can use the product offered. Why not use the opportunity and get something useful through the bonuses also?


The main trick here is to find affiliates who offer links to buy OTOs alone. Not everyone does that. Usually, when you sign up for affiliate links, you only get one link that covers the main offer (FE), but at the same time the whole funnel gets approved. It’s up to each affiliate to collect all the links for OTOs, and it’s up to them to offer them besides the FE offer. Personally, I have found this to be a good tactics, and when larger launches (like ClickDesigns) come along, I usually do the same. It happened before, you know – I only managed a sale or two of the FE, but then a few OTO sales came from nowhere. It is actually a very cheap money, when you’re already promoting the FE offer.

I’ve implemented the same thinking with ClickDesigns also. I was just browsing to find a bonus I can put to great use, and plan to buy via that affiliate then. If it does not happen (sometimes it doesn’t, you know), I’ll simply use the links from within the software itself, which would credit the affiliate I originally bought the FE from. No harm done, everybody is still happy.

This immediately brings up another question.

No. Never do that. Period.

Vendors don’t like it. Platforms don’t like it (JVZoo, etc). I also don’t like it when it comes to my products. It’s simply forcing a discount, it’s usually against the vendor’s TOC and the best way to get banned from the promotion. Usually, also your commissions will be cancelled, so you’ll end up paying in full, but losing the affiliate status. It’s simply not fair, as the affiliate business has it’s rules – this clearly goes against it. So, don’t do it.

If you need that discount really badly, your way might be to find an affiliate that feels the same, and exchange links. This way, you’ll both record a sale, and you’ll both get your commissions back from each other. I’ve never done it before, because it just takes a little extra time to search around, but it does not seem to be against any conditions. Make sure before you do that.

Back to the special ClickDesigns bonus

So, ClickDesigns turns out to be a great tool for non-graphic people. Me, being one of them, I will find many ways to use the software for all sorts of things. I don’t intend to go deep into the functionality here, you can read a short first ClickDesigns review HERE.

Let me just take a turn at the unexpected.

Agency Business with ClickDesigns

When I first heard about ClickDesigns, I said to myself, well, here’s a software that will take a big part of the Photoshop pain from me. I can use it and be faster, saving time and making more money, because I’m not a graphic designer by heart and surely my designs are no match to these. It’s all true and I still confirm that. What actually never came to my mind at that time is that ClickDesigns actually opened a great opportunity for people like me.

It’s an opportunity to create designs for other people.

I’m sure you’ve heard of platforms like Fiverr. All sorts of services are offered there, from programming to graphic design and many more. People that need such services go there, order them and get them done. This is called freelancing and as it turns out, more and more people are doing this.

Platforms like Fiverr serve like portals in this equation. Therefore they’re a middleman, if you wish. And the big thing is they get paid for that. Around 20% of every order goes to them, you know. You can do the math if you like, but I can tell you it’s A LOT. Sales go into thousands each and every month, and from every $50 sale ( a simple logo, for instance) they get to keep some $10. Without doing any of the design work, by the way, which someone already completed earlier.

Here’s the thing

You have bought ClickDesigns (or, you will when you read all this :)). You have a tool that lets you create all sorts of graphics. It is relatively easy to do this kind of things for others now, right? Why not do some freelancing when you already have what it takes? It could relatively easily pay for your vacations, for instance. Or, get out of that debt you still have.

But how to sell these services…. Yes, this is a big question. The question that can easily turn you away from such thoughts. Of course you can always create an account on Fiverr and do it via their platform, but you can kiss at least 20% of your earnings goodbye.

You can do advertising, of course. But again, there are many problems here and it can cost you lots of money to even start.

I believe I can help you with that. Read on to discover what I will give you FOR FREE with your ClickDesigns purchase.

Product + Platform + Advertising = SUCCESS

It’s easy, isn’t it. Let me elaborate a little on all four of these.

1) Product

You have the tool to create a product that is very much sought for – graphic designs. It’s ClickDesigns, of course. Again – if you don’t have it yet, take this chance. πŸ™‚

You can produce all sorts of graphics like logos and backgrounds, which you can easily confirm that more and more people need.

Here are the different ClickDesigns licenses that will give you that power, along with a short description of what you can do in each.

WARNING: All upgrades are based on the FE license. If you buy any of the upgrades without buying the FE first, it WILL NOT WORK.

β€‹βœ… Logo & Favicon Designs
βœ… 2D & 3D Boxshot Designs
βœ… 2D & 3D Book Cover Designs
β€‹βœ… Report Designs
βœ… Digital Device Mockup Designs (Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones & Watches)
βœ… Group Shots Designs
βœ… Sales Funnel Graphics – Headlines, Buttons, Testimonials, Sketches, Arrows, Licenses, Badges, Guarantees & Coupons

ClickDesigns Unlimited and Professional (links below)

This is just the front end offer. Additionally, with Unlimited (OTO2) and Professional (OTO3) version, you get to create

βœ… UNLIMITED Projects
βœ… 2,000+ BRAND NEW Premium Templates Unlocked
β€‹βœ… Designs – UNLIMITED
βœ… ​Downloads – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Logo Designs
β€‹βœ… Box Shot Designs – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Books & eCover Designs – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Report Designs – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Digital Device Mockups – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Group Bundle Shot Designs – UNLIMITED
βœ… UNLIMITED Funnel Graphics – Headlines, Buttons, Testimonials, Sketches, Arrows, Licenses, Badges, Guarantees, Coupons, Bullet Boxes, Bonus Boxes, Order Stack, Pricing Tables & Video Skins
β€‹βœ… UNLIMITED Product Bundle Designer – Boxshots, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Watches, Covers & Reports
βœ… ​Expert Canvas Editor
β€‹β€‹βœ… Image & Photo Filters
β€‹βœ… Vibrant Gradient Tool
β€‹βœ… 1000’s of Gorgeous Models & Cutouts
β€‹βœ… Millions Of Professional Stock Assets & Icons
β€‹β€‹βœ… Own Curated Image Library
β€‹βœ… Storage – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Picture Perfect Printables – UNLIMITED
β€‹βœ… Commercial Use – UNLIMITED

And with the Professional license (links below):

βœ… Automated Logo Maker Engine $497 Value
βœ… Custom Unique Template Designer $697 Value
βœ… 1 Click UNLIMITED Template Design Cloner $997 Value
βœ… BRAND NEW Design Template Releases for ONE Year worth $4,997
βœ… UNLIMITED Designer Worksheet Templates
βœ… UNLIMITED Designer Checklist Templates
βœ… Totally UNLIMITED Designer Cheat Sheet Templates
βœ… UNLIMITED Real-World Scene Mockups
βœ… UNLIMITED Offline Banner Ad Mockups
βœ… Completely UNLIMITED Hand Held Device Mockups
β€‹βœ… UNLIMITED World Class Magazine Templates
βœ… Group Shots PRO Designs Boxshots, Digital Devices (Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones & Watches), Covers, Reports, Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Magazines
βœ… PRE-MADE Product Bundle Pro Templates Boxshots, Digital Devices (Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones & Watches), Covers, Reports, Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Magazines)
βœ… Custom Digital Device Mockup Builder
βœ… ONE Year Brand New Magazines, Worksheets, Checklists & Cheat Sheets Design Releases Worth $1,997

ClickDesigns Design Pages (links below)

Even more options come with the Design Pages upgrade, which is a powerful tool for any website designer:

βœ… Design Pages Software
β€‹βœ… UNLIMITED Page Designs
βœ… FULL Website, Funnel & Blog Theme Creator
βœ… Custom Background Designer
βœ… 1,000s of Pattern, Colour & Image Design Page Templates
βœ… Theme Page Designer
βœ… Millions of Backgrounds, Photos & Image Assets
βœ… ​Built-In Background & Image Editor
βœ… ​Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized For Websites, Blogs, Funnels & Site Builders
βœ… UNLIMITED ​Illustrations
β€‹βœ… UNLIMITED Annotations
βœ… Completely UNLIMITED ​Exports & Downloads
β€‹βœ… UNLIMITED Commercial Use
βœ… 1000s of 3D Emojis, Hands, Stickers, Items, Objects, Character Illustrations worth $2,997
βœ… 1000s of Illustration & Annotation Templates worth $4,997
βœ… Vector & Illustrations Graphics Designer worth $697
βœ… Illustrative Scenes Mockup Creator worth $997
βœ… ONE Year Brand New Backgrounds, Themes, Illustrations & Callout Design Releases worth $6,997
βœ… Create & Sell Page Designs, Illustrations, Annotations & Illustrative Mockups for 100% Profits

This is your PRODUCT. Convinced yet?

2) Platform

Now, thinking about a platform to offer all that on: it can be Fiverr, or any one of the rest of the portals, sure. But it will cost you 20% (at least) of any deal you make.

So the natural way of thinking is

Why not have my own portal like Fiverr?

The answers are clear:

  • it’s very expensive to develop
  • it’s equally expensive to support
  • can be a lifetime project
  • you need to be a skilled programmer, or have a budget to pay for it
  • etc

But what if I told you I can provide you with an easy solution? And that I will give it to you FOR FREE as a bonus?

Yes, as a special ClickDesigns bonus, I can get you the tools for that.

ClickDesigns Bonus #1: MarketPresso

Marketpresso Review And Bonus

MarketPresso is a one-of-a-kind solutions that gives you exactly that: a reliable platform where you can create your own marketpace. Even more than one, to be exact, should you wish so. I’m not going into too much details, let me just state a few most important ones – you can

  • create your own marketplaces
  • include all your products
  • have a complete automation at hand (mailings, notifications, etc) about any order
  • even invite other freelancers to join in and act like a middleman yourself, taking % of any orders

There is much more to say about MarketPresso, but please check the salespage itself for the details. Just remember – don’t buy, because I will give it to you FOR FREE. Here are the links you need to see:

The result of having such a powerful platform in your hands can be astonishing. You can sell your own services, and not only designs by ClickDesigns – you can actually sell just about anything you have and know how to do. Because of that, you can create something like a small Fiverr where you will get together other freelancers and charge a few % for the deals made, earning a nice little income as a middleman without any work whatsoever.

The potential is actually pretty huge.

How does that sound?

I will give you MarketPresso for free!

If you buy ClickDesigns through the links on this page, I will give you

The above links will take you to the respective sales pages. But you don’t really have to buy there – unless it’s your goal, of course. Because you’ll get it with ClickDesigns for free. πŸ™‚

3) Advertising

To have the largest success possible, you will still need to advertise your business. Whether it’s just graphics or your freelancer portal, advertising is what will skip the long waiting before the business starts running.

What I will give you FOR FREE is a set of 7 tools that will give you the power to take your Faceboko advertising to a new level.

ClickDesigns Bonus #2: Adplify

Adplify - How to get the most out of Facebook ads

Adplify is a set of 7-in-1 tools that make Facebook advertising sooooo much easier. Also much less expensive. Again, I don’t intend to go too deep on the features, instead, I’ll give you the link to the sales pages where you can see all about Adplify. Check them, but DON’T buy – I’ll give it to you FOR FREE.

I will give you Adplify for free!

If you buy ClickDesigns through the links on this page, I will give you

  • Adplify Elite ($47) for every front end purchase
  • Adplify Professional ($47 + $67 = $114) for any OTO purchase

4) Success – You have it all now

You’ll have it all now:

  • Product: ClickDesigns for creating beautiful graphics for others and yourself
  • Platform: MarketPresso to support a marketplace for your services (and an army of other freelancers that will bring you passive earnings)
  • Advertising: Adplify to help you drastically lower the advertising costs for your services and platforms

All that is left is SUCCESS.

Success is in your hands completely and the more time and work you’ll put in, the faster and easier success will come. And you can get all the tools as a special ClickDesigns bonus right now.

ClickDesigns bonus – Final thoughts

I’ll let you think about all that for a while.

Just don’t take too long, because ClickDesigns could easily turn too expensive if you’re on a limited budget. It happens, successful products like ClickDesigns tend to get more expensive all the time. It’s a simple logic that works on any market – the more the product is wanted, the more expensive it gets.

So grab ClickDesigns while it’s still available at affordable prices, and I’ll see you inside.


Get access now button


You already have ClickDesigns, but still want my ClickDesigns bonus?

If you have already bought ClickDesigns FE, but would still want my super bonuses, no problem.

Below you’ll find all the links to the FE and all the upgrades. Now you can grab any of them and get all my bonuses.

WARNING: All upgrades are based on the FE license. If you buy any of the upgrades without buying the FE first, it WILL NOT WORK.


Get access now button


Disclaimer: Please be warned that the ClickDesigns bonus licenses described above are limited. It may happen during the promo that some of them become unavailable, in which case I will make sure to provide other bonuses of equal or greater value. Also, I have to create access data for every bonus manually. Please allow up to 24 hours for the request to be fulfilled. Thank you.


We are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who's products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we could get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our links. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.
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